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Calling Lanes...?

Called in chat is Legit 40 41.67%
Called in chat is Fail 16 16.67%
First pick gets role 40 41.67%
Voters 96 .

Calling lanes in ranked

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Calling a lane with flexibility I think is fine, acknowledging there are different champs.

LAST PICK should have no say, unless it's in terms of communicating the team comp once things have been settled, and top ELO (1st pick) should pick what he/she wants just because he's the first pick for a reason.

I hate trolls calling, Jungle Shyvana, and auto lock, then other team players have to work around that to make it work. IMO Counter pick and communication is the key, calling lanes is OK to a point if that person calling it can play more than one champ..

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You may say "I prefer _____." or. "I'm best at _____." or even ask your team if u can do a roll... but if your lower elo than some1 on your team... your best bet is to let them take that roll because higher elo = higher chance to carry