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[Jaykoboy Fanfic] Accepting the Exile

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Heil Teemo

Senior Member


Hm. Well sure, why not? Could be fun.

But I'm not looking to be shipped. I want you to use my character (myself, I suppose) as Orianna's psychiatrist and social arranger. Use the name Lucas Harsh, or Dr. Harsh, and his personality is helpful, patient, and defensive should anyone else attempt to be hostile with Orianna. Gender is male and the length of the cameo should be... however long you can justify it. I'd prefer to be used more than once.

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Senior Member


ARG!!! im sad your writings are longer then my and more comical at times. This was, naturally, better than mine.


Oh well...I'll still keep writing but I do enjoy this story. I'm already interested in whats going to happen next.

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Senior Member


Thou shalt not touch the Institute's 'beef,' for if thy dost ignore this warning, thou hast condemned thyself to death at the hands of your own self.

I will continue to crack jokes about the horrible food there until the end of this fanfiction!

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


True Name: Ryugi "Kaz" Kazamaru (Summoner)
Alias: "The Crimson-Eyed Knight"
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Preferred Champion: Kaz prefers melee/weapon-oriented champions, believing close combat to be the truest form of battle-prowess available within the League of Legends. His current favorite is "Riven, the Exile" due to the fact that he feels a very strong connection with her. Some rumor he may even have a hidden attraction to her, a rumor that Kaz does his best to play off as simple here-say. Other top summons include "Shyvana, the Half-Dragon", "Garen, the Might of Demacia", "Xin Zhao the Seneschal of Demacia", "Jax the Armsmaster", and "Pantheon the Artisan of War."

Description: Kaz is a relatively easy-going individual. He's pleasant to be around, mostly extroverted, humble, and overall a good person, even if he can sometimes be prone to small practical jokes. He doesn't make waves and usually avoids conflict, but if one steps on his ideals or makes a mockery of someone he cares about, Kaz's inner flame causes him to be quick to rush to their defense. This quickness to rush to the aid of a friend has been witnessed in defense of Riven the Exile, which has given rise to the rumors of the young man's interest in the champion. On the Fields of Justice, however, Kaz is committed to defeating his opponents, but works WITH the champions rather than offering down commands.

As far as appearance, Kaz has red eyes and striking silver hair that is usually spiked backwards, save for a few bangs that hang down in front. He stands at 5'10" tall, and is usually seen wearing a royal blue Summoner's Robe with gold and silver trim. His personal motto is "Victoria propter honoris." or "Victory through honor." As such, he stays away from many champions in the League he sees as using less-than-honorable methods of combat. Outside of the usual summoner spells, and a vast collection of harmless cantrips, Kaz has the capability to summon and create weapons and armaments, as well as a limited control over the fire element. While hardly on par with Brand, Annie, or Irelia (for his weapons), Kaz is rather proud of his abilities, especially since the League halted most outside forms of magic training other than summoning spells since its founding.

Character Status: This I will leave up to you, Mister Author. Feel free to use him as you see fit. I have no real preference about how long you use him, or his significance to the story. On that note, I'll be considering making this the "Official Bio" for "myself" as far as stories or roleplaying are concerned. So, enjoy! I can't wait to see what you do with him. Also, let's add that he's one of the few that can stomach, and actually enjoys, the League's "cooking."

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I like that I'm inspiring you in these things. BTW, I started on the story with Jakob and Cassi.

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Senior Member


I like it. I seem to remember saying something about another one of these stories being productive, I'm happy to see it turned out so! Congratulations!

I especially like the synergy.

I'll read each chapter, trying to identify which forum-goers you insert based on their preferred female champion.

Ooo. That could be fun!

But as for a cameo...

Ryugi Kazamaru:
You know, to be honest, I never thought about giving myself a "true name."

You know, I never really considered giving myself a different sort of name. My youtube channel uses Belthazor3457, if anything "Belthazor" or another abbreviation would probably be my preference. Nice and simple.

Let's see... what kind of a character sheet can I drumb up inside of 10 minutes...

Mmmk. Belthazor or any other abbreviation is fine as a name.

