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Are you a substandard player or not?

Yes, I play based on what other people tell me. 1 25%
No, I use my own ability and take consideration of others opinions. 3 75%
Voters 4 .

Looking for group

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Hello summoners,

I’m not necessarily new to the scene, joined the League around October of 2010 and I’ve seen my fair share of defeat. I’m looking to join a competitive team, but not one that runs by standard rules.

A definition of what I’m looking for in a group:
I DO NOT want to join a group with any of the following – (I’ll explain my reasoning after the list)

Surrender at 20
Belief that the game ALWAYS has to have the standard meta
RAGE (This is probably the single most destructive aspect of the game)
People that believe they can play every role

As for the explanation of each of these I’ll go through them as they were stated.

People who believe a game is lost don’t believe in win scenarios. They are the type of person that gives up in life, the same type of person that destroys the team spirit and drags people down with them. I disapprove of surrendering at 20 and I believe any game is possible to win IF AND ONLY IF the team agrees not to give up and use each other’s strength to overcome the difficulty. In every game there are those people that believe wholeheartedly they are head and shoulders above other players, unfortunately for them League of Legends is a TEAM GAME. Realize that not only can a person “carry” a team, but they can’t necessarily do it alone. An example of believing in a no win situation is understanding the disadvantage, believing in a solution, communicating ideas and strategy, executing the plan. A game can be won not by skill but by deception as well. Using a teammate as a decoy to bait in a fight is a strategy, backdooring may be considered vile by players but guess what, it is also a strategy. You can’t beat down a wall made of solid stone with a spoon, but you can dig under it or work around it. No one says you have to smash your head against it and that is precisely why I believe in no win situations and that surrendering is for the weak of heart, you might as well commit suicide because you fail so hard to give up without trying.

Probably the worst thing to have is a team/person that believes in a single team composition and trying to apply that to every game. The person who believes in the standard Solo top bruiser / AP mid / jungler / ad bot and support is the same person who will willingly surrender at 20. There are enough people out there to understand my reasoning behind this, ranked games you want to play a specific type of champion but someone has already “claimed it” so you get stuck playing a champion you are far less skilled with and end up throwing the game (probably the same reason you decide you want to rage quit/feed). So how do you solve this problem? You implement the unusual the unconventional and because you do you upset the order. Prime example of a situation like this is understanding the champions as a whole as well as having experience actually playing most of them to understand their own limitations. When in lane you are posed with 3 situations, the opponent is the obvious one yes, but the other situations to consider are possible ganks, teleporting teammates, globals, missing lane opponents, junglers, towers, and probably the most widely overlooked aspect: MINIONS! You know what they say about something small can’t do anything to a strong force, but lump a ton of them together and they will wreck shop. Anyways, my point with this would be that I believe the game is evolutionary and that throwing in a wrench every now and then can both be fun and rewarding. The exact same reason people enjoy custom games more than normal games is because people play what they want they don’t follow the pathetic standard like sheep. (Think outside the box for crying out loud!)

RAGE is destructive… it demoralizes the team and puts everyone in a bad mood. I admit I learned how to deal with this situation the hard way, but now that I have a solution I no longer have the problem of making simple mistakes. Keeping a cool head in a game is a sure way to make informed decisions and come out ahead of your opponent. Now, my philosophy on this situation is twofold. First, a person needs to understand there are times where you can’t always control what happens, these are the outliers the unpredictables, because face it you’re not playing against computers and the person on the other side is thinking just the same as you are, “How can I kill this guy.” The second is ACCEPT RISKS! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see a team back out of a fight you’ve initiated. Yes, failing to win is disappointing but not trying in the first place is even worse. I’m not saying play a game full of risks, just accept that the game has risks and that sometimes you can’t control what happens. I understand that communication without voicing it beforehand is very difficult that’s why I try to make use of pings and suggesting possible enemy locations before I move that way. Unfortunately many players believe in a very VERY VERY! Passive game play where exploration and opportunities are supposed to magically fall into their lap. Yes there are instances where the opposing players will be caught out of position and find themselves in trouble, but why wait for that when you can make the situation occur more often than the possible outlier. So back to the understanding of rage, since we know there is the unpredictable and that you need to take/accept risks as part of the game rage should be dealt with by NOT GETTING ANGRY AT YOUR TEAM. Best way to deal with this I’ve found is to mute my microphone and wait it out till I feel better. A lot of the time you fuel your own fire and dragging people down with you doesn’t help the team in the slightest. Although I say this the reverse is true BY ALL MEANS DO NOT BLAME YOUR TEAM/TEAMMATE. How pathetic are you to blame other people for ruining a game. Constructive criticism or simply telling a player to wait in the back till the fights initiated to jump in is way better than saying their the reason the team is losing. If the said person is the initiator suggest then that they WAIT till every single player is together before initiating. There are those people that tend to start fights believing their team has the upper hand because of their inexperience in judging team strength. Simply put they overpredict the ability of individual players and place their own standards of understanding on the individual players champion alone instead of the items/skill level/ summoner spells/ position on the map/ as well as underpredict the opponents aspects of the same degree. Not taking into account that an opponent is never alone and misreading the surrounding environment (i.e. there are 2 enemies in the vicinity instead of 1) can cost you the game. Best solution for this is contribute to the team productively, suggest possible ganks, positions, and what a player would do to kill someone like ult in flash out etc (best done through a voice program) but that falls into another discussion entirely. The fact is RAGE destroys the team composition, overall flow of the team spirit, judgments of teammates, expectations, and above all it destroys your OWN gameplay. Sure people can RAGE up to get empowered to fight, but that type of rage is different from an online game where brute force doesn’t really apply to a keyboard and mouse.

