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Hide And go Seek

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The rules are:
No bots.
No Clairvoyance.
NO ORACLES [Until 15 minutes of not being able to find everyone.]
5 SIGHT wards per team each turn (Traps, JitB and mushrooms are allowed throughout)
Each person is allowed to lane until level 6, then base until everyone is level 6. No attacking each other at this time. Minions only.
Once the "it" team is decided, the hiding team gets 3 minutes to set up wards/traps/mushrooms, etc before the other team looks for them.
You ARE allowed to move within the jungle.
To 'catch' someone, you have to hit them with an ability.
If they are hit, they are out and must base until everyone else is found. [Not fair to set off traps if you're already out]
No hiding in your own base.
EDIT: Karthus ult does not count, lol, you cheeky SOBs.
EDIT: Side brush is off limits.
EDIT: While the enemy team is hiding/setting up, you may farm in lane, but you CANNOT go into jungle until the 3 minutes is up.
EDIT: 2 pink wards allowed after 10 minutes of not finding everyone.
EDIT: Wriggles is banned.
EDIT: Traps do NOT count as a tag. [Shrooms, traps, JitB, Heimer turrets]
EDIT: If you are a hider and you DIE via shrooms, traps, etc, you are out.
EDIT: IF YOU HAVE SPELL SHIELDS OR BV, IF SOMEONE SEES YOU AND PHYSICALLY HITS YOU, YOU ARE OUT. It doesn't matter if you blocked the ability. They FOUND you, they HIT you, you're OUT.

Recommended champs:
Ashe [Hawkshot is allowed, ult does not count for a 'tag']

Optional banned champs: [This is at the game player's discretion. If you want to allow these champs, it might not be as fun.]
Twisted Fate
[And whoever else you see fit, as I'm sure some of you will Draft mode this betch.]

Teleport is allowed and quite useful for juking.

Try it out, it's actually quite fun.

Also, if you tag someone, feel free to kill them if you wish~ haha.

EDIT: Insta hit ults (Morgana/Kat, etc) are good counters for stealth champs.
Made and written by Alecrow2 and Mrkooliollama

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Quick Rawr

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Could be a fun game mode