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The Wandering Blade (A Talon-centric Fanfic)

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This story will be following Talon his journey to find the missing General Du Couteau. There will be lots of action, on and off the Fields of Justice, as well as some *hopefully* added romance and humor.

Words in bold will be said by a summoner.
Words in Italics are thoughts or mentally spoken.

Deep in the underground levels of the Noxian Empire, the nightlife was up and about. Vendors selling their items to those who can afford it, women selling themselves for extra gold, people robbing each other of their jewels and other getting drunk beyond all belief. Those who were weak, cowered in fear of those who had power of them here. That was why everyone was weary of each other and the military that watches over them. Above the hustle and bustle of the under levels of the city, was the cliff on which the richer and stronger people lived, commanding everyone at their beck and call. They too had their own night activities, some similar to the one in the lower levels (***, alcohol and violence) while others had more exquisite tastes: such as grand parties and galas.

In all this commotion, both on the top and lower levels of the Empire, a lone figure was walking amongst the shadows towards the disease ridden and infested parts of the area. The figure had on a long purple cloak covering it's entire body as it stalked around buildings. It avoided touching the sickly, but gave them a disgusted grunt as it neared some. Its hand twitched within the robes a couple of times when a few got too close, but refrained from doing whatever it wanted to do, for it had a mission on hand. The figure stopped within a dark alleyway, barely lit by a few lamps. All was silent until the figure spoke. "I know you are there Master of Metal," the figure stated, a man with a deep voice from what was heard, "show yourself."

Everything was silent until heavy footsteps could be heard. From out of the shadows appeared a large hunkering figure. It was six feet in height and covered from head to toe in metallic armor. Spikes were prevalent on almost every piece of amor, from the chest plate to the shoulder pads down to the very grieves the being wore. It large hand had a spiked mace within them, hefted over its shoulder. The free hand was formed into a fist and at his side. One could not truly see what the figure looked like under the heavy armor, save for its glowing crimson eyes. "Why, have you come here foolish mortal?" the figure asked, its voice deep dark and masculine, more so than the covered figure.

"I am not here to play twenty questions Mordekaiser," the figure grunted back. "I am here to use your passage way out of the city."

"And pray tell, why would the Blade's Shadow need one on such a night as this? Tell me Talon." The hooded figure grunted as it lifted its face to glare at the armored being in front of it. His face seemed to indicate that he was around his mid to late twenties in age, if not early thirties. A few strands of lose brown hair fell onto his face.

"Do not speak so casual Mordekaiser. You and I are not on such...friendly terms," Talon replied. The two glared at each other before Mordekaiser spoke once more.

"Again, why do you need to get out of Noxus? It is almost that wretched happy season known as Valentines, don't you feel obligated to stay with family and friends?" Even though his voice seemed nice, Mordekaiser was openly taunting Talon.

"I have no family or friends."

"What of the Du Couteau clan? Had they not taken you in?"

"They are of no consequence to me."

"What of the High Command of this city? Will you not tell them where you are going?"

"Why should I tell a bunch of pathetic fools where I will go."


"Will you let me pass or not?" Talon growled.

"Then answer my question fool. Why do you intend to leave?" Talon remained silent. The assassin knew better than to give out information, for it could cost him his life; however, time is of the essence and he wanted to get out right now. Talon knew he could his fight his way through, but since both he and the Master of Metal were part of the League of Legends that could take some time and call unwanted attention.

"I am looking for General Du Couteau, knowing that he is not in Noxus requires me to be else where. Now let me pass."

"Ah the lapdog goes to find his missing master," Mordekaiser mocked. In less then a second, the sound of metal hitting metal was heard. The helm on the armored being had gained a new cut on it. On the wall behind him was a knife and in front of him was Talon, with an outstretched arm.

"I may not be able to kill you here and now, but I will not take insults from a man who hides behind his armor." Talon then put down his arm, hiding it once more underneath his cloak. Mordekaiser brought his free arm to the cut on his helm before growling.

"Very well you may pass but remember this, the Blade's Shadow, when we are summoned by the League and meet on the Fields of Justice I will not be as...lenient...as I was today." The Master of Metal then turned and disappeared into the shadows, with the only hints of his position were the noises coming from his disappearing foots steps. Talon waited a moment before walking to where his knife was on the wall and yanked it out. Inspecting it for any dents and finding none, he placed it back on his figure before walking forward. He found a large hole a few meters from where he and Mordekaiser spoke.

Walking through it, the assassin found himself in a cave. Taking out a small lantern from underneath the cloak, the man lit it to find his foot on his way out. Not knowing how long it had taken to get out of the cave, Talon found himself outside after some time. The full moon was high in the sky, with a few clouds slowly covering it. Looking behind him, he saw the tall almost skull like visage of the cliff on which Noxus stood on. He then looked forward towards the wilderness in front of him, before blowing out the light from his lantern. When the moon was covered from view due to the clouds, Talon walked into the shadows and disappeared from sight.


"What do you mean Talon is missing!" a woman shouted, hurling a tea cup during her fury. She had a long billowing cape that fluttered when she moved, revealing her barely clothed body underneath. Her outfit consisted of what seemingly looked like a bra connected to several strips of cloth that went down to her womanhood as well as her large belts wrapped around her waist down to her mid calf, hanging loosely. A thing strip of cloth also covered her right leg. On both arms were several more belts and arm protectors. And on her head, atop her long purple tresses, was a gold ornament with a purple jewel in the middle. "Explain!" she glared at the messenger.

