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[Jaykoboy Fanfic] Accepting the Exile

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Ryugi Kazamaru:
I was referring to the fact that Kaz is 25, and I'll be 25 come April. So, either IC or IRL, Riven and I are approximately the same age. As opposed to you being 14 IRL and Jay being 28 IC.

Riven's voice actress is, also, currently 24. But no one really cares about that. XD

Hm...alright. Mine is that I...wait, I'm not going to say that, that's rude.

What if she likes younger men? Hmm?

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is there a new chapter?

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is there a new chapter?

Soon. But not today. I'll see if I can get it done by tomorrow, but most likely monday.

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Doo doo doo...

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Nothing tonight, because I was banned for half the day and then the other half, I had to work on an essay for english. Tomorrow, I promise, unless I somehow manage to get myself banned. Again.

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Nothing tonight, because I was banned for half the day and then the other half, I had to work on an essay for english. Tomorrow, I promise, unless I somehow manage to get myself banned. Again.

.... if you DONT get it tommorow I will kill you

- Arismir The Elven Paladin

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I have Veridis Quo pumping in the background and plenty of Passion Pit on its way; I think I'll be able to crank something out really quick.

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This one will be quite entertaining...have you ever seen what a Finales Funkeln does to trousers? Nothing good, I tell you. But you'll figure that out yourself. Also, I hope that I portrayed madam Katarina correctly; I'm not the best at writing your character, my apologies.

Chapter Whatever it is by now: Double Date

It was finally time. I’d been looking forwards to this moment for a long, long time. And Hectare, being a Demacian, had pretty much no choice but to stick to his promise. Even if it wasn’t quite his wisest one yet.

“No, no, NO!” he yelled as me and Kaz tried to force him into a nice cloak. Continuing to scream at the top of his lungs, he leapt out and ran for the hallway in only his underwear. We both stared at the door, waiting for the inevitable: as we predicted silently, there was a muffled scream in a minute, and Hectare ran back in hurriedly, sitting on the bed. “If you guys hadn’t stolen my clothing, I’d be long gone by now.”

Kaz shook his head. “You really have to stop repeating yourself. You’re about as predictable as a Zaunite Pub.”

I snickered under my breath. “And we all know that adage…in at night, out in the morning…”

“…and worry-free for nine months! Yeah, I know, you say that every time I repeat myself. Now please, just…just get this over with.”

I sighed. “In at night…”


An hour had passed with us preparing him. It would’ve been shorter, but I lost the hairbrush, and Kaz had forgotten the cantrip to summon one, so we had to spend half the time looking for it and preventing Hectare from escaping in ingenious ways. Or at least interesting. The last time, Kaz had rigged a rope trap, and Hectare was dangling by his heel from the ceiling, his hair barely touching the floor. He crossed his arms and grumbled. “Hurry up. I’m going to red-out soon.”

I came up from underneath the bed triumphant, holding a dusty hairbrush. “I found it!”

Kaz peeked under the bed quickly. “Man, do you have a door to the tunnels under here? I can’t even see the other side of your bed!”

I patted him on the head jokingly. “Hush hush. It’s time to get Hectare ready!”

By the end of the hour, he looked a proper gentleman, although a struggling one at that. In a few minutes, his double-date was expected to show up. I’d pulled a few strings with Belthazor, and he’d convinced Katarina to convince Shyvana to come on a blind date with the two of them. Which was surprisingly easy for her being a Noxian…I have no clue how she did it.

Hectare was bouncing impatiently. “Well, c’mon, I have t—”

I stopped him from running out the door. “Not so fast. One last touch, so that we can see what’s going on.” I took out a set of runes an old friend had given me once; I’d managed to replicate a few of them, but it always took a long time for someone like me, a magical void. Taking three out, each with a runic eye encrypted into them, each formed out of even more runes, I pinned them onto his blue robe. Standing back, I admired the effect. It blended well with the other shades of gold woven into it. I nodded in approval. “Kaz, what do you think?”

He took a quick look. “I think I should be the one dating Riven…”

I gave him an odd look. “What was that?”

He jumped slightly. “Oh, nothing, nothing at all! I meant it looks sorta good…but he’s missing something. Ah, I remember.”

Raising his hand, he slapped Hectare across the face. We looked at each other for a moment. “Good call, I thought I was missing something.”

“Yeah, every guy as flustered as him needs one.”

There was a quick rap at the door. “Oh, look, your double date is here! C’mon in, guys!”

Belthazor opened the door, but before I could warn him (Or even remember I’d left it there) he stepped into a trap I’d set to prevent Hectare from escaping. His legs became sheathed in metal in a moment’s notice, preventing him from walking. He looked at me angrily. “Jay!”

