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@Riot Ambassador - IP costs

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you guys are so gullible it hurts.

agree. Want to know when I heard about a "stealth rework" for eve. About 1 month after shen came out. For those of you who have not been playing since 2 years ago. He was released march 24, 2010. 2 years ago to the day. Yet nothing but nerfs on stealths have come

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People aren't required to stay, they stay because they care and want to do a good job for you all.

I'd like to first just say, WOW. This is what I like to see in a company. People reaching out to their player base personally. The interaction you all show to the community, weither it being the PRESIDENT of the company personally answering questions on the forumns, or it be Nikasaur with her Summoner Showcases, or even Phreak, Morello, and Udyr with their 1 on 1 vids with the community to discuss upcoming patch notes (which I miss btw), you all really show that you care. I've played a number of game from different companies and I can say without a dobt, that you all surpass expectations. I know in some ways it is not fair to compare you to a company such as Blizzard, but I cant help but brag on you all. As massive a company as Blizzard is and the fact we have to PAY for their game, we don't get nearly as much feedback as you all do with this free game. As I've watched your company grow, I cant help but to stare in awe as you surpass all expectations. I not only speak for myself when I type this, but for all my real life friends who play with me, that we don't spend money on this game merely for the skins and IP boosts. No, we do it because we like what you do and stand for and we WANT you to expand further into the world. I know you don't like talking on the subject of money, but I like what you do with cash system. Unlike other games, it's not a literal cash shop where you, as you say, buy power. It's not a game where whoever is the richest wins. Everything in the shop is merely aesthetic. It adds more personal choice and flavor rather then who paid for the bigger stats. I can not say how much I admire that. You guys really know what runs a GOOD business. What alot of companies seem to have forgotten these days, and I think if you stick to that, people are gonna start recognizing it and your gonna go far.

That all being said, I'd would like to ask a few questions collectively from me and all my nearby fellow League players.

1. This question comes as a biggie to a few of us. We've noticed with the champion lore, that alot of the older champ's lore seem to be really thought out and well connected with some of the lore from other champs. But recently, with some of the new releases, it seems the lore has just been "slapped together". We understand the only way to release lore(given the limitations of the battle arena genre) is through champion info, the journal, or organized events like when gentleman chogath was released, how do you plan on approaching the lore aspect of the game in the future and what are your feelings on it now?

2. How does Riot determine who will be getting a new skin weither it be just a normal skin or a legendary? Is it determined by popularity or is there some order to it?

3. How does Riot determine the difficulty level on a champion on the corresponding champion's profile screen. I.E: Yi having a low difficulty and Chogath having a high difficulty.

4. Is there any plans to add a player bonus stat display seperate from their base stats? I.E (numbers completly random)
Renekton attack damage: 60+100, instead of it showing AD 160
60 being the base starting stats and 100 being the currently applied bonus stats

5. What's your thoughts on: In champion spotlights or in the announcement of " A new challenger approaches", would it be possible to start including the ratios and damage types on the champions so that players can be more prepared to play the champion when it is released and think of different,creative, and effective ways to use the champions.

That about wraps it up. I hope you will have time to reply to this. I know we put alot on the plate there. We appreciate everything you guys do. ALL of you. Not to put you on the spot or anything but we expect great things from you in the future and will be eagerly awaiting all the "awsome" in store for us!

PS: What's the relation between Jax and YI, with the whole multi eye thing lol.

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