The messenger flinched at his master's loud voice and cowered back. "I-I-It seems he left some time last night Mistress Leblanc," the messenger told her. "Our informants from within the Du Couteau chateau had heard that Katarina Du Couteau was searching for him. There was absolutely no traces of him being there. His room was barren of all his things. There also seemed to be a note attached to the table saying that he resigns from his service in Noxus until further notice." When the messenger stopped talking, he flinched when Leblanc glared at him.

"Get out now!" Leblanc shouted. The messenger flinched before scurrying away from the area. Leblanc growled under her breath. Behind her a gruff chuckle was heard. Turning around she glared at her associate, Jericho Swain. He was a decrepit old looking man. He was wearing a green officer uniform for the Noxus officer. It was a green and gold robe with the Noxus crest on in the middle. Leaning against him was a staff, and on his shoulder was a six eyed raven.

"Well, it seems the old General's lapdog has left," Swain chuckled. "Isn't that right Beatrice?" The raven on his shoulder cawed.

"You're rather calm about this Swain," the leader of the Black Rose muttered.

"Hahaha, there was always a possibility that he would just leave with the disappearance of the General. His leaving was only a matter of time. Although, why do you care so much?"

"Don't play dumb with me Swain. You and I both know that he was an amazing asset to Noxus. If he was in the the Black Rose or actually part of the Noxian Army, we would have a great chance of beating the Demacian and you would have a greater chance of becoming the High Commander of Noxus." Again Swain chuckled.

"And here I thought you had developed a crush on somebody."

"Don't be ridiculous! Why would have have feelings for some stupid dog?"

"Ah but may I remind you that lying 95 percent of what you do." Leblanc growled at him and Swain put his hands up in defense. "I jest, I jest." He then stood up and turned to leave. "I'll come back to later to speak more. Don't fret over your little crush while I am gone." Leblanc's eyes twitched as he left.

"Bird loving fool."

~Du Couteau Chateau~

"Where do you think he went sister?" a raspy female voice asked. Standing in front of a large window was a red haired woman. Her hair went down all the way to her rear and she was clad in leather. From her leather pants, leather shirt, leather jacket and leather boots. Under her left I was a small cut, and on her back were two crossed knives. She turned to look at the person who spoke. She was an odd creature, seeing as this person was half woman and half snake. The top half looked like that of a normal human's. She had a bra around her breasts and some head ornament to cover her hair. Her arms had clawed gauntlets on them although it was hard to tell if it her arm was really like that and around her waist was a metal skirt. Her lower half was a snake tale that was an assortment of green and yellow scales. "Katarina did you hear me?"

"Why do you ask me Cassiopeia?" the red haired woman replied without looking back. "Did he not spend more time with you during his stay here?"

"Only as my guard when I was younger," the half serpent woman answered. "Most of the time he was away or if I remember clearly, sparring with you under fathers orders of course."

"But you two spoke more often your love and his respect for father was a common bond between you two." The red haired beauty then sighed and looked at her sister. "Why are we arguing on who knew him more? There could be a chance that one of our two other sisters did."

"Ha! The way he spoke in disgust of them would have me think otherwise sister. The way he spoke in a disgusted tone."

"Why are we talking about father's lapdog anyway."

"Just wondering where he went. Maybe he will succeed in where you failed sister: finding a clue at father's whereabouts."

"I haven't failed," Katarina gritted her teeth.

"Just given up," Cassiopeia hissed. "Maybe it is because of spending time with that Demacian. Ever since trying out the whole PERV thing that robot from Zaun created, and you were matched with up with the Might of Demacia, you seem to have gotten...softer." Katarina glared at her sister.

"If you were not my sister I would have slid your throat by now."

"If you were the you from back then, you'd have a blade at my next when saying that." The snake woman laughed, as she left the room through the side door into her own room. This left Katarina to her thoughts.

"Maybe that scum will find father," she whispered, "but I will feel no obligation to him if he does so."

~With Talon~

In a clearing lit by sunlight, Talon sat on the ground with a map in front of him. On it showed the entire continent of Runeterra, their homeland and the nations of Valoran. He scanned the nearby areas and frowned. "Too many places to check," he mumbled. "Zaun is the closest to Noxus, however I know there won't be much information there. They could also tell those fools in the High Command I was there. Ionia is close by too, but I do not think I'm prepared to handle any of those people just yet. I don't have the right amount of blades yet." The assassin's eyes loomed over the next closest city. "Since the people in the Institute do not have the information I want, I might as well ask the criminals within Piltover. The Sheriff said so herself, she caught all of them, so it would be rather easy to ask them for information."

Talon then rolled up his map and placed it in the pack next to him. He looked up at the sky before sighing. He had travelled the entire night nonstop, to put as much distance as he can from himself and Noxus, so he was feeling just a bit tired. "I guess it is time to sleep for now. I've traveled enough for a day." Carrying his pack, he climbed up a tall tree and set himself on the first branch. Using his pack as a pillow, Talon closed his eyes to sleep, yet still aware of all around him.

