Sion and the patch

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Korgor Wolfshadow

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Not sure if anyone has posted this before, but I personally have an issue with Sion's audio. His voice seems to switch alot. He can't seem to decide if hes an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator (GET ON MY CHOPPA!) or an insane zombie guy (I'm DEAD serious). Not only do his mannerisms change, but the voice itself changes. I don't know if this is intentional, but its definately something that needs to have a second look. Its like they took two voice actors and just meshed the sound files. If he had two heads, I'd think it was less an issue. But its really kind of strange to have his voice be different each time I make a selection. Not a game breaking issue, but its an issue to me none-the-less.

On a seperate note, there seems to be a post-patch issue with cut off in audio. I've only had time for three games so far since patch, but each game I've played has had the champion I've chosen's voice cut in and out when he uses abilities or simply moves. It happened once where the announcer voice cut out as well. Not sure if this is related to the patch or to my computer, but it isn't the entire sound going out - just those voice-over's.

EDIT: Just so everyone knows, I'm not complaining about either voice, just think they need to pick one. Hopefully, its the Arnold impersonator voice, as that one is much more fun to hear.

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Razzle Dazzle



They sound the same to me. Perhaps the different words just sound weird with that accent? Like when I British person says CAN'T compared to something that sound normal when they say it like MILK.

I blame the accent not multi personality's