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Champion thoughts and creations

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for the last year and a bit i have been playing this game know to many as "league" "LoL" or league of legends.... anyways, i have been thinking of diffrent types oof characters... and they all seem to be actully ballacned and a great champion that i know i would love to play......the first one i will be sharing is the Fighting frenchmen a melee carry tank, to start off he has the basic stats 60 ad 0 ap 320 movement speed 0.9 attack speed, 35 armour adn 30 magice resistance..and 570 hp his passive allows him and all allied units to see all enemy champs for the first 5 seconds of anyone on your allied team dieing...his Q Duelist:is a melee taunts u where he smacks u with his left glove causing 60,120,180,240,300 per level damage with all his attack damage added ontop. then his W Confidance is a passive active the passive adds 1 armour and magic resistance perminatly and 3 health perminatly and marks enime champs for 10 seconds but doesnt allow vision into bush, the active takes 4% of his max health all of his magic and armour an his bonus damage not base and adds that to 30,60,90,120,150 per level, the next is E Fredomfighter where a biplane comes and drops 5 explosive aoes that silence anyone hit for 3 seconds and slows all enemy targets, if the mark is placed on them insted of slowing it stuns for half the duration and the silence is doubled.. for his R never surrender, its a 5 second channel when he sits down pulls out a pistol adn firs itinot the air at a targted enemy champ if he is marked for the shot will instantly kill the enemy champ if not marked will do damaged based on health missing and the higher resistances they have the more damage it does the ability can be taunted knocked up, back or around to stop it and makes the frenchmen hvae zero resistances untill out of the 5 second ultimate..........if you have read this and would like to see this character refered to riot plz help me in anyway possiable