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-Chapter 2-

“No! Please, spare me!! Pl-GAAAH!” a woman screamed. The person fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. Her neck was sliced open and as she grasped it. Her eyes looked up towards the last person she saw, who was a purple hooded man. As she drew her last breath, Talon sighed before cleaning the blade on his arm with a rag. His eyes then landed on the rest of the people he had killed. The bodies around him were all mercilessly sliced and gutted in various ways. Talon then went to the packs that were placed a few feet way from him. Searching through all of them, he took all the gold and other necessities he needed.

“Thankfully, these bandits are stupid,” Talon whispered to himself. “That and,” looking behind him, the assassin smirked at the animal tied to a tree, “they left me a horse.” Walking up to the beast, Talon tied his pack onto the back of the animal and mounted the saddle after untying the horse from the tree. Looking behind him, he grabbed his lantern and lit it. Throwing the lamp onto the dead bodies, he watched as the fire consumed the small area between two mountains. As the fire raged on, Talon grabbed the reins of the horse before riding off towards the north-west, to the city of Piltover. “Hyah!”

It had been three days since he started his journey and during his journey he killed any bandit groups he came across leaving no traces of them after a killing them. So far he hasn’t even made it past the mountains that separate the city of Zaun and Noxus, which was irritating him. Not only that, it seems that a new summoner had decided to add him to his roster. Safe to say that their meeting did not go all that well.


It was the second day of his journey. Talon had just finished cleaning up his campsite and was about to embark on his journey once more when a voice disrupted the silence of that morning. “Hello?” the voice called out. Talon looked around in all directions looking for the voice, a dagger in his hands already. “Ah, good it seems that you can here me!” the voice said in a happy tone. Talon looked in front of him and saw an image shimmer into view. It had ceremonial purple robes, those that belonged to a summoner. “Hi there! You must be Talon no?” the summoner asked in a happy voice that was already grating on the assassin’s nerves.

Talon nodded his head but kept his blade ready for anything. “That’s great! I was wondering if you would like to be my champion during some of my matches within the Institute?” Talon raised a brow at the man, no teen from the sounds of his voice.

“You don’t have to ask. You’re a summoner after all, you’ll just summon me either way,” the Blade’s Shadow replied.

“I know that but I personally like to greet the champions I’d work with! Although, since I’m a bit busy right now I’m only able to meet you through an astral projection of myself. By the way, I know who you are but I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am summoner Tokuhiro, an Ionian summoner.” The image of the summoner took off his hood and revealed a young male’s visage. He had a crop of messy black hair and a boyish face. His brown eyes held a mischievous glint in them as he smirked at the summoner.

“What would an Ionian summoner want with me? Last I recall, Ionia and Noxus were not on such good terms with each other.”

“I like to be diverse in who I use,” Tokuhiro replied with a shrug. “I mean my roster consists of Prince Jarvan, Lee Sin, Malzahar, Tristana and now you!” The teen smiled. “I also like to talk to my champions from time to time so I hope you don’t mind if I visit you when I’m bored.”

“Visit one of your other champions, I don’t like company,” Talon grunted.

“Aw...is someone a frustrated? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the branch today? Or is it that you’re so backed up ‘cuz you didn’t get a good shag before leaving Noxus.” If Tokuhiro wasn’t just a projection of himself he would have died at that moment, for three daggers flew threw him and embedded themselves into the trunk of a tree. The image looked behind him saw that all three were aimed at different parts of the body if they had hit: the neck, the heart and in between the eyes. “Youch, that would have hurt a lot.” Tokuhiro looked at Talon again who was glaring at him. “You have a shorter temper than I thought.”

“I do not like being insulted,” replied the assassin. “Now, if that is all you want to speak to me with I insist you leave.”

“Sheesh someone here is a sour puss.” The summoner shook his head before smiling again. “Very well, but I’ll be coming to look for you when I need an assassin for yet another dispute we have in the Institute. Ta ta for now Talon! Don’t worry! I won’t tell the other champions were you are right now, since chances are all the summoners connected to you know where you are at.’ Tokuhiro put on his hood before starting to shimmer out of view. Just as his image was about to vanish from sight his voice rang out again, “And if you’re backed up you should just take care of that in a bush or something. Much better than being pissed all the time.” A fourth blade flew through the image, where the groin was supposed to be. The summoner let out a laugh as his image completely disappeared.

Talon growled, making a mental note to kill the summoner if given the chance when at the Institute of War. “The summoner was more infuriating than the demonic clown,” he thought to himself. After giving himself a second to calm down, Talon left the clearing he was in.

~Flashback end~

Talon was riding his horse at a breakneck pace, having the scenery fly by him as he did. His eyes were trained on the road as he kept moving forward, his eyes darting from side to side just scouting the area in case of an ambush on himself. The large blade usually on his right arm was no where to be scene as it was hidden within the his pack. As he rode forward he felt an inkling in his head speaking to him.