I have no preference on a cameo length. I think that's always best left to the writer. Usually, at least.

As for affiliation? Well, for a while, I considered writing myself as an official summoner in the league in my other threads, but some more recent events have changed my mind on that note. I'd be an "Honorary summoner" of some appropriate rank, but Honorary, not an official member of the league directly. No arm tattoo, and I'm not employed by them.

I'm from a different planet, currently living in Noxus (but traveling around somewhat to see Runeterra. I'd want to see everywhere at least once, even Demacia), you know the rest already I believe.

I decided against being an official summoner and instead being an honorary one for a very specific reason, that would be the threads that showed up surrounding SOPA/PIPA and more recently ACTA. AK came up with a character sheet for me based on one of my threads against SOPA, so it's probably fitting if I go with that.

May we all remain ever vigilant in the face of oppression and tyranny, lest our freedoms be taken from us in our complacency. Remember SOPA!

Because of recent events, I think my proper title will be "Commissar Belthazor" or something along those lines. Something with a bit of a warhammer40k flare.

Ya know, I think people would know what I looked like if I bothered to post the hospital pictures somewhere. We took several. But the punchline is: 6ft, brown hair, green eyes. Hair's kept short.

I'd never put up with the mediocrity of the food served in the league. I didn't even put up with it when I was hospitalized. It's good to have buddies who care about you, people brought me food while I was there. I spent my thanksgiving in the hospital, and didn't take a bite of hospital food. If I ever wound up in the league cafeteria I would have brought my lunch with me.

Let's see... what else is there...

- Owns a seal of the inquisition ring
- Doesn't like wearing the commissar hat.
- Likes the commissar coat

That's all I can really think of right now.

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Grand Viper

Senior Member


Interesting so far, I must say your writing has improved significantly since the last one you wrote (I went and read it awhile back, I know alll your secrets!). Keep up the good work mate!

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Senior Member


I'll see what I can do about cameos in this one...I'll do them in order of request, of course. But anyways, day one of Jayko's attempts to woo Riven!

And failing miserably.

Chapter Two, Day One: A Rookie's Mistake

After I woke up in the morning with a horrible hangover and no socks, I rubbed my head gingerly. Somehow, I'd ended up in my room at the Institute...with many a scorch mark belying Hectare's teleporting skills. Sighing deeply, I made my way to the bathroom, washing myself off quickly and drinking another health potion. God, I was going through my supply fast; I'd have to send in for some more from the store next time I fought a round on the fields.

Looking through my drawers, I tried to find some clean clothing. There wasn't anything in my drawers, excluding a blue package that my parents had sent me a few months back. I'd moved out literally years ago, and they still insisted on making me clothing cheap. Of course, this was for my 28th birthday...might be even remotely special, maybe even not cheap. Pulling it out, it certainly didn't meet my normal expectations.

It was a dapper cloak, coming down to my heels; a perfect length. It was highlighted in golden stripes, shimmering softly in the lights. The navy blue and lighter shades weren't my normal style, but trying it on, they certainly suited me. Fitting my glasses on and combing my hair, I admired the cloak in the mirror, wondering how mother hadn't spoofed up this time.

As I looked at the back, I nearly fainted in terror. Sewn into it were the large, golden words 'My Little Summoner.' I blushed immediately. Fumbling around the room for something to cover it up, I found some scraps of leather I'd discarded when trying to make my gauntlet more comfortable for spellcasting. Using some magic, they easily elongated into adventurer's padding, covering up the embarassing sigil and even giving me an even more rugged look. Satisfied, I made my way outside, ready to ask Riven on a date of some kind.

Making my way to the cafeteria, I prepared for breakfast. Adopting my normal space was out of the question; in my new clothing, almost everyone was looking at me. I could practically see some of them thinking 'Who the bloody hell is that guy?'

Seeing nowhere open to sit, I made my way to Riven's table, which was, as usual, desolate. Taking my porridge (Again, as chewy and tasteless as everything else they served there) I sat down and began to eat slowly. She didn't notice me...or at least didn't acknowledge my existence. Because, honestly, why acknowledge someone you knocked out only the other day?

