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No Fudge's Rammus

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My roommate dislikes dominion because he "dislikes the lack of depth that it provides for gameplay," and to an extent, I agree with him. Dominion has a lower skillcap than 5v5s and 3v3s, but that is neither here nor there.

I have found Dominion to be a good way to get into a quick game and smack stuff around. I play it casually.

To provide a little background history: I used to run a Revive/Ghost AD Rammus in Dominion prior to the mastery rework, which heavily nerfed the speed buff that Revive gave.

My build was roughly thus:

boots of some kind (typically mercs/mobility), then phantom dancer -> phantom dancer -> phantom dancer -> starks fervor (for staying at the edge of a teamfight and diving when appropriate for taunt + ult) -> whatever the hell.

The reason why this worked just about every time (netting me a either a very good score in terms of k/d and point caps/neuts) is because, prior to Rammus's nerf that came around the mastery rework, Rammus had a built in thornmail that proc'd on just about anything worthwhile proc'ing on. Furthermore, all of the first few items in the build i used gave movement speed of some kind.

By prioritizing on (1 ball) ult, then taunt, then shield, then ball, Rammus becomes an assassin who is much faster than any other assassin, and can gank at more or less any opportunity that presents itself.

The reason that I chose revive/ghost is because the build (and my playstyle at the time) was heavily reliant on the initial level 3 fight for top. I would run in, do as much damage as soon as fighting started, and if I died, I would revive, ghost, and ball back into the fray (often rearriving within a span of four seconds from spawn). If it was suicide to continue fighting top, I would either backdoor, or B, or whatever. If I didn't die, then revive/ghost could become a valuable tool elsewhere.

Beyond that, the point was killing off individuals with taunt, shield, ultimate, and very fast crits, and it worked. AD speed rammus with revive/ghost had survivability, mobility, and could slapslapslap as well as Yi could chopchopchop. Lifesteal, if any, was a perk.

Farming minions was also vital to maintain a gold advantage and not particularly hard to do, what with the mobility the build provided.

I used standard ad carry runes and a 21/9/0 page.



I currently use a full crit page (20% crit, what crit mastery nerf) and play a 21/9/0 Rammus.

My build is as follows and only used by me in Dominion:

Never gank far away from your team, unless they are far away from their team.

i.e., knowing when to engage, when to gank, and where players are auto-pathing themselves around rocks (in particular, when they become seperated).

Exhaust Flash

(In Spawn) Boots -> Heart of Gold -> (After Spawn) Heart of Gold -> Heart of Gold -> Heart of Gold -> Boots of Mobility -> Zeal -> Phantom Dancer

After, sell individual HoG's accordingly for, in order, another Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force, and then whatever offensive/defensive items are necessary.

Why does this work?

I've noticed that in Dominion, people tend to set up their team composition as if they are playing a regular 5v5, maybe minus a support. This works in my favor as it typically guarantees that I will find someone who I can taunt and promptly burst down into giblets and tears.

When ganking, I watch for when people go in groups to points. Almost always, there is a bush at either end of a rock that people will auto-path above or below, and someone inevitably goes a route that no one else goes. At this point, I strike, and I'm Rammus, so if people see me fighting, they habitually help out.

Or, I find stupid and punish it. Meh.

TL;DR, You're Poppy, except you can spin, soak, aoe ult, and the enemy is FORCED to attack you, if you wish it.


Screenie is to demonstrate that it is possible (and I bumrushed into enemy groups too), albeit provided it has a caveat; enemy players were not very durable at all. On the other hand, my corki did jack squat, and we had an alistar who refused to do anything but headbutt players back down a lane, where they would simply come back having not cared one wit.

This is Dominion Rammus, as I play him. It carries, griefs, and cheeses like no other, if you play it as a proper melee ad carry. Uh, don't get ghostblade. Stick to dancers.

Honestly, Idgaf what you do after reading this. You get something out of it, good for you. I don't do forums much. Feel free to discuss, and even better, try it out for yourself!

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stacking heart of golds doesnt increase gold per 10...... why would you do that?

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Right click creeps take an enormous amount of skill.