“Hello there Talon!” the voice of Tokuhiro appeared. Talon growled to himself. “It’s okay you don’t have to talk. I’m the one here to talk anyways! I want to give you some info that concerns you.” The assassin didn’t say anything so the voice of the summoner continued. “So it seems like your disappearance from Noxus has created quiet a stir within the High Command. Those who use Swain as their avatar has heard that some of the higher ups had sent people out after you for ‘desertion.’ The Black Rose’s spies are also looking for you as well from what some of the other summoners have gathered. This news had also spread throughout the Institute of War and amongst many guild members. Some of the Demacians are happy they don’t have to see your ugly mug apparently as well as the Ionians. Not that it mattered to them though, they were just happy for one less person fighting them.”

‘Why are you telling me this? And how are you speaking to me? I thought that summoner can only do that when you summon someone onto the Fields,’ Talon thought to himself, knowing the summoner would hear him.

“We’re far stronger than most people give us credit for, I mean we got Cho’Gath bound no? Anyway, I was just calling to inform you of what is happening.”

“Why?” Talon had the horse jump over a log in his path as he thought that.

“I’d like to see what you are up to, watching people on a journey is rather fun. Besides, I like to annoy as many people as I can when bored. So keep me entertained and we’ll see how things go. Oh and you from the sounds of things, you’re going to run into a champion from the League within the next...oh I don’t know...ten seconds. Ta Ta Talon!” The voice of the summoner disappeared in that instant and Talon was forced to stop his horse for, just as the summoner said, he had come across a figure crossing the road. He pulled on the reins, stopping the horse, as the figure let out a scream when he came to a sudden stop in front of her.

Talon narrowed his eyes at the person in front of him. “What are you doing here child?” he growled. The girl in front of him looked no more older than twenty years of age. She had lightly tanned skin, white hair and wore old Noxian armor. On the left shoulder was a spiked piece of armor and on the right was a brown cloth. On her right forearm was a brown gauntlet with some runes on it. Her body was covered in a white cloth, from her chest all the way down to her mid thigh, showing off her legs. A brown corset was bound around her midriff. Her right leg had armor that went up to her knee and the left only went past her ankle. Various strips of cloth wrapped around her left leg. What made her stand out was the large broken sword she carried. Her brown eyes grew wide when she saw him.

“T-Talon,” she stated. Looking around the girl made sure no one was around her and drew her blade. “What are you doing here?” Talon glared at her before pulling on the reins of the horse again. He moved around her and started to ride away.

“You have no right to know and you still did not answer my question Riven,” Talon answered. “What are you doing here, in the middle of no where?”

“I don’t need to answer to you,” Riven answered him. Talon looked at her with in difference since he had promised the League that he would not kill champions outside the Fields of Justice, no matter how annoying they are.

“Then I’ll leave you to your own devices.” The assassin was about to ride away when he heard Riven call out to him.

“Wait!” Talon stopped and looked behind him. “Do you have any food you can spare me by any chance? I kind of got lost on the way to the Institute of War and haven’t found anything to eat.” The girl was looking away when she said this, and knowing that she came from Noxus like he did, it must have wounded her pride to say that. The assassin was about to flat out reject her when a now familiar voice rang out in his head.

“Give her something,” the voice of Tokuhiro reappeared.

“Why should I?” Talon mentally asked.

“If you do, I’ll stop talking to you for a whole week, save for times on the Fields of course.” Talon was about to reply when he thought about it. All he had to do was give the girl something to eat. It could even be a loaf of bread for all he cared, and the annoying summoner would stop talking to him for a week. Again taking everything into consideration, even his reputation as a cold merciless killer being ruined by this one act of kindness, he grunted in annoyance. Getting off the saddle of the horse, he reached into one of several bags he had brought along and took out a two small loaves of bread. He stalked forward and shoved them into Riven’s surprised hands.

“Take it,” Talon replied.

“Th-Thank you,” the girl stuttered in response.

“Don’t thank me, I’m not doing this for you.” Talon then turned around and got up on the horse again before riding away. Riven stared at his back as he left, completely befuddled by the situation.

“Why was he being nice?” Riven muttered to herself.

~With Talon~

“See that wasn’t so bad was it?” the summoner’s voice asked.

“Why do you keep talking to me,” Talon demanded aloud with annoyance in his voice, as he rode on.

“Why shouldn’t I? I mean, you seem like an interesting guy. From what I here you wouldn’t do some as nice as giving Riven a piece of bread, but then you just did.”

“In order to shut you up. No silence.” The voice chuckled in his head once more before quieting. “****, summoner.”

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That's just awesome, bro! Make more please

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Talon was nearing Piltover, guessing that he was still about a day’s ride away. He’s been riding for at least four days, taking more time than it should have been. The reason why it was taking so long was because on his way there, several bandits and a few assassins from both Zaun and Noxus. He had to change course several times to get to lose some of his pursuers when he couldn’t confront them face to face head on. So instead of taking a two day ride at full speed, he had to take a long four day ride due to unnecessary pests. The only good thing that came out of this was the fact that the annoying summoner, Tokuhiro, had kept his end of the bargain and hadn’t spoken to him since the entire ordeal with Riven. So Talon was now just taking a slow pace, for the horse was tired.

As he rode over a hill, he saw what he his destination ahead: the great city of Piltover. It was situated on a small mountain mountain, towering over a lush green marsh. It was a city full of towering white buildings that reached high into the sky,with several smaller building around them. To the far right of it was the northern coast of the continent. It was safe to say that the sight was marvelous and beautiful, but Talon didn’t care. He was here just to speak with the criminals in the city and be on his way. Talon got off the horse and removed his pack. He then took of the saddle and had the horse run off, since he no longer found need for it, since the walk to the city would only take about an hour from where he stood.

