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[YOUSO1337 FANFICTION] The Dragon of Desolation (Leona-centric + OC)

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Especially that Leona/Lux combo. I can't believe the dragon had been slain. It was like I had seen the greatest movie of all time!

Best story I have ever read.

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Finally finished the epilogue. Unfortunately, since my Youso1337 account got nuked by Riot, I have to post it here. Of course, I'll also be posting it on fanfiction.net, so be sure to check it out here.

I hope you guys won't be disappointed by the conclusion.


Epilogue: Ritual

Orin brit ro…

In the dragon tongue, it meant "a fully beautiful balance". To the Dovah, it was a phrase often used for irony.

To Plagueis, the phrase itself was not quite so apt, considering his circumstances. But its meaning was…

It seemed like only a short while ago to him that he had been ruler of all he surveyed. No one had ever questioned his rule, be they mortal or dragon. But one sour battle against a mortal champion and all that he knew had been ripped away.

More than a millennium had passed since his days as the Dragon King, time during which his kin had been hunted down and slaughtered by the lesser races. He could only feel the life force of a few of his kind still out in Valoran.

And now he, the mightiest of the dragons, was about to be made into a mindless slave to the humans, who had once been slaves to the Dovah.

'Ironic' would be putting it lightly. The situation was almost akin to some bad comedy. And Plagueis was not one for such humor.

The dragon's glowing golden eyes fixated on the violet-haired sorceress who strode before him, some twenty-or-so meters away, protected by a white magical barrier. Other Summoners around her busily brought in materials for a great spell. Plagueis had no illusions as to the spell's purpose; the sorceress planned to pick up where the lich Karthus had failed.

His eyes narrowed as he gazed upon Vessaria's smug smile as she spoke with another Summoner. The woman then turned to Plagueis, noticing his stare.

"You have something you wish to say, dragon?" Vessaria said with a slight mockery in her tone. When Plagueis said nothing, Vessaria added, "Now whatever happened to that grandiose rhetoric of yours?"

"Your grahmindol, stratagem, is clever, sorceress… Yeessss… Yet you shall achieve nothing from it."

"I was almost starting to miss that insufferable pride of yours. You underestimate what we are capable of, former king. You always have underestimated 'mortals', as you call us."

"I see your kind for what it is… sorceress. Arrogant, grasping, deceitful… Always seeking to acquire that which is beyond your reach… Yeessss…"

"Spare me your long-winded theatrics. I've heard enough of it to last the rest of my life. Of course, you won't be around for that day. Once we are finished here, all that will remain of the great Dragon King will be an empty, mindless husk, one that will be at the beck and call of the Summoners of the Institute of War. You, and the rest of your kind, will belong to us. And with the might of dragons to enforce our laws, Valoran will know a peace it hasn't known for centuries."

A moment passed before Plagueis suddenly began breaking out in laughter.

"Dovah zaamu wah jul? And I believed you arrogant before, sorceress. Were you not a miserable speck before me, I would have almost mistaken you for a Dovah."

"Laugh while you still can. I'll be the one who laughs last."

Turning away from Plagueis, Vessaria then said to Summoner Verge, "Is everything ready? I'd like to get this done with soon so I never again have to listen to this… beast's pontificating."

"Nearly everything is in place, High Councilor," Verge replied.

"Good. Let me know when you are– what?"

Vessaria turned as she saw the white barrier suddenly darken slightly. More than darkening, she saw a swell of black energy ripple through the shield from one of the outlying nexus crystals. The barrier crackled as it began to destabilize.

Immediately Vessaria turned to Verge and said, "What's happening?"

Verge at first did not know what Vessaria meant, but soon caught on as he saw the dark energy coursing through the barrier. Immediately he turned to one of his assistants and shouted, "Stabilize the crystals, now!"

The apprentices quickly rushed to the nexus crystals and began channeling their magic into it. But just as quickly as they did, another of the crystals began to leak the black energy.

Angrily, Vessaria shouted at Verge, "I thought you said the field was stable!"

"It was! I checked it myself an hour ago! Everything was in order!"

Suddenly, another Summoner's voice shouted through the cave, "B-Brelyna, what are you doing?! Stop! STOP!"

The panicked cry was followed by a crackle of lightning as destructive magic struck one of the nexus crystals, cracking it. The caster of the spell, Apprentice Brelyna, giggled crazily as she turned to a second crystal.

"It will be done, my liege, eheeheehee…!" Brelyna said, clearly out of her mind.

Vessaria immediately shouted, "Subdue her!"

Two Adjudicators rushed at the apprentice, but failed to reach her before she sent another bolt of lightning into a second nexus crystal, causing it to crack. The barrier began to waver and distort as its magic went haywire. Before Brelyna could continue, the Adjudicators were upon her, knocking her down with their staves.

Despite the beating she was given, Brelyna continued laughing insanely as she said, "You cannot stop him… he is inexorable… Fweeheeheeheehaha!"

