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[Jaykoboy Fanfic] Accepting the Exile

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Heil Teemo

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I can't dance. I can sing well, but not consistently. You both have me beat.

BUT you're both worthless without a piano. Which I have.

Not if its tap dancing.

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Well, it was either post tonight, or leave it to tomorrow and do another flip-flop style. BUT because I don't want to leave you hanging like that, I'm just going to speed up the story a bit.

Will she say yes? Will she say no? Will she give me 'the Kaz?' Read now to find out!

Chapter Two, Day Four: These Two Hearts

I woke up in the morning, a package and a cup of coffee at my doorstep. The coffee was from Katarina, who wanted to thank me for at least making sure Belthazor got back to her room before he fell asleep. She has a nicer side. It's just that she normally didn't show it to me. The package, on the other hand, was something I called for from my mother. I trusted her to have done what I asked, and for once, she had. No 'My Little Summoner,' no frilly edges (God, that fiasco still haunts me in my dreams) and no needles left in the clothing. I took a quick look at it, admiring the workmanship. It would be great for what I was doing that night.

The other day, Rumble had proven his skill with Techmaturgy, inventing for me a set of drums and a perfect recording system. Only problem with the drums is that they only worked for him. Which meant I had another person to add to the team. Besides Belthazor who, although proven rather clumsy with the bass, turned out to have a great voice. They'd hopefully gotten their outifts from my mother, and just as hopefully, they'd like them.

I reached under my bed, taking out my Techmaturgical piano. It was thin enough to fit under there; may as well keep it there. While I waited for the other two to get there and get ready for our job, I changed into my outfit and started practicing with the keyboard, ringing a few notes into the quiet of the morning. In about an hour, my two bandmates arrived.

I was impressed at how high-quality the clothing from my mother was, given the amount of time she made it in. I was dressed in a cloak similar to my other one, except with far more gold on it, spiraling all over. My favorite part was an enchantment she'd gotten someone to throw over it; with every note I played on the keyboard, the gold shimmered slightly differently, changing through the song. Belthazor's was mostly green, to compliment his eyes (although I couldn't tell, personally. Didn't spend too much time looking at him) and was quite simple. Instead of a cloak, however, it had legs seperate, keeping to his Earth-like fashions. He was still wearing his jacket, which altogether made a very striking outfit. Rumble was all in leather, very similar to his normal outfit.

Looking outside the door, I saw that Rumble had brought Tristy, his mech, with the drumkit he'd invented tied to the back. As well as a great number of our other instruments, including the Runedisc. He smiled broadly. "So, are you ready to set up?"

I shrugged. "It's only around breakfast. Why should we set up so soon?"

He guided me out the door, not saying a word. He didn't have to. Attached to Tristy with a tugline, there were many, many palettes, covered with stage materials. "It may take a while to get this all out there."

I nodded in assent. "Think they'll give us real steak for all our time?"

Belthazor groaned slightly. "Wait...they don't serve real food here, either? I swear...everywhere I go...I got enough of it on Earth..."

I patted him on the back. "Don't worry, if they don't have anything good, I'll bring my personal supply of steak." With that, he perked up slightly, but still looked slightly downtrodden.

We spent hours in the cafeteria, putting together behind a closed curtain our stage. Occasionally, I stole out to grab us some real food from my room, not letting anyone even near our curtained project.

Finally, it was dinner time. The one good meal of the day. Because, for some reason, they always managed to have actual meat by that time. Dinner was always the most crowded time of day in there. Not a single champion missed the experience. So, naturally, that was when we were ready for our concert.

Peeking out, I looked to the crowds. They were all looking at our curtain anxiously. Coming back in, I looked to Belthazor and Rumble. "Are you guys ready?"

Belthazor was gnawing on some accidentally overdone steak I'd given him. I took that as a yes. Rumble simply nodded, going to his drumkit. Smiling, I turned to Belthazor. "Finish that up. We don't want our normal singer choking on-stage."

He put it on a plate, saving it for later, taking his spot on the front stage. Getting behind the Runedisk/keyboard combination, set up next to each other for easy access, I signalled to someone to drop the curtain. As it fell, gasps of slight awe found their way from the audience. Looking up at our large, flamboyant stage, complete with many lights, a raised platform just for me, and a variety of instruments all over the place, it was almost breathtaking.

Then, we started playing the music.

The first song was an energetic, upbeat song, that the entire crowd began to get into. Lights flashed, pumping the adrenaline to its maximum, and nobody was quiet. Belthazor proudly sung it, keeping every note perfect, while Rumble managed to keep the drum beats extremely heavy. I didn't use the Runedsic, at first, finding that the Keyboard was fine on its own.