The assassin then looked around him and noticed many trees around him. Walking over to one with a large hole in the trunk he placed his pack inside of it. Taking a blade from one of his many, Talon then placed a couple of long gashes on the tree to mark which one was his. He was about to make his next move when a voice reappeared in his head. “Talon I need your assistance,” Tokuhiro stated mentally in the assassin’s head. Talon noticed that the boy’s voice was in no way joking, and was rather serious.

“What for?” Talon mentally grunted.

“There seems to be a little bet here at the institute that I want to win.” Talon frowned, even though he knew the summoner wouldn’t see it.

“What sort of bet?”

“Um...something you don’t want to know...”


“But-” the summoner tried.

“No. I don’t like surprises.”

“Oh come on! Will you fight if I give you ten thousand gold?”

“No,” the assassin replied.

“How about me shutting up for a month?”

“I know you won’t keep that, so no.”

“Then what price do I have to give you to join this match?” Talon leaned against the tree and frowned.

“If you tell me what you are fighting for, I may reconsider.”

“Really?” Talon nodded, but forgot that the summoner couldn’t see him.

“Yes.” The summoner let out a whoop from within somewhere in Talon’s head, making him growl. “Hurry, before I change my mind.”

“Well, you see...uh...there was this party last night here at the Institute and well, a lot of summoners and champions got drunk.” Hearing no response, Tokuhiro decided to continue. “And while most of them are drunk...some of the guys got into an argument with the girl, saying that male champions and summoners are better than female ones and...”

“Stop. Not participating. Goodbye.” Talon then turned around and tried to shut off the connection in his head some way.



“Don’t you care whether or not people see Lady Katarina and Lady Cassiopeia in maid clothes!?” Talon stopped for a moment and thought about it. Katarina and Cassiopeia dressed as maids. The man let out a chuckle before it turned into a full blown laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“Those two would rather die than dress up like that,” the assassin mentally replied. “Although, Lady Cassiopeia wouldn’t mind doing that. She may be half snake, but she has a tendency to dress up.” Talon then straightened himself. “The answer is still no.”

“What if I said that I had information on the General!” That had Talon sobering up and getting serious in less than a minute.


“I have some information on the General, it’s not much but it’s better than nothing.”

“You better tell me or I’ll...”

“Participate as my avatar in this match and I will give you the information.” The Blade’s Shadow was pissed. The summoner knew that he was looking for General Du Couteau, and was willing to do almost anything to get the information he wanted.

“Will you give it to me whether we win or lose?”


“Fine. Teleport me to the area already, and make it quick,” Talon grumbled in his head.

“Alright!” Several circles of blue light appeared around Talon’s feet as he waited for the boy to summon him onto the Summoner’s Rift, to where the battle would be. Although Talon may not like the circumstance in which he was in, he was a bit excited to be going to battle. He needed something to kill to release the anger he was feeling towards the summoner at the moment. “Okay here is some information about the opponents. The team consists of Katarina, Lux, Leona, Miss Fortune and Sona.”

“An assassin, a mage, a tank, a support and a ranged attack. Rather balanced, the summoners on the females’ side seem to know what they are doing.”

“Right. I couldn’t glance at what spells they were using so I can’t help you there.”

“Who is on the team I will be on then?” Talon asked, closing his eyes and crossing his arms.

“You are going to be paired up with Garen...” Talon growled at the mention of the Demacian, “Lee Sin, Swain and Graves.”

“I take it that the blind monk will be going through the jungle?”

“Yes, if anything you’ll be pared up with Graves. Now shut up, I need to focus on making sure I don’t somehow disfigure you when I teleport you.” Talon really wanted to retort and say that Tokuhiro was the one that wouldn’t stop talking, but stopped. It was childish, and he wouldn’t stoop down to that level. So the assassin closed his eyes waiting for the him to be summoned onto the Field.

~Minutes Later~

Talon felt a powerful tug at his body and felt himself feeling rather light. After a few seconds he found himself no longer feeling it and voices were around him. Voices not in his head. Opening his eyes he saw he was on the Summoner’s Rift on the Serpent’s Ravine. From the looks of things he was on the purple team, from all the purple around him.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the missing lapdog,” a gruff voice said to his left. Talon looked in that direction and saw Swain. “You’ve been missing for a week. You don’t write, you don’t message. The dear Du Couteau family is worried about you.”

“If they were worried about me then I would be a monkey’s uncle, tactician,” Talon growled back. “I’m surprised to see you here though. I thought this was about some ridiculous bet.”

“Ah I’m here for the bet. I’d like to see dear Leblanc in one maid outfit as well, or rather all the women.” Talon raised an eyebrow at the crippled man. “Do not get me wrong assassin. I’m not doing to get a look at the girls in clothes like that, I’m doing this for blackmail material. Holding this over their heads will give me more power amongst the champions of Noxus.”

