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I would like idea's of how to play nidalee such as jungle

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Senior Member


you can really jungle anyone if you try...

She is fairly hard to jungle up until level 6, when she becomes extremely efficient.
she also has her passive, which makes her a faster jungler than some.

jungle nid is ad nid,
so get generic cloth armor+5hpot start
build to wriggles then continue with generic ad nid.

Get your e 1st for the heal and the attack speed bonus.
get your w 2nd for the 80 dmg at lv1
then get e,q for the gank at level 4

take generic blue jungling route,(blue,wolves,wraith,golems,red)
and gank at 4 and then recall and continue jungling till 6 then gank again and by then jungling will be pretty self explanitory.

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Sagee Prime

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if you start heal you need a really hard leash. instead start traps and setup a big mine field of traps around golem. Then you need to lure golem into each trap slowly and only have him run into the next trap after both ticks go by(traps do not tic on activation). then you start ranking heal after you kill golem.

Jungle Nidalee isn't that great and she needs her ult to be of any real threat since she lacks CC.