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The Whims of Mortals [Xerath]

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Part 1 - Sealing

Light blinded him, and as the structure collapsed, any piece that would have otherwise crushed him was instead disintegrated in an instant by the sheer amount of energy around him. The dark temple chamber had lost all sense of texture, all sense of realism. Finding himself standing in the white room he wondered if perhaps the spell had backfired. He heard a cry behind him and he spun to see Tabia, tears streaming down her face. Approaching her, and extending a hand, the women did not move, but the man came no closer...

Looking at his extended hand it caught aflame. It was a fire that had been with him during his studies, one that did not burn his flesh, and could be manipulated in any way that his mind could bend it. However...this instance was different. His flesh began to turn red and blister, it began to peel off, and as it did so the flame grew larger. Attempting to back away, a wall impeded his progress. No...it wasn't a wall...the mage had lost his ability to move. Frozen solid, as the flame grew larger around him, sparks began to snake towards the women, fading inches from her face. She only stood there...

"I could have...protected you. Why did you let me die?" Her eyes pierced into him, terror, fear, guilt, endless emotions tore at his body as the flames consumed his flesh. Pieces of bone revealed themselves, and began to dissolve into a blue mist, teeming with arcane energy, sparking in all directions. With a horrifying yell, all the energy inside of him burst out, and the last thing he saw was the women consumed in flames, before everything went dark.

Xerath awoke...the destruction around him had breached a hole from the bottom level of the temple, to the surface, where bits of sunlight shown through the cracks. The world seemed to be seen through new eyes. Even minute energy of hand prints belonging to individuals long gone, revealed themselves to him. His body seemed weightless, his body made purely of raw energy, he began to hover. Mastery of the arcane arts made movement incredibly easy, no longer held down by the weight of bodily organs or a skeleton. He raised his arm admiring his work, and noticed the hand seeping out from the rubble.


Xerath's body fell to the ground and began to spark wildly, energy spraying out as his emotions went wild. Footsteps could be heard moving quickly down the stairs to the chamber, the murmuring of voices. Xerath lay on the floor attempting to control himself.

You killed her. She loved you. You loved her. It's all your fault. It's all your fault. It's all your fault.

A burst of energy sprayed out as he screamed, the energy attempting to form the sound, but without any control only bright lights were erupting forth. He lifted his head slightly to see several hooded mages coming forth, blasting rubble with different elements to move through, before stopping in a line before Xerath. One mage was kneeled before Tabia's revealed body, with a hand over her. A buzzing could be heard, before he stood up and nodded to the others. "She's dead, and he has lost control...take your positions." Convulsing madly, arcane continued to spray from his body as the Shurima Priests formed a ring around him. Barriers around each of them deflected a great deal of the arcane power, but their robes began to singe. "Begin the sealing process." A sphere of energy began to form, originating from the outstretched palms of the priests.

The arcane energy became confined, upon hitting the barrier it could only circle around it before returning to Xerath's body. The room began to shake as Xerath began to regain control, trying to plead with the Priests, though he could only muster syllables at a time. A wall behind one of the priests crumbled as a massive sarcophagus came forth, floating upright inches across the floor, and approaching Xerath. The Priests stepped to the sides and extended the barrier to wrap around the artifact, and as it opened whips of energy sprayed from the inside, able to resist the energy surging from him, he was dragged slowly across the ground, burn marks across the stone beneath him that glowed a faint azure.

Xerath's body became upright, being dragged against the back of the sarcophagus, unable to break free. Facing outwards, the coffin began to seal itself as the barrier faded. The last image available to him, was one of the mages lifting the body of Tabia. Word of sealing the tomb reached him, but the artifact sealed itself around him, as darkness overwhelmed his senses.

Part 2 - Alone in the Dark

It was the right thing to do... Wasn't it? His quest for power...she should have supported him, not tried to hold him back...

It's all your fault.

A spark of light illuminated the sarcophagus briefly, before fading. Whatever the artifact was, it was suppressing enough of his body he couldn't materialize a form with his arcane abilities. If...if only she hadn't tried to stop him... If his ritual had simply happened without interference, she would still be alive. He could give her the world in more ways than she could ever dream of. Than any of them could dream of.

She was afraid of you.

Afraid...of me. No...I was following a quest for power that only I could achieve...the rest of them were weak. They didn't understand anything. This was the natural next step in the evolution of our people. The things he could learn, the power he could control. He could have helped them all.

You killed her.

Another light revealed itself. It was all her fault...She became attached to him, and brought it down onto herself. The risks involved were to high for someone at such a pathetic level to...

No...she wasn't pathetic...why did he think that?

You loved her.