“I will not let you look at my sister or anyone with those intentions Noxian,” a manly voice said nearby them. Both Talon and Swain looked towards the man who spoke, and saw none other than Garen, the Might of Demacia. He was garbed in his usual uniform. A blue cloth scarf wrapped around his neck, covering parts of the blue and gold armor that protected his chest and shoulders. Underneath the armor was blue chain mail and underneath the chain mail was a grey shirt. On his arms were two gauntlets in the same color of the armor. Grey pants were on his legs, with more blue and gold boots on his feet. In his right hand was that large sword of his.

“Demacian, have you been treating Lady Katarina well?” Talon asked with indifference. Garen glared at Talon before moving towards the shop. Talon glared back before following him, under the commands of Tokuhiro.

“I still don’t understand why you keep asking that assassin,” Garen replied.

“Her father charged me to look over his daughters, although I may not like it, I do tend to look over them from time to time. You still not have answered my question Demacian. Have you treated her well?”

“She...We are fine, if you must know. We may not always get along but our...relationship is working well. You don’t need to interfere.” Talon closed his eyes and nodded.

“I know I won’t. Lady Katarina would just hurt you without my help. Summoner what should I get?”

“Get a Doran’s Blade,” Tokuhiro replied in his head. “We’ll sell it later, and get something better.” Talon nodded and bought what was wanted and left, heading down bottom lane. The blade then glowed and disappeared in a spray of light onto the blade on his right arm. It glowed purple for a few seconds before stopping. “I still wonder why some of you won’t just hold that **** thing. I mean we have to use our magics to make it more suitable for you to use.” Talon didn’t reply, and kept walking. He would have been okay with one voice in his head, but the other voice speaking to him directly was annoying too.

“Ya know partner,” another voice said next to him, “the way you twos spoke seemed like you have a lil crush on Kat.” Talon growled and glared at the person walking next to him. He was a scruffy looking man, with a wild beard and wild slick back brown hair. He had a blue button up shirt with a red studded cape over it. Brown leather gloves were on his hands, with patching pants on his feet. Two plates of armor covered the upper legs and a belt with a case full of bullets was tied around his waist. Steel toed leather boots were clicking on his feet, spurs whirling in the wind. What made him stand out was the weapon in his hands. It was a large modified double barrel shotgun that was almost as big as he was tall. It had an odd revolver and some sort of core in the middle of it. The man was smirking at him.

“Graves the Outlaw,” Talon hissed.

“Cuz, I reckon, that since you knew her as she grew up, I take it that you grew attached to her.”

“You must learn subtly Outlaw,” a third voice said from near them. Talon looked behind him and saw a man only wearing green pants and a red sash. He had a red blind fold over his eyes, many tattoos over his muscular body. There was a long ponytail that tied around his neck and a small beard. “Noxians don’t tend to not like being insulted. You are lucky that he cannot hurt you at the moment, or he would have stabbed you by now.”

“Blind Monk, we were not talking to you,” Talon told him.

“You were not talking at all, ain’t that right Lee Sin?” Graves smirked.

“That is right Outlaw. I’ll bid you farewell right now, for I must go slay some golems.” Lee sin nodded to them and entered the forest. Graves turned to Talon, who was gripping a blade in hand, as he walked.

“This is why I work alone. You guys are annoying,” Talon grumbled. “Let’s just get this over with.” They stood by the turret that towered over them waiting for their minions. They guessed that the women had already gone into the bush a couple of yards away from them.

“So...do ya have any girl ya’d like ta see in a maid outfit?” Graves tried making conversation, seeing as there was still about a minute before the minions would appear and the fighting would start. Talon remained silent, only looking forward. His eyes kept looking into the bush. Graves stood in front of him to ask again. “Hello? Anyone in th-” Talon grabbed Graves by the collar of his shirt and pulled him back, just as a rain of bullets hit the ground in front of them.
“Try not to die,” Talon stated.

“Thanks for helpin’,” Graves managed out to ground out. “I wonder why ma summoner didn’t see that.”

“Their field of view is blocked out by the tall grass just like ours.”

“MINIONS HAVE SPAWNED!” a female voice announced.

“That battle is starting. Let us go.”

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Lord Kyleshorse

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This is a story that I can really get into! Keep up the good work!

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Just as the caster and melee minions had passed them, Talon was forced by Tokuhiro to veer right closer to the river. Graves followed him as they did. He shot out four knives outward cutting into several minions, hitting them a second time as the blades came back to him. The assassin growled under his breath as he caught the knives and placed them into a holding place within his sash. Due to the magics of the summoners, he was not able to use his full strength and all his skills. Limited only to four, which will be unlocked along with his physical prowess, he only was able to use one at the moment, the one summoners called Rake. Talon felt his body move on it’s own as he was forced to duck down, narrowly avoiding a knife that was aimed at his head. Sadly, he was slightly cut on his right arm, the attack not completely missing. He looked behind him, after his body was forced to move out of the way/ When he did, he stared into the eyes of his boss’s daughter.

“Lady Katarina,” Talon spoke slowly. “I would have thought you would like to go against your beau during this match.” He turned around and stabbed a few minions, feeling some of his locked power returning to him, but not enough.

