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Champion Win Rates in Ranked

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This site provides regularly-updated stats. It pulls them by crawling the League system, not by users submitting logs, so it should be a reasonable random sample.

Check this out:

Champs like Soraka push the win rate up to about 55%, which is impressive. But I think the other end is more telling.

For the past month:
Evelynn: 35%
Karma: 39%
Viktor: 40%

Olaf: 43%
Shen: 43%
Yi: 43%
Orianna: 44%
Gragas: 44%
Mundo: 44%
Akali: 44%
Jax: 44%
Cho: 44%

For the past 2 weeks (Sejuani patch):
Evelynn: 34%
Karma: 40%

Shen: 41%
Olaf: 42%
Zilean: 43%
Jax: 44%
Yi: 44%
Cho: 44%
Xerath: 44%
Vayne: 44%
Viktor: 45%

The custom date range doesn't seem to work, which is a shame.
I have a feeling that some names have been in the low 40% range for months.