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Strange DC

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I was playing a bot game with Ziggs (just bought him earlier, still learning his kit) and I got the strangest DC ever.

I was B-ing back from mid, and right when I had finished, my game froze up. The Recall animation had finished, but I was still standing there, with Annie bot and the minions spazzing out, vibrating from side to side, the caster minions were moving back and forth slightly. Just chalking it up to a connection problem I checked my internet, (perfectly fine, full connection) and Latency (horrible, full bars).

I tried clicking around, but couldn't move at all, so I decided to disconnect and reconnect to my game. Instead of the usual "You have disconnect from a game in progress page" with the orange button to reconnect, I was taken back to the client homepage. Stranger still, I was allowed to get into another game while (I assume) the one I was previously in was still running.

Just wanted to know if I was the only one who had this happen to them, and if possible, why i happened.