“I would have,” Katarina replied as she attacked her own minions. She moved backed as as she felt a bullet slam into her shoulder. She glared at Graves as he was shooting her, but was forced to stop when Miss Fortune started shooting at him. The red haired beauty turned back to her father’s servant, and managed to dodge his technique as three blades flew past her and back. “I would have loved to go up against Garen right now, just like all the times we went to battle. This time though, I’m a little more than vexed at him.” Katarina disappeared in a puff of smoke, and found herself right behind Talon again. She went to cut him again, and felt the blade connect.

Talon didn’t show his pain, just like how he was taught as he grew up. Talon threw some blades behind him, and stabbed a blue caster minion. At that moment he felt a significant amount of his power return. ‘Talon, what skill do you want next?’ Tokuhiro’s voice appeared in his head.

‘Give me Cut Throat,' Talon demanded. In his mind he remembered he to walk into the shadows and reappear behind his opponents. Looking over to his boss’s daughter, he saw the same glazed look over her eyes before she moved into action. The assassin saw Katarina gather energy before disappearing behind him and stabbing him in the shoulder. It would have been more deadly if Talon hand’t moved himself at the last minute, since it was originally aimed at his heart. In that moment, Talon disappeared and reappeared behind the woman. He grabbed her by the left shoulder and sliced at her throat with the blade on his hand. The cut was only shallow, but it did it’s purpose. Katarina was silenced.

“Assassin! Smokescreen!” Talon heard his partner called out. Talon saw a canister fly over his head and land in front of him. A billow of smoke was released from the canister and gave Talon time to move back away. He looked back at Graves and saw that he was pushing Miss Fortune back, even if it was only a little bit. Seeing that his current opponent was preoccupied, Talon used Cut Throat on Miss Fortune. The other scantly clad woman was surprised when she felt a blade slash her throat. Miss Fortune looked back and saw Talon throwing several blades through the air that sliced her arms, legs and torso going away and back to Talon. She then felt three shots hit her back and her blood was spilling. In a flash of yellow light she was a couple of meters away and running.

“Summoner report on my health,” Talon asked Tokuhiro through their mental link. The assassin was making his way back towards their turret for some reprieve.

“You’re getting pretty low on health, I think it’s time for you to return,” the summoner replied. Talon felt magical energies pooling around his feet as his summoner began to cast his spell to return him to the base.

“Outlaw, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Hold the line if you can.” Talon heard Graves grunt something in response as he was recalled back to the summoning platform. He started to feel the healing properties of the platform entering him. Cuts and bruises were healing, and the mana he used during the fights were replenished. When he was fully healed he walked over to the shop. “Summoner, I need some shoes to travel faster.”

‘We can only afford boots of speed at the moment.’

“That is good enough. Will there be extra to get a health potion?”

‘Yeah. I’ll get you one.’ Talon saw the pink ogre thing inside the items cart hand him a pair of brown leather boots and a red vial full of red liquid. Placing the vial in a pouch in his sash, Talon saw the boots magically put themselves on his feet. Grunting his annoyance at having even something as simple as that done for him, the assassin turned around and ran back down his lane. When he arrived, he saw Graves struggling at the turret against the two red heads. Talon ran up and threw his blades at them, catching them only by a little bit.

“Outlaw, go back. I’ll hold for now.” Graves looked behind him, nodded his head in thanks and ran back. For his part, Talon started attacking the minions near the turret. Slicing them down and using Rake from time to time. Of course, he had to dodge the range attacks from the two women in front of him. Suddenly a loud voice rang out throughout all of the Summoner’s Rift.

Swain has slain Lux! FIRST BLOOD!

Talon could feel the small smirk on his face appearing, they had a chance of winning. He kept on defending and saw Graves appear next to him. A second later, Talon felt himself gain knowledge on how to stab and make them bleed as they ran away. ‘Talon, Lee Sin is coming to attack from the river. Graves knows about it as well. Be prepared to attack.” Just as the summoner said that an orb of energy slammed into the back of Miss Fortune, followed by a flying blind monk. Seeing this, Talon used Cut Throat silencing the pirate hunter. Then using Noxian Diplomacy he stabbed it through her abdomen before pulling it out. During all this time Graves was shooting at her as well, and Lee sin had turned around to attack Katarina keeping her busy.

Graves has slain Miss Fortune!

When Miss Fortune died, her body fell to the ground and disappeared in a wave of light; going back to the platform to be revived. Talon then turned around and chased after Katarina along side Lee Sin. The blind monk threw another Sonic Wave, hitting the woman following it by another Resonating Strike. Talon threw a Rake, and managed to hurt Katarina and Lee Sin managed to slay her afterwards.

Lee Sin has slain Katarina!

“Go help top lane! The Outlaw and I have this!” Talon ordered. The assassin knew that if the monk could see, he would be glaring at him. They weren’t on the best of terms, but Lee Sin agreed none the less. He was then recalled, leaving Talon and Graves to finish attack the lane. While the two were attacking their turret, Talon decided to ask Graves a question that has been bugging him during the entire match. “Outlaw, I need information.”

“On what?” Graves grunted as he shot shell after shell onto the side of the turret.

“My summoner told me what would happen if we were to win this match.”

“Seeing dem girls in maid clothes is a once and a life time thing, so I’m excited,” the gunman chuckled. Talon growled in annoyance.

“I know that. I need to know is what happens if we lose.” Graves stopped shooting for a second and looked at the purple clad man.