Vessaria winced as she saw the look of insanity on the girl's face. The High Councilor had hand-picked the girl a year earlier for her talents to be a Summoner, and she had shown such promise. She had no idea what could have driven her to this.

But then it clicked in. Immediately she turned in horror to the dragon, who roared as his power collected around him. Dark draconic magic crackled around his decaying body as he wrestled with the chains of magic binding his limbs and neck.

"Daar Lein los diil Suleyksejun! Joor kah fen kos viikaan!"

"STOP HIM!" Vessaria shouted, readying a spell.

Vessaria sent lightning from her fingertips to strike Plagueis through the barrier, eliciting a roar of anger from the dragon. Plagueis thrashed violently in his prison, pulling with all his strength against the chains of magic binding him. The sound of straining magic and men's shouts filled the poisoned air of the dragon's den.

But only a moment later, Vessaria watched in dismay as Plagueis wrenched back and shattered the chain binding his neck. Immediately the dragon turned to a weak section of the barrier, and dark fire spewed from his maw. The Summoners near the crystal scattered in panic as the barrier was breached near them, the dragon's fire engulfing the crystal and shattering it.

Vessaria's eyes were wide with shock. This couldn't be happening. Everything had been perfect. So why was this all going so wrong? How could the dragon summon such power, even when he had been weakened?

Plagueis roared as more bolts of magic struck him, trying to subdue him without any effect. Again he wrenched hard to the side, shattering another chain that bound his left wing. With the limb free, Plagueis was able to turn to the weakened section of the barrier and unleashed his fire, shattering the crystal node.

The barrier bent as it began to collapse. Realizing the danger, Vessaria immediately raised a shield of magic before her, just as the barrier imploded. The other Summoners in the lair were sent flying off their feet.

A moment of silence passed before Vessaria turned back to the center of the lair, which was covered in black smoke. As she did, she was met by the sound of screams, and the echo of the dragon's voice as fire leapt from his fangs. Below to her left, she saw Summoner Verge backing away in terror as the dragon's silhouette inched toward him. Verge's last act was a scream of terror as Plagueis' head lunged forward and crushed the man in his jaws. The researcher's corpse was flung a short distance into the air before Plagueis engulfed the man, swallowing him whole.

Then the dragon roared, his voice deafening all those around him. Men and women fled like frightened children before him as his laughter echoed menacingly in their ears.

"Bovul joorre! Meyz gein voth dinok!"

More fire surged from his maw, engulfing many who tried to escape. A few braver souls tried to stand their ground, sending their spells at the dragon in an attempt to stave off the inevitable. But these futile acts were only met with death from the dragon's fire.

Soon, the only two remaining in the lair were the dragon and Vessaria, who stood on a central crag before the dragon, her violet hair disheveled as she readied a spell. Plagueis turned slowly to her, fire licking from his fangs.

"You believed you could control a god? Never before have I met one as arrogant as you! No! Now, sorceress… Dir ku maar!"

As Plagueis readied his flames, Vessaria continued to channel her magic, her voice a low whisper as she chanted her incantation. To the dragon's surprise, he could sense no fear from her, despite that she was clearly outmatched.

Before Vessaria, a white runic circle emerged. Then, her eyes opened, shining white with terrible power. The veins around her eyes and neck pulsed white as well.

"Fly, o holy sword!" she shouted. "BRILLIANT CATACLYSM!"

Plagueis unleashed his flames just as the spell was released, sending a sword of pure white light from the circle right at the dragon. The two attacks collided, releasing a devastating explosion that engulfed both the dragon and the High Summoner.

A tremendous crash resounded as Plagueis was flung back by the explosion, badly wounded. The dragon shook as he pushed himself upright again, and turned to his foe. His scales and flesh were badly burned, and his wings were tattered, but were still relatively intact. Black blood leaked from his wounds. Yet he had suffered worse before.

Vessaria lay on her hands and knees where she had stood previously, exhausted by her spell. She struggled to breathe, let alone stand.

The ground shook. Vessaria looked up as Plagueis' footsteps drew nearer. She knew she was beaten. Her spell had taken everything she had, and yet Plagueis still lived. She couldn't believe it; nothing had ever survived such power before.

"I am impressed, sorceress… Yeessss… Perhaps your words have had wisdom to them after all… Once again, I underestimated your kind." As the dragon stood before her, his eyes gazing into hers, he added, "Krif voth ahkrin, sorceress."

Vessaria would have spat venom at Plagueis if she were able to move. Instead, all she could do was glare back at the dragon's glowing eyes. Seeing his wounds gave her some slight satisfaction; at the very least, she had given him a black eye, figuratively speaking.

"H-How d-did you… B-Brelyna…" Vessaria said painfully.

"Dominating the apprentice's mind was simple, sorceress," said Plagueis, answering the expected question. "A contest of will, and mine was far stronger. Yeessss… All it took was a little time to poison her mind to serve my will."

"G-Go on… F-Finish me…" Vessaria hissed. "Y-You s-still won't win. My people… will finish you… soon."

