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Loading screens?

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I am trying to figure out why the loading screens in the league of legends are so long.

As a fairly experienced gamer I find the loading screens to be exceptionally long for no real reason I can find.

As a very common example, i'll use World of Warcraft's loading screens. Now obviously World of Warcraft is a more graphically intense game than League of legends. And there are a lot more variables of what can happen and bigger areas that are loaded in a much shorter time.

So why would league of legends load slower?

The next thing I could think of is that maybe it's because there's so many people trying to connect to the same thing at the same time. But I almost immediately ruled that out due to me having lower ping than most people and they still load faster than me.

The last thing I could figure out is maybe it's because it tries loading every variable in every spot to reduce lagg and load everything immediately. But it seems like every game I play I get out of the loading screen 20-40 seconds into the game already and lagg pretty hard (00-05 fps) for the first few minutes. So that got ruled out after a few games.

Loading screens are almost entirely applied to how good your computer is. Much like every other game, yet more graphically intense games that i've played, WoW, RoM, SWtoR, Rift, SC2, and GW2 (beta) have faster loading screens.

The only real reason I'm complaining is because this has been getting me banned because I always miss almost the first minute and sometimes crash out of the game and it takes me 7+ minutes to get back on. I also explain most of the time what happens to the players and they don't even report me. But I still get the ban message the moment I go to the stat area.

Can anyone enlighten me on why the loading screens are so long? (And yes I do not have a very good computer but that doesn't explain why these loading screens are LONGER than more graphically intense games.)