I grimaced. “Sorry, forgot to mention that Hectare isn’t exactly the most happy about this date.”

Katarina, who was wearing a nice cocktail dress which you didn’t see often in general, peeked out from behind Belthazor. “Mind if I borrow this trap? It’d come in useful soon.”

While Belthazor panicked, waving his hands furiously in my direction to say no, I ignored him and nodded. “Yeah, sure, here’s the key.” I unlocked Belthazor from his trap, the metal receding into the ground again, and handed the key to Katarina. “It’s sort of difficult to copy, so I’d recommend keeping it in a safe place.”

She smiled maliciously, passing it into a hidden place behind her. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to be losing this key anytime soon.” She grabbed Belthazor and dragged him out the door, Hectare following meekly behind them.

Me and Kaz sat down on the couch, a few minutes later followed by a knock on the door. I got up to get it, welcoming Riven in. She was smiling half-heartedly, they way she normally does, until she saw Kaz on the couch. “What the heck is he doing here?” she whispered to me angrily.

I tried to calm her down. “Don’t worry, he’s a friend of mine. Ever since I made sure he’d live to have children one day. He means well, don’t worry.”

I looked behind her in passing, going to close the door, finding that it wouldn’t shut. I struggled against it for a full thirty seconds before I stopped grunting long enough to hear the high giggles of a familiar champion…

“Riven…did you bring Lux?”

She shrugged. “No, not on purpose. I mentioned it to her, and she sort of goes where she pleases.”

The door flew shut, closing on my fingers, and while I yelled in pain, Lux materialized on the couch, next to Kaz. “I have no clue what just happened,” she mentioned innocently. “Why were you being so stupid, Jay?”

I pulled my fingers out, cursing under my breath. “‘Sblood, Lux, be a bit more careful. At least be glad I didn’t step in a—I’m not even going to say it. I swear, if I say it, I’ll most certainly—”

“—fall into a trap?” Kaz queried, pointing to my legs. I looked down, finding that they’d been frozen solid. Finding no way to get out after struggling for a moment, I sighed.

I looked to Riven and Lux. “Either of you two ladies want to help me out of this?”

I almost immediately regretted my words. Lux stood up, spinning her baton expertly. “Oh, no, I meant anything BUT—”


There was a bright white light, and I could see nothing for a moment. When it cleared, I look down to see that my legs had been thawed free…and that my pants were gone entirely. “Oh. This is quite awkward.”

Everyone on the couch looked at me, laughing quietly to themselves, while Kaz began to start painting the image in record time with one of the magic paintbrushes the Journal of Justice used. I blushed, running to grab something to put on. I came out a moment later wearing an old black robe. “Ergh…I thought I gave up on this ages ago.”

While they still laughed to themselves, I sat down besides them, flipping on the crystal and tapping into the runes on Hectare’s robe. They were still on their way to Shyvana’s room, so there was a bit of time to watch something else really quick. Flipping around, we skipped past some pitiful tries made by the champions and Summoners alike at comedy, action, and the occasional gem. For a brief moment, I found a horror movie featuring Blitzcrank and Mundo, and while Riven was unperturbed, Lux was gone in a burst of light, reappearing in Kaz’s arms. Although he was awkward at first, he relaxed, seeing no way out of her grasp.

I looked at my watch. “Oh, nearly time. Let’s see where we are…” I flipped back to the Double Date, where they’d just reached Shyvana’s door.

Lux nudged me from across the way, still crushing Kaz under her surprisingly formidable strength. “Hey, are you sure this’ll work?”

I nodded. “Yep. Runes show both images and sound; we will have full knowledge of the date.”

Kaz managed to get his fingers out to do a quick count. “Didn’t you put three runes on him…?”

I smiled. “Oh, yes, I did. Hold on…third person view.”

I tapped the receptor, prompting the view to zoom out enough to view everything from a different angle. Everyone, even the impossible-to-impress Riven, ‘ooh’ed with this feat of magic. Lux then noticed Kaz’s arm was free, and grabbed it tightly. He yelped with surprise, not prepared for the clingy girl.

I laughed. “Look, stop freaking out. Let’s just watch the action, shall we?”

As we turned to the screen, it zoomed back into Hectare’s point of view. The door opened, and Shyvana poked her head out, coming out a moment later in a black evening gown for the date. She looked to Katarina for a moment. “So, where’s my blind date?”

Katarina nudged Hectare forwards. “Here you go. Don’t break him.”