After that, there was an immediate drop. With a quick scratch of a record that Rumble had given me on the Runedisc, another song sprung into existence. While Belthazor sat back, I layered the song with a scratchy modulated version of his voice, syncing it with the axe in the background to generate a spectacular effect. No one in the crowd wasn't moving...except for a few, who didn't seem to be enjoying the concert much. Including Riven.

I frowned, deciding to take it up a notch. Signalling for Rumble to stop drumming, I hit a few chords on the keyboard. Over time, I amped it up with the Runedisc, eventually forming an entire song from those some chords. Riven still wasn't impressed.

I got out from behind the Runedisc, calling for Rumble to get another beat going. Grabbing a guitar, I started playing an epicly simple solo, bringing the entire room to a standstill. Almost no one moved. They enjoyed it...but it just wasn't quite the same. As I threw off the last chord, I tapped Belthazor to get him to go up to the Runedisc. He knew what to do; it wasn't much, but it was still something only he could do.

A symphony of horns blared across the room, supplied by Belthazor. As I sung a simple, chant-like set of phrases, it crescendoed to massive heights, before switching to an entirely different system. Rumble persistently kept up a solid beat, while the guitar in my hand arpeggiated across the spectrum of sound. People were starting to dance...but still no sign of impression from Riven.

Belthazor switched to the keyboards now, coaxing a tune out of the Runedisc, as well. As the song progressed, haunting vocals floated through the air, hovering for a moment before completely shattering as we switched to the next song, which was scheduled to be our last. It was all or nothing with this; this was the night.

I went up to the keyboard one last time, Belthazor taking his place at the microphone. We played a long, epic ballad, providing a strange, upbeat feel at first, but evolving with the lyrics into a high-energy song, fueled with passion, bringing everyone to their feet. As it ended, we all took a bow, and everyone applauded. It had been magnificient.

To everyone but Riven. She was impossible to impress.

We were about to walk off stage when I held up my hand. "Guys, I'm not done yet. I have just one more song."

When the song I'd been working on earlier turned out softer than what we were hoping for, I'd scrapped it, hoping to resurrect it eventually. But this was an emergency. My last chance to woo Riven. Rushing around, I gave them both a set of the music. They both gave me an odd look.

Rumble was the first to speak. "You really want to play this? It's not a very good follow-up to what we just did."

I nodded vigorously, grabbing a guitar and heading to the microphone. "I know, just trust me."

Belthazor had grabbed a bass, and was preparing to play it. As I turned to the crowd, I cried out slightly into the mic "Wait!"

They all turned and looked at me again. I looked down sheepishly. "Uh...we have one more song we'd like to play. And there's someone I'd like to dedicate it to."

I pointed to Riven, bringing everyone's attention to her. "Riven, this is my last plea. If you say no, then I'll never ask again. Just hear me out."

With that, we started playing the simple piece I had written earlier. As the bass rang out combined with the guitar and simple, straight-forwards beat, I began to sing. It was completely different from anything I'd ever sung before...and it felt so good to let it out. As it hung in the air, the song slowly came to a close, and I stopped playing, looking at Riven.

"Well? Will you? Just one date?"

She looked at me straight in the eye, giving me a piercing glare that radiated her innermost being. I looked away slightly, knowing what she was about to say. "Yes."

I sighed heavily, turning away. "Well, I guess it was never...wait, what?" I instantly rushed back to the microphone, looking at her. "You really want to?"

She nodded. "Yes. If it means that much to you, I'll give you a chance."

I jumped into the air, yelling excitedly. I turned to the others. "Guys, let's just play one more song. I don't care if we make it up on the whim, let's just do it!"

Although they looked a bit tired, they both took to it quickly, I switching out my guitar with Belth so that I could join up with the keyboard. Similar to the last song in message, it was completely different in music, this time even Riven smiling and swaying to the sound. I laughed, blasting the speakers, and as we finished, I walked off the stage quickly and excitedly. Hectare wasn't going to believe this...

Thanks for reading! More will be coming tomorrow! And also, below is a list of all the songs that were played, who they're by, and a youtube link so that you can listen to them! Enjoy!

First Round
'Circles' by Digitalism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03tAKz66TC8
'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAjR4_CbPpQ&ob=av3n
'Some Chords' by Deadmau5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEQMkzjcLEA&ob=av2e
'Aerodynamic' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L93-7vRfxNs&ob=av2e
'One More Time' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGBhQbmPwH8&ob=av3e
'Crescendolls' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S3ISlvlEbs&ob=av3e
'Ghosts N Stuff' by Deadmau5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7ArUgxtlJs&ob=av3e
'Too Long' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6_ZNW1DACE&ob=av2e

Last Chance
'Something About Us' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOS9aOIXPEk&ob=av2e

'Digital Love' by Daft Punk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjli3hj0ZkM&ob=av3e

I hope you enjoy the 'concert!' Also, my apologies for there being so little variety...I was in a rush for time, and I just wrote down what came up on iTunes as I was writing. If I had had more time, there's be plenty more Digitalism, the Glitch Mob, and, of course, Tiesto.