I was about to pop the simple question when she suddenly got up and left, not bothering to finish her food. That, she dumped quickly into the trashcan. As the small flames provided by Brand in the basement incinerated the food, she made her way to the door, only barely stopped by a suave, silver-haired summoner. They talked for a moment, the summoner between her and the door, and I was about to intervene. I should've known better than to try and intervene with her problems. Before I was within ten feet, there was a brief movement of her leg, and the summoner keeled over, clutching a relatively sensitive area. She walked out, not giving him a second glance.

Rushing over to his side, I slipped out a tiny health potion, my last one, and gave him a drop of it. Although it took a couple of minutes, he stopped his placement in the fetal position, and forced himself to stand up. He nodded to me. "Thanks for that. I should've known better."

I rolled my eyes. "Everyone should know better by now. She knocked me out the other day."

He gave me a inquisitive look. "Why would she do that?"

Shrugging, I walked away. "Call me if you need help again, man. My name's Jay."

"Well, mine's Kaz. I'll see you around; try not to get hurt by anyone too badly."

I laughed, even though I knew it was all too true. Making my way down the corridor, I tried to chase after Riven again, catching up to her in a moment. She heard my heavy footsteps on the marble, turning around to face me. She looked at me with an urgent face. "What's the matter, Summoner? Am I needed for a match?"

I came to a stop before her, clutching my knees to catch my breath. After a moment, I stretched up. "No, madam. No matches that I'm aware of."

She nodded professionally. "Good." With that, she began to walk away again.

"Wait!" I called out, hoping to get her to stop. Slightly to my chagrin, she did. Giving me a glare, she said nothing. I trembled slightly.

"Um...er...I know this nice place in Piltover. Would you...like to go grab some biscuits with me there sometime?"

She didn't even think. "No."

She turned and walked away. I caught up to her quickly, barely keeping pace with her fast stride. "Why not? I've been thinking of summoning you recently, and I--"


I paused for a moment. "Well, what about--"


I sighed. "Fine. I give up. May I at least watch you practice your swordsmanship?"

"You get enough of it on the fields. No."

There was no getting through to her. "I haven't gotten to see you unlimited, though. May I, please?"

She thought for a moment. "Sure. It might give you second thoughts about trying to ask me to this cafe of yours."

I smiled. "So, it's a date?"

She walked away, towards the training chambers. Shrugging, I took it as a 'yes.'
"Doesn't count, man."

I'd met up with Hectare after the short training session with Riven. Over the duration, she sliced up thirty dummies, ten of them with a single slice from her blade, the other twenty with one wind slash. It was frightening, true, but nothing to dissuade me. Feeling like two wasn't enough for our situation, I also invited Kaz, to give his appraisal on the situation.

Turning to him in desperation, I gave him my best puppy-dog eyes. Which don't exactly work when you're looking down on someone. "C'mon, I won the bet, didn't I?"

He shook his head, as well. "No, as far as I see it, you didn't go on a 'date' with her. You watched her train. It wasn't even both of you; maybe if you'd fought alongside her, I'd count it, but as of now, no."

Sighing deeply, I looked to both of them. "Will you at least pay the tab? I haven't fought enough matches to keep my tab up."

Kaz eagerly pulled out his goldpurse, sliding across a few pieces to Singed. "Don't worry, man. You'll get through this."

I lay my head on the bar. "No, I probably won't." They continued drinking up their tab, supplied with plenty of alcohol from Singed, while I remained melancholy, drunk in my own sorrow. This was going to be a long, long week...

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


Delightfully amusing. Poor Kaz got the boot treatment. I wish I knew why. After all, he would treat the lady with the respect and admiration she deserves, especially since I'm certain Kaz would be in awe of her fine swordsmanship. He'd probably be jealous that you got to see her train as well. Food for thought perhaps...

In any case, it was thoroughly enjoyable. =D

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Heil Teemo

Senior Member


Worth the thumb's up for the humor. Turning poor Brand into the cafeteria's incinerator seems like an awful fate.