Calm down...Calm down...Soon enough...they'll release me, they'll understand. I'm under control. She thought she could heal me, but I didn't need healed. They all thought I needed healed, but I don't. I'm...better as ever. Disease, age, starvation. All the afflictions that stunted mortal development were a thing of the past. Weeks had passed in his confinement, and he felt no different.

They're not coming to get you. You killed one of them.

It was an accident...I didn't kill her...the structure was collapsing, I tried...I tried...

You were weak.

I was not weak...

She was weaker.


All mortals are weak.


You're better off without her.

But...I loved her...

You're better off without anyone.


She would have only held you back.

She put her faith into me...

In return, you killed her.


It's all your fault. It's all your fault.

Stop it...it was an accident...

It's all your fault. It's all your fault. It's all your fault. It's all your fault.

Illumination filled the sarcophagus as Xerath let loose a scream, the sarcophagus contained it, but not without a weakening in the barrier. As the scream receded, the light faded...and Xerath rested.

I'm better...off alone.

Part 3 - Epiphany

Years have passed in Xerath's isolation. His thoughts have since failed him. Power is the only thing on his mind. Tabia is but a forgotten memory. Revenge on the priests, beneath him. Their frail bodies had long since been buried.

"Mortals...are beneath me." The sarcophagus had been illuminated for nearly four years, Xerath's mastery of his Arcane power had weakened the barrier over the three hundred years he remained encased.

"The only thing true in this world, is power, and those who wield it." Xerath had long since lost his ability to feel emotion. Cutting off fear, love, sadness, pain, anger, and anything else that could be connected to 'Humane'.

It's all your...

"I don't care."

They left you here to die.

"Death is no concern to me. Their weak bodies long since gave out. I have no reason to care for those priests anymore."

What will you do now?

"I will continue my quest. The world has probably changed significantly over the years. Perhaps there are those who know magic that I have yet not practiced."

How will you find these people?

"Those with true power do not flaunt it, but those with common goals cross paths at one point, or another."

What if they are the same as the priests? Afraid?

Xerath pondered this. As powerful a barrier as the one that had imprisoned him, the world may have grown a great deal, though so did he. "No such mortal shall ever impede my progress again." A humming noise echoed from the sarcophagus, and pieces began to splinter off. Azure light pierced the darkness of the sealed chamber, and Xerath continued to channel raw power outward from his solidified form. The doors split, and the line separating the two halves revealed itself as the sarcophagus enlarged, unable to hold the power he was released.

Silence...light filled the room, pure energy filling every cavity, preventing the creation of sound.

"I will be free!"

Two firey red eyes appeared from within the sarcophagus, and as they did so the roof of the repaired structure blew force once more, with greater force than preceding his sealing all those years ago. The sarcophagus burst out, pieces embedded themselves in the thick stone walls from the sheer force of the explosion. The energy poured upwards, destroying everything it came in contact with, and leaving a powerful imprint of the energy upon all it touched. Sunlight burst forth as the energy spilled out into the sky. The temple was collapsing around him as Xerath's pure form began to hover towards the sky. His arms and legs outstretched, another explosion of energy leveled the area, blowing miles of sand outwards, making a massive dune to form a ring. Looking across the land Xerath could detect some traces of magic still in place. Looking down, the splintered pieces of the sarcophagus began to rattle about and shot up towards his arcane form.

Covering his body in unconnected pieces, the barrier attempting to reform itself, but it was in a considerably weakened state. Having used a great deal of his power to break free, he was unable to remove the leftover pieces, but managed to shape them to his fitting. Creating a helmet and several guards across his body, Xerath manipulated the barrier's power to simplify his stabilized form.

Xerath floated over the dunes, and hovered inches across the ground. Anyone who had been in this area had long since vanished, and no trace of civilization, besides the temple ruins behind him, held any promise that they would be of any use to them. Xerath began to drift forward, taking his time.

"Time...a mortal creation. Something that no longer controls me." Xerath let loose a laugh floating gently across the ground. "Now...where will I find...more power."

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Grand Viper

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Xerath, one of my favorite ap mids and a well done story about him to boot! Nice job man!

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Bump for Xerath Love :3

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Great story :3 Hi5

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Zakur the Bright

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Nice, I love Xerath. If only there was more about him...

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Very well done my good sir! I love Xerath myself! I need to know though, did you include the love story portion because that is all people really care to read about on these forums, or was it for some other reason?

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The love story portion was there mainly to give him a distinct tie to humanity, something powerful, a bond, that would have potentially kept him from his quest, and that in breaking that connection how he's truely ascended past the need for mortal feelings.

Though I do agree, all the fanfics with lots of readers are either fluff fics, ships, or about Riven. I wish people would expand their horizons in both what they write and read =/

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Keaton Lee

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That was fab :] I really liked it.

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Ler Bump

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