“You’s got no idea what is going to happen do you?”

“I wouldn’t be asking if I knew.”

“If we lose we will end up doing the same things as them. We will be their butlers for the same duration. That is about a week. Although it only applies when you go to the Institute of War, which was stated that you are required to be summoned there every day for at least three hours.” Talon frowned, not really liking the idea of losing. Not because he’d end up wearing butler’s clothing, but because it would take up time. Time he needed to find the general. He was so distracted he didn’t notice that he broke the turret in front of him.

You have destroyed a turret!

‘Summoner, we BETTER not lose this, or I will come after your head,’ Talon mentally threatened.

“Hey! Don’t blame me for these things! I was just chosen to fight! Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ms. Sona dressed up as a maid hehehe,” Tokuhiro mentally replied. Talon tightened his grip on his blade and turned to attack whatever was in front of him in a fit of tranquil rage. This was going to be a long and irritating match.

(45 minutes later)

A tired group of men and women were standing in front of an exploding blue Nexus. The men had delighted looks on their faces, save Talon, while the women look defeated. The battle was intense for the most part, with each group pushing each other far back as often as they could. Talon had died a total of six times during all their exchanges, and killed at them ten times, although he mostly got assists in their battles. At one point the men were pushed so far back, that they had lost their middle inhibitor and one of their turrets right in front of their own purple nexus. It was just due to sheer luck and an insane amount of teamwork that they were able to repel the women and use that time they were dead to push down mid as well and destroy the women’s nexus. A heavy sigh left Talon’s lips as he turned around and closed his eyes.

‘Summoner get me out of here. NOW,’ the assassin demanded.

‘Fine, fine. I’ll take you back to the Institute-’ Tokuhiro was interrupted.

“No. Return me back to the place you spirited me away from.’

‘Outside of Piltover?’



‘Don’t forget, you swore on telling me info about the General.’

‘Fine.’ It was quiet for a minute before Tokuhiro spoke again. ‘You’re not going to tell Ms. Katarina about your current expedition?' Talon looked behind him, at his boss’s daughter speaking to her lover before looking away.

‘No. I see no point in telling her what I do all the time.’ The assassin heard his summoner scoff within his head. He then felt his body being warped back to where he was before the battle started. ‘Besides, I am not her lackey.’

When Talon reappeared in the little marsh near Piltover, he sighed and cracked his neck. Then turning around he saw an ethereal version of Tokuhiro standing in front of him. “Talk.” The summoner sighed and took off his hood to scratch his head before talking.

“I only have two minor pieces of information about General Marcus Du Couteau at the moment,” Tokuhiro stated. He held up one finger. “Information piece number one: The rumors about the General being alive are true.” That made the assassin’s eyes widen.

“How do you know that?”

“He was the one that contacted me to ask you to be my champion.” Talon raised an eyebrow at that. Tokuhiro then began to pace, even though it was just an image of himself. “You see, I’m not like most other summoners. I have a hobby of collecting information from all around Valoran, and provide it to people who are willing to give me what I want.”

“An information broker.”

“Correct. A few weeks ago, just before the start of of Snowdown, I was at a bar gathering information about the new trade routes that were established recently between Zaun and Frelijord, due to Singed and Gragas buying property there for their Graggy Ice alcohol, when a man sat down next to me. He asked if I was willing to trade some of my information for his. Being the ever inquisitive person I am, I agreed. We spoke in a secluded part of the bar and I was surprised to see it was the general himself.”

“How are you so sure it was him.”

“I uh...took a look into his mind, when he allowed it.”

“How did you manage that? I thought that you had to be in that room in the Institute of War?” Tokuhiro stopped walking before looking at Talon.

“Trade secret. Now after learning who he is, I gave him some info and he gave me info as well. Now, that leads to the second piece of information I have on the general: he is hunting some people down.”

“Hunting some people down?” Talon asked in a serious manner.

“Yes, he’s still heading around all of Valoran looking for a group of people, not sure what but he has decided that they are a threat and must be dealt with.”

“Why did he not tell me or his family about it?”

“It’s bigger than what most people can comprehend, not even he is sure he can handle this problem.”

“Did he say anything to you about what the problem was?”

“Yes, they are threatening all of Valoran. It is a contingent full of several people from all the major cities and smaller ones too. That is all we know so far about the group. It was only recently that the General asked me to call you in.” The two were silent for a few moments before Talon spoke again.

“What does the general want me to do?”

“Follow the trail of bread crumbs he has missed,” the summoner answered. Tokuhiro the turned around and pointed at Piltover. “There is a clue in there about the problem somewhere in there. Find it and it may lead you to the General.” Tokuhiro stopped talking before frowning. “I have to go, some of us are being called to a meeting about the battle we just had.” The image of Tokuhiro shimmered and disappeared. The assassin stayed silent before looking over at the city.

“I might as well have a change of clothes before going there.” Reaching into the pack he hid in the tree, he pulled out some clothing: his renegade clothes from his earlier days, refitted for his change of height and build. “Time to get to work.”

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Another awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

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cant wait!!!!!!!!!

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So anxious for what comes next. I've reread your chapters five times over for the past 2 months, and I'm still not bored with it!

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Anytime soon mate? Been a few months..... I know I'm anxious to read some more of this