The vision was trembling slightly; it was quite obvious Hectare was afraid, and with good reason. Shyvana gave him a look she would give to something that Cho’Gath would eat, but shrugged and moved on. “So, where will we be going? It’ll certainly be interesting.”

Belthazor was about to respond, but Katarina pushed him to the side, preventing him from saying anything. “We’re going to this place where they make pretty much the best sandwiches ever. One word: Meat. Lots of it. And, it’s slaughtered on point.”

Belthazor rubbed his head. “And what appeal…? Never mind, forgot who I was talking to for a moment.”

Hectare shuffled quietly. “So, uh, Shyvana…you ready?”

She smiled pitifully. “Yes, summoner. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.”

Everyone in our room could hear him say ‘it’s not the biting I’m worried about’ under his breath, and apparently Shyvana did too, because even in our room, it got slightly warmer. But she didn’t let on. She faked a smile and let Hectare take her by the arm.

After a few more minutes of them walking to get to the restaurant (I managed to mess with Kaz a bit by playing that horror movie a bit more…Lux wouldn’t let go of him at all, and I wasn’t sure if he was conscious still) we watched them sit down and prepare to eat. Hectare was silent, while Katarina messed with Belthazor in her usual fashion.

“Aw, c’mon, you’ve admitted it yourself; you enjoyed it!”

He grumbled slightly. “Enjoyed it, yes. Wanted to experience it again…no.”

Shyvana seemed interested in Hectare, but he was relatively unresponsive. “So, how’d you get to the League?”

He shrugged. “I took an airship.”

She groaned, leaving her face in her palm. “That…that’s not what I meant.”

He gave her an odd look. “What did you mean?”

She grabbed him by the shoulders, shaking him vigorously. “Look, I get you’re not really enjoying this; but please, at least ACT interested.”

He tried to collect himself after she released him, his head spinning. “Urgh…this is…this is all your fault…”

She gave him an odd look. “How’s that?”

He faceplanted on the table, moaning into it for a moment. Shyvana looked at Belthazor and Katarina…but more Katarina. “Does yours do this often?”

Katarina looked to Belthazor to see him doing almost the identical thing. “Surprisingly so.”

Shyvana dragged Hectare off of the table and sat him up. “Talk.”

He moaned. “Get me some wine, that way I have a good excuse.”

I stomped so hard that I bumped the control in anger, once more prompting Lux to grab hold of Kaz as Blitzcrank slowly mutilated a child in an attempt to gain humanity. I quickly flipped it back before she fainted and we never got Kaz back. When we returned, the waiter, who was also the cook, who was also Urgot, had waddled over with a large bottle of wine and a plate of manatee for Katarina. For everyone else, it was simple burgers, although Shyvana’s was quite plus-sized. Hectare bypassed the glass and drank straight out of the bottle, turning to Shyvana quickly afterwards.

“Ye know…if ye hadn’t respended t’ Jay, I wouldn’t be here, ya kna.” He chugged more wine, getting himself more drunk. “Yer letter gaht him t’ ask out dat Nevir…nah, dat Verin…nope, dat…er…Riven character. And then dat lost me t’ bet, and it gots me here with ye. Comprende?”

She gave him an odd look. “Barely.”

He proceeded to run to the bathroom, coming back a few minutes later far more sober. “Ergh…my body cannot handle that much alcohol at once. Waiter, what wine was that?”

Urgot waddled back out, his deep, guttural voice ringing out over the table. “That was no wine; that was a toxic beverage that was rated at 120% alcohol level that has been shown to cause spontaneous combustion. A far quicker pain than mine.”

Katarina was stuffing her face full of manatee. “Urf murfa phlagn pheth dentoo congherfastions.” She swallowed quickly, repeating herself. “You always drag your death into conversations. What a downer.”

He…it…whatever Urgot is, looked at Katarina with the same discontent it showed everyone, then waddled away. “Eternal…annoyance…”

Shyvana looked back at Hectare. “Are you sure that’s what happened?”

He nodded. “Positive. Blah. I think that extra 20% is creeping up on me…”

They finished their dinners in relative peace, Shyvana occasionally managing to drag something out of Hectare. Finally, over dessert (Which in my mind wasn’t a desert; Katarina was eating Manatee Fondue, while everyone else had bacon milkshakes) Hectare finally asked the big question that had been bothering us all night:

“Why’d you actually agree to go on a date with me?”

There was relative silence. Just for the fun of it, I switched back to Hectare’s point of view. Not a good idea. Shyvana turned to face him, fire in her eyes. “You…do not…want to know.” Kaz for certain fainted, Riven actually cuddled onto me, and Lux…well…she was the main reason Kaz fainted. He hadn’t been able to see anything for hours. Shyvana backed up slightly, the fire subsiding. “At least not yet. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later.”

