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LF tips to start getting into ranked play smoothly

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I'm playing on the Korean server and looking to start playing ranked games as soon as possible (when I hit 30). I've been reading a ton of guides, have been playing a bunch of different chars to get acquainted with their skills and whatnot, but looking for some sound higher level play tips. I'm familiar with the moba genre; I played Dota back in high school and played around on an SC2 moba. So I'm familiar with the concepts of last hitting and whatnot (warding, map awareness, etc.).

Basically my question is: What do you see a lot of in low ELO players that you really cannot do in higher level play? More specifically, what do you see that "flys" in low level ELO for one reason or another but is just not feasible in higher level play.

Anything well written is appreciated...