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Sanguine Gorilla Zombies

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We are a multi gaming genre clan called sGz. We started out in fps and found League of Legends by chance. We have been playing for about a year now and want to expand. We need more league friends. Sometimes our teamspeak is empty, and we want it FULL. We are designing a website and we have approximately 17 people in our "clan."
If you're interested in playing with some serious summoners, or are looking for some people to clown around with, then sGz is your key to FUN!
All we require is a good attitude and an emphasis for competitive gaming! come see the Sanguine Gorilla Zombies (sGz) in action @ ta01.gameservers.com:9128
Use your summoner name as your teamspeak name and we'll all hook up and have fun!

Remember ta01.gameservers.com:9128

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i bump this thread and approve this message
were a cool group of guys with normal lives with all ages all over the planet looking to broaden our numbers.
like to chill with good guys do in house games have tournaments than come give sgz a try. get a mic, download teamspeak 3 and join now. if you dont small kittens will be buried and some hobo will have a lawnmower. dont let that happen please.