He panicked and began chugging his milkshake, wanting to get everything over with. Katarina looked at Belthazor expectantly, not wanting him to appear second, and he looked at his milkshake in dismay. “It’s not very good…”

“Drink it.”

He sighed and started drinking it, occasionally taking breaks to say the hospital food tasted better. Well, actually, that wasn’t until the end, Katarina took it away from him when he said that. After that, they left a tip and payment, making their way out of the room and back to their apartments.

While Katarina and Belthazor made their way back to their own rooms, Hectare tried to follow them, but Shyvana grabbed him by the arm. “Oh no, hotshot. You walk me back to my room.”

He sighed dejectedly. “Why can’t I be a ladies man when I’m not drunk…” he whispered slightly. He began to lead her back to the room, eventually making their way inside. It was nice, with bright red finishes and great golden trim. Shyvana hugged him slightly with one arm. “Thanks for the nice-ish night.”

She was about to go in when he stopped her…with some difficulty. “Uh, Shyvana, you said you’d tell me why you went on that date with me.”

She turned to him, fingering her chin. “Oh, I did, didn’t I?”

She paced for a moment. “Come on in, I’ll show you something.”

He stepped cautiously into her room, following her around. She pointed to a picture on the wall, painted slightly surrealistically. It was of a noble man, with blue skin and white hair. “That was my father.”

Hectare nodded slightly. “I can see the resemblance.” She ignored him.

“You remind me a lot of him. For a dragon, he was always quite kind, and very shy. His nickname for me was ‘Shy and Vain,’ which is sort of how I got my name now.”

Hectare turned his head slightly. “Vain? No, I wouldn’t say…”

Shyvana turned to him abruptly, keeping him from finishing. “First rule of dating me: You don’t question me. Ever. Do you like angry dragons?”

He shook his head. “Well, no, but—“

She held a finger to his lips. “No buts. I know I like you. It’s just about time that you start to like me.”

With that, she started to adjust the straps of her dress…and the crystal immediately flashed off. I clapped my hands, waking Lux out of her scared stupor and just plain waking Kaz up. “Well! That was an interesting watch! Now, let’s all get to bed.”

Lux looked at the crystal. “But…what happened?”

Riven shushed her slightly. “No, you don’t want to know. You’re too young for that.”

Kaz started to loosen Lux’s grip on him, managing to pry himself free. He yawned tiredly. “Well, Lux, guess I should lead you back to your room…it’s the least I can do for you suffocating me.”

She blushed. “Did I? Sorry for that, Mr…”

“Kaz. My name’s Kaz.”

I nodded in approval. “You two are gonna get along just fine. Now, run along.”

Kaz began to lead Lux forwards to her room, and I did the same with Riven. I stopped at her door, smiling. “Well, that was an interesting night, wasn’t it?”

She giggled slightly. “I guess you could say that…good save there, by the way.”

I shook my head. “I will never understand a woman’s reasoning.”

She patted me on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. No man ever does.”

With that, she closed the door on me, wishing me good night in her own style. I sighed and made my way back to my dorm. Boy, if that day ever comes…I’m not looking forwards to it.

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Well, I'm going to read this, and write down my comments in order as I read it for a special treat for you, followed by a summary at the end. This should be fun!

* I object! A mage would never forget a cantrip! You'll pay for that...as soon as I remember the hand movements for 'Spark.'
* Ah yes, the "get a hold of yourself" slap. A classic element of physical comedy. Good show.
* But...Mundo goes where he pleases. Lux just shoots lasers and doesn't afraid of anything.
* I, personally, would have used 'Mending' on your pants. But that assumes there was enough there to mend.
* I like cuddling, but Lux is so clingy and bubbly. *sigh* She just isn't Kaz's type...
* Horror Movie + Lux grab = @__@ <-Kaz
* Hectare is the lightest lightweight ever. I doubt even Teemo would get that drunk that fast.
* I think this alternate version of myself requires a torso-cast, you know, for that broken heart/ribs...

And so, the double double date ends with Riven closing the door in your face, and me walking Lux to her room, all while Hectare is finding out how "human" Shyvana really is. All in all, I suppose it was rather well-written. My poor alternate self... So close to his love, and yet so far, and forced to endure the clingy, bone-crushing grip of an otherwise beautiful Demacian maiden in which he has little real romantic interest. Truth be told, he would probably find her laugh oddly endearing, regardless, Riven is the only girl to which his heart belongs.

Who knows? Maybe in this alternate world, Lux can be the one to heal Kaz's broken heart. Poor guy.

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D: why you tempt us xD