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Morello what is your take on soraka bot lane.

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Ok so from your standard a healer/support is not supposed to farm at all. Supposed to give all the cs to a "carry" of some sort. Correct? So whats the difference if I farm a lane to get my support items faster to help push the lanes. Instead of 1 person carrying and being a hero, I help Support a TEAM to victory by getting my items faster. I never said I was an AP carry. YOU SAID I WAS AP CARRY. I said I bought those items to support my team end game where pushing towers with a negative kill score is gonna matter.

Remember you can have 20-30 kill score and still win a game. Why its all about the towers buddy. If we have all the towers and you have 2 towers down...we win. You can have as many kills as you like but if were all evenly doing our part and ace the enemy team not based on 1 person being able to DPS each person down but by the entire team working together as a unit (or squad based tactical unit) then we win. Your thinking to square bro. Broaden your horizons and open your mind up to the fact that a support doesnt have to just heal and give something to work. A support is not just an AD carries "heal *****". In my case its the TEAMS -magic resist bring/healer/soft cc on a major nuke. Your saying im just a healer. The way I see it soraka brings more to the table then just a heal.

Edit: Oh and soraka can be just as offensive as any other character...11/2/6 Not ap carry was totally support. Quadra kill only help I had was a tank. who btw didnt do much damage at all. I had philosphers stone, boots of lucidity, abyssal scepter, thornmail. I just knew how to use my kit to win.

For the 50th time you are playing and building her as an AP solo laner, not as a support. You do not understand what is being referred to when we say support. We are talking about yes, a 0cs bottom laner whose job is to help the carry get farmed safely. Not go to some other lane, farm for 30 minutes, and *then* support the carry/team. Those are not the same things at all.