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How to Dominate with Sejuani

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Hello Imortatechnique here with a quick way you can use sejuani very effectively.

From from level 1 we begin

!st Unlock the 1st spell called Arctic Assault this spell is very affective at close range or far

to use this spell at level one when tanking with Sejuani go to bottom lane with ur team at the

beginning of the match you will see a peice of grass use your Q ( arctic assault ) over it

REMEBMER: all way know what ur opposites are capable of and level one noticing the

loading screen and there item in the game really make her a effective champion

effectivly useing Sejuani threw the levels from 1-18

as a tank and kinda a mage in my opinion Sejuani is a very affect tank that can charge at

her target and freeze them there useing these three spell in a combo together will make u

become a dominant force on the battlefield

1st use Nothern winds 2nd use ur Arctic Assault 3rd permafrost

my reason for this combo

noticing champion seeing sejuani running after them they flash using the nothern winds

will make them become slowed then u can use ur arctic assault freezing them in place

then after you hit them use ur permafrost to make them become stuck and u can ur Allie

teamate can kill them getting a assist or a kill can change sejuani's playing style

also remember ur a tank and u can take alot of damage ( remember use def tree)

noticing there allie is dieing a champion mite come in to gank right?

here is a perfect combo for that gank

noticing the gank use ur northen winds to slow the ganker and hurt him then use ur

permafrost to hold him there as the other champion tries to escape death use ur

Arctic Assault . as soon as u notice that the escapeing emeny is out of range for ur

Actic assault use ur Q and hit the ganker to push them away just in cause the escape

champion becomes brave and rushes in to kill u also make use u have alot of defense

this can work wonderfully if u have over 200 def before level 12 and under 10 i

recommend that u have at least 130


escaping ganks when soloing

noticing a gank is very quick and if u dont act quick u could be dead

flash is one of the most commonly used spells to go over walls to escape this

but sejuani has he only little surprise in storm for them

once again this is a combo using ur Q followed by your W then E if u have it use ur ultima because it can stun 1 or more enemies for 1-2 seconds

junglei guide

this is not saying sejuani is or can be this is only for killing the sertain monsters for there aurora

after becoming leve 11+ l head top of jungle past the dragon there will be a monster with a green auora cirlceing around it body

this is very good for senjuani in the early game mode if u want to take risks its increases the heal

later on you mite think that u want to perform dish out more damage but dont want the items

head in the middle of the jungle

standing alone will be a rat creature kill it and u get 3 minutes + of attack damage

also please notice if you die the person who kills you gets the aura and make sure u dont attack the middle monster to soon or you could die

good team plan for senjuani if you have friend get Ashe with he this can be a devastating carbonation because both of the champions can

freeze you

one good strategic plan i found out is when you enemy is running let Ashe slow him then u combo your spells if the champion gets away Ashe can make him be stuck again

Dont we all hate the people who run under there tower prolonging a game?

well im here with the awnser for that

this is only for senjuani at 13+ make sure she has great armor 200+ if u notice that the champion is weak and u think u can take him or her out very easily

use ur Q,W,E as soon as u hit it make sure he runs out to get health as he is gone attack the tower and then he or her cannot be defended

Just remember summoner the Best Play is the one that notice there surroundings

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Troy L Jenkins

Senior Member


Interesting for very new people, but isnt twisted treeline specific.

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shyv laughs

though good guide i guess