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Grand Viper

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The story's going well so far mate, keep up the good work!

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


This was cool. I guess most of the feeling was lost on me because I don't care all that much for Daft Punk. However, I find it funny that a nutshot is now known as "The Kaz." All in all, let's hope that you get the girl!

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...Why am I only mentioned once?
Also, very nice!

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Senior Member


Jayko, you just dont cease to amaze me.
Also, can I be in this story? My real name should be Crow.D.Fordragon.
Also, my grades are getting up so my story, the league of heroes, will continue if I just ace my next math exam, so Aine will be in chapter 7.

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Senior Member


I mean Aine not wine.

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That's right. First date incoming, BUT we're still not officially dating! Not even remotely close!

Also, Wex, every time Singed's Bar is mentioned, a cameo is put into the constellations.

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Senior Member


After a good twelve hours of sleepon a four-day weekend, I feel as though it's time to write my first date with Riven! Wish me luck!

Chapter Three: First...wait, no Second...maybe Third...Impressions

There were about three hours to go until my first date with Riven. And, to be honest, I was freaking out. I'd called over Hectare and Kaz, although Kaz was slightly busy, and not able to make it for a bit. While Hectare sat by the door, I paced back and forth, making sure nothing on my robe was out of place,fussing with my hair, and occasionally re-re-re-purging my entire body. Every few moments, I'd stop to ask him how I look, and he never said anything past this:

"You look fine. Just grab your wallet and get out there."

After his saying this the fifth time, I just stopped and sighed. "Hectare, really, what am I going to do? I know she doesn't like fancy places, but I can't help but feel I should impress her, and then I might scare her away, and then..."

While I rambled, I saw him standing up, walking towards me in a cliche 'slap on the face to set you straight' moment, when the door flew open, smacking him into the wall. Kaz ran in, resting for a moment before standing up straight. He took a deep breath and looked around.

"Hey, where's Hectare? I could've sworn he would make it here before I would."

Pushing the door aside to show our unconscious friend hidden behind it, I looked at Kaz. "He did."

He blushed slightly. "Whoops. So, what're you having problems with?"

I sat on my bed, looking at that piece of stucco that looked sort of like Riven. "I'm just not entirely sure what to do. Help?"

He sat beside me. "Look, just take her to that little cafe, buy her some biscuits, and talk. That is ALL you have to do."

I sighed. "Thanks a lot, Kaz. You're way better than Hectare at this."

Smiling brightly, he nodded. "Don't worry, I understand. Now, just go out there and get that date! I still want to see Hectare try and ask out Shyvana."

We both laughed as I went out the door. I checked my pockets for three things: a wallet, a potion, and a paper bag. They'd all be nice to have for the coming date.

I eventually found my way to Riven's room, all the way on the other side of the institute. With a combination of her being a champion and female, her dorms were on the exact opposite side of my own.Finally finding my way there, I took a deep breath, stood tall, and knocked cautiously. Within a moment, Riven was standing there in simple commoner's clothing. I all of a sudden seemed overdressed for the occasion.

I shuffled my foot back and forth nervously. "So, uh...you ready for our date?"

She shrugged casually. "I guess. How does this work?"

I held out my hand. "I'll teleport us there. Don't worry, it won't be too bad."

She took my hand. Before teleporting us, though, I dug through my pockets and pulled out the small vial of red potion and paper bag. "Here, you may want to hold onto these."

She took them, but before she could question me for their purpose, there was a bright orange flash, and we appeared in Piltover, next to a small cafe. I, of course, managed to hold down what was in my stomach, but Riven, who wasn't prepared for the lack of magic to pull through with, promptly used the bag and potion for what I intended. She looked slightly pale, but color was returning to her face. She gave me a nasty look. "You could've told me that was going to happen!"

I cringed. "I...I apologize. I didn't want to ruin the evening with you thinking about it until we teleported."

She crossed her arms slightly. "Look, that's just strike one. Watch your step, summoner."

I sighed. "Let's go in, shall we?"

We made our way into the small establishment, which was not overdone, but not grungy, either. Perfect, at least in my eyes. As the waiter came over, he gave the two of us an odd look...although Riven more so than me. "Hello, my name is Wex, and I'll be your server tonight. What would you two like to eat?"