"I shall finish you, sorceress… Yeessss… but not on this day. Zu'u ni mey. I did not go to all this effort simply to fall at the hands of your warriors. In time, I will return. And when I do, I expect you to be ready to face me once again. And on that day, the time of man will end… The age of the Dovah will return, and I shall rule again… as king!"

To Vessaria's amazement, Plagueis turned away from her and made for the exit to his lair, his black wings spreading as he took flight. Black smog swept over her as Plagueis left the ground and flew away.

With a final gasp, Vessaria slumped over on her side.


Summoner Montrose staggered as Death's Spire shook, as did the many Summoners and Adjudicators that accompanied him. Only minutes earlier the site had sent out a distress beacon, and Montrose feared the worst. A few other Summoners had recently come running out of the lair, screaming in terror as they fled for their lives.

Montrose quickly ordered his men to their positions. If Plagueis had indeed broken free, they would need to do everything in their power to ensure he was destroyed. He grimaced as he looked at the faces of some close colleagues, knowing that it was likely many would be killed in the dragon's rampage.

The mountain shook again, this time accompanied by a fell roar. The soldiers and Summoners quaked in their boots as they turned to the source of the sound. Montrose steeled himself, prepared for the ensuing battle.

"Faas… RU MAAR!!!"

A red wave of draconic magic surged from the lair and engulfed many of the soldiers. Whatever courage they had mustered immediately vanished as they dropped their weapons and fled in absolute horror. A second later, Plagueis roared as he burst from the cave, immediately smashing aside three men with the back of his right claw.

"Fire at will!" Montrose shouted as he loosed an icy spike at Plagueis, hitting the dragon's neck.

Arrows and bolts of magic flew in a massive volley at the dragon, embedding shafts and scoring burns on his flesh and scales. The dragon roared in challenge as his fire burst from his fangs and swept over the soldiers. A fierce beat of his wings sent another small group plummeting off the side of the cliffs, screaming as they fell to their doom.

Montrose shielded himself and two others as Plagueis' fire briefly swept over him, the dragon clearly trying to inflict as much widespread damage as possible instead of focusing his attacks. As he loosed another bolt of ice, Montrose watched in amazement as Plagueis spread his massive wings and took to the sky. Briefly the dragon turned back and with a loud "Fus…!" sent a blast of pure force at an archer squad, blasting them away.

To the surprise of the Summoners, the dragon did not renew his attack afterwards. The black beast instead turned southeast, roaring as he passed overhead, and flew away from the fight.

After a moment watching the dragon, Montrose lowered his hands, which crackled with ice magic. He could not believe the dragon had simply fled.

"Now what?" asked Sandra, who stood beside Montrose.

After a moment's thought, Montrose turned and said, "Tend to the wounded, and have a team look for any survivors in the dragon's lair. Put out an alert to all the city states that the Dragon of Desolation is on the loose."

"How unfortunate…" came a dark, strained voice.

Montrose turned to see two figures emerge from a nearby portal. Jericho Swain and Leblanc both surveyed the carnage around them, with Leblanc giving a brief "tsk tsk" as she shook her head.

"I'm to assume Councilor Kolminye is dead, then?" asked Swain. "A pity. I did so enjoy her company."

"D-Don't prepare any eulogies y-yet, Jericho…"

The three turned to see two Adjudicators helping a wounded Vessaria as she exited Death's Spire.

"High Councilor, are you alright?" asked Montrose.

"I'll survive… Verge is dead. Many others too. Damn that girl Brelyna… She ruined everything."

"Oh? That quiet little four-eyes?" asked Leblanc. "Who would've thought?"

"I'm quite disappointed, Vessaria," said Swain. "I believe I was promised a demonstration on a ritual that would enable Noxus control over dragons, along with the League."

"Plagueis proved… more cunning than I imagined…" Vessaria hissed. "Where is he now?"

"He fled southeast," answered Montrose. "I'm having him tracked."

"G-Good. Once you find him, I want that dragon's head. You understand me? His head!"

"Y-Yes ma'am."

Vessaria winced as she held her left arm, escorted by her guards to a portal back to the Institute of War.

She took little heed of her injuries. All she could think of was how wrong she had been proven that day.

"Leona… I should have listened…"



DUN DUN DUN! Sequel hook? I'm hoping so. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to write a sequel. Maybe a certain PARROT could help kindle my writing spirit.

Well people, with this epilogue, this part of Plagueis' story comes to a close. If I end up writing out a new part, you guys will know of it.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go badger the Rioters again about adding in our Dracolich to the game...

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No comments on the epilogue?

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Ohhh... Hello Yousogreat! So there'll be coming a sequel soon now? Leona/Lux is pretty awesome. I especially like Lux... But I am in Love with Leona, just wanted to point that out.

Yet, I saw pretty nice story... Can't wait for the sequel and wanted to be first post in it. Tyvm!

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Is this considered abandoned at this point?

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Continue pl0x i need some good stuff to read!