Looking for Good Jungler (Gold+) To push Plat or Diamond

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Currently my friend and I have a ranked team that is making its way through gold quite easily.
Generally I will switch between top / jungle. While my friend plays bot lane AP.

We are both from NZ, and play at around 7:00 - 7:30 NZ Time.
Our teams current jungler is going to be away for a while, so we need someone who can take his place.
As long as you can play viable 3's champs, we will be able to run a comp that fits.
Top lane I often run Trynd, Wukong, Xin or Cho
AP we run Zyra or Elise, and are working on Cass at the moment.

Add me in game if interested, and are able to play at the same time as us most nights.