I took a menu from the table. "Uh...I'd like a biscuit platter and some tea, please. Just some chamomile, please, and make sure to bring out some marmalade for the biscuits. Riven, what would you like?"

She flipped open the menu, only looking for a brief moment before closing it. "I don't care. I'll just take a sandwich. Roast beef, mustard, lettuce, and that's it."

The waiter bowed slightly, and took both of our menus. I sat and twidled my thumbs for a moment, while Riven just crossed her arms and stared at me. I decided that now was a nice time to have a conversation. "So...what do you like to do in your free time?"

She gave me a quizzical look. "Why do you care? I thought that you're like most other summoners; you get close to us champions in the hopes of--"

I shook my head vigorously, hoping to stop her from saying what I feared. "No, no, not at all. I'm sorry if you thought of me like that. I don't want anything but a steady relationship, okay?"

I saw the corner of her mouth flicker upwards. "I was going to say money, you know."

I sank into my chair, trying to make myself as small as possible. As low as I could get, though, I was still eye-to-eye with Riven. God, being tall sucks sometimes. Pushing myself up, seeing it was futile trying to hide, I restated the question. "So, what do you like to do in your free time?"

All I got in response was a shrug. Not seeing any reason to not try again, I asked another question. "Are you a fan of poetry?"


I just stared at her for a moment. She was relatively unresponsive. I sighed. "Look, if you don't want to talk, I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Ask away."

She gave me an odd look. "Hm...alright, are you a virgin?"

This was an awkward question, either answer given. "Uh...yes. Why...?"

She shook her finger admoninishingly. "No, I'll be asking the questions. That was just a warm-up, to see if you were serious about just a nice relationship."

I crossed my arms. "It's quite an awkward question, you know."

"Yes, I know. It's a good idea to see how people perform under pressure. And you did...fine, I guess. So, next question: why are you here? What's your story?"

I rolled my eyes in anticipation. "Oh, this is a long one..."

I went into explaining how when I was raised in Piltover, it was difficult because everything magical I touched broke. I then went into the details about how I got the gauntlet I always wear when I was in self-imposed exile, which sort of got her to perk up, and by the time our food came, I had gotten to how I can cast magic by using the gauntlet.

As she bit into her sandwich, I saw her nodding in approval. Taking a biscuit and dipping it into the marmalade, I ate it quickly, still impressed by the sweet flavor and flaky texture. We ate in silence for a bit, and then he finished her sandwich, preparing to ask more questions. I was still working on my tea, though, sipping it silently.

"So, you're an exile of sorts?"

I shrugged. "Of sorts, precisely. Not being able to work with magical items is not quite a good ability to have in Piltover."

She leaned on the table a bit. "Well, at least you sort of get what it's like to be shunned."

I ate another biscuit. "Entirely. Before I met you, I always ate in that shadowy little corner in the cafeteria."

She smiled slightly. "You also had your nose all in one piece."

I laughed at her jibe. "Yeah, I guess! And you're a lot nicer than people tend to think."

She nodded and backed off the table. After I finished my biscuits, she decided to ask me one more question. "Hey, how strong are you?"

I sipped my tea again. "I drink tea and eat biscuits. If I were shorter, I'd most likely be about as weak as a Yordle. I can lift a bit of weight because I'm so large, but..."

She held her arm out over the table, the hand raised slightly. "C'mon, show me."

"Arm wrestling? I haven't done that in...well, ages."

I extended my left arm. "My gauntlet gives me a strength boost, so I hope you don't mind me using my normal arm. Are you ambidextrous?"

She put her left arm out, as well. "Yep."

We held hands, preparing for the wrestling match. The second I hit one, though, I could feel the hard smack of wood against flesh. It was over in a split second. And she hadn't even broken a sweat. I stared at my arm for a moment. "Ow..."

She laughed a bit. "Aw, don't worry, nothing's broken. Now, c'mon, I think it's about time you should get me home."

I took her hand. "Don't worry, no barfing on the way back. And also...you have a lovely laugh. You should laugh more outside the fields."

She smiled as we teleported outside her door, I opening it for her to walk through. As she went through, I peeked around. "So, any chance of another date?"

She looked at me, back to her sombre, old self. "Yeah, why not? But some place different. That sandwich was horrible."

I laughed as the door closed. Making my way back to the room, I prepared for a long, comfortable night's rest.

I'm not going to post the next chapter for a week or so. But until then, enjoy!

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


What a nice little date.

Though, I should remark that it was stated in a JoJ that Riven's gauntlet doesn't alter her physical strength in any way, and that it is simply a remnant of her Noxian armor. Granted, I had it act as a damage dampener in my fic to prevent her from crushing her own arm bones from the strength she's capable of unleashing. But it didn't increase her power at all.