Now I may sound hypocritical in this sense but I do believe I can play every role, but on the same accord I’m more of a jack of all trades instead of a single dealer. Yes I do have some strong champions I can play, but overall I tend to always fill in the role no one else can. For the most part I am the subpar carry, the support, the subpar jungler, and the somewhat tanky tank (if that makes any sense to nonsensical people). Yes there are people that don’t necessarily fill a single specific role and I would believe myself to be one of those people that can’t necessarily specialize in anything. Prime example of people who believe they CAN fill every role are those people that never play support or decide to play support ad carry sona… ok I understand where you’re going with this but PLEASE for the love of god you have a role on the team, FILL IT. One of the strongest lessons I learned is to stick to your position on the team (learned that on WoW when I tried to off heal my teammates cause we were dropping in an instance. They told me stick to my role so I let the idiot Death Knight die AGAIN and we managed to pull off a victory. I let the healer heal and I made sure to take my role seriously and that is why when I say DO YOUR JOB you better be sure to deliver) If the team comp is an unconventional one then it’s an exception but if you are a DESIGNATED support then you better *** **** well play your support and let the AD CARRY in your lane be the AD CARRY. This is probably my strongest peeve with players because of my one friend who can play the strongest AP carry but insists he can play every role. I’m sorry, but what you believe is wrong, you play a terrible tank, you play a very very very bad support (and that’s not just from me that’s from every friend we play with since we’re usually playing as a team and we’re all friends), you play a terrible jungler since you never gank or you give up before you even try. This guy complains about every aspect of the game whether it be his laning partner, counter jungled, the fact that the team can’t carry cause the ******* ad sona (his champion) has stolen almost every kill and left the actual carries with support cash to buy watered down final builds, and the terrible assumption that he is invincible. I can’t stand and don’t care to play with anyone with an attitude that demoralizes the team, blames the team, and a person who is incapable of understanding that they themselves are creating more problems for the team as a whole.

Ok… so I could explain this more but you’ve probably become bored/stopped reading and skipped to the bottom. Point I’m making is NO WIN situations are impossible if the team gives up. Hope is alive if you believe in it and working to find that solution is the fun part. If you like your substandard play and don’t care for my obvious rant on video game semantics, strategy, and teamwork then go play with your substandard partners because guess what, there are plenty of other players that think the same way you do I’m just looking to find a few that think like me.

I’m looking to be a part of the season 2 championship if possible so if there are 5’s team looking for a player I’m more than willing to join up. My friends are far from perfect and I believe they’ve given up on trying to become any better. I’ve yet to give up and I **** well don’t want to surrender at 20 anymore. Send me a friend request (AND ACTUALLY MESSAGE ME) whats the point of friending if you don’t care to play, Send me a skype request only if you’re serious about playing competitively, and please don’t think I’m a hardass when it comes to other people cause I’m really only like this when I type. I’m the type of person that won’t tell you to their face you’re a ******* just kind of smile and nod.

http://www.own3d.tv/live/83375 If you care to watch.