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Long-time player looking to get into 3 v 3s

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Hi guys. I started playing this game over a year ago, and only played TT until about level 25. The map taught me a lot, like how important initiation is (getting to bottom bush to gank taught me first strike was everything in team fights). Since then I've only played SR. I feel like I'm going to be playing SR a lot less and I'd like to see if anyone here is a good TT player that would want to team up. I have good reflexes and sense. I'm ranked on SR, albeit only having a top elo of 1346 (hoping to get to 1500, of course ). Anyway, if anyone wants to play with someone that can play to win, add me. I'd like someone that's willing to teach me a bit about the map, such as jungling and what-not. I learn fast and capitalize on what I learn.


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Hello bro,
I'm just like you, I started playing SR basically when I got lvl 30 and didn't have any friend to play TT with anymore (my friends got bored of TT and I started enjoying SR).

So I think I have potential to be a 1500 player too, but I still don't have the courage of playing ranked (will start playing soon), but I know a lot of the game, and a lot of the map, so add me and we play some matches together and we see what we do after that.