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Malphite--blow trading?

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I have tried going Chalice before. It's how most people do. It helps you to repeatedly harass, and it helps you to keep doing it for the rest of the game. Pretty amazing. I still do it against a mage heavy team.
But that's why it fails--you only use Shard. With Megi, you're too slow to ever hit reliably with Ground Slam. So your poking takes longer time to work, since you give the enemy more time to regen between your attempts.

Once I realized that, I grab the boots instead. That, along with the speed stolen from Shard, means both skills always hit. So instead of doing damage once every 8-10 seconds, I can triple the damage (Shard>Ground Slam>AA) per effort. A full combo can do half of the enemy's HP--and even the most veteran player never Malphite to be so **** aggressive.

Devious Rogue:
BOTS. I give Ryze Zerkers, Phantoms, Phantoms, Infinity, Bloodthirster and he trades blows with Yi. So while I feel sorry for the 4 guys on your team when you try it out, possibly more than once, you can only gauge its effectiveness in several real fights. Or by listening to the one guy in ten on these forums who actually knows the game too well and can give you a good answer as to whether it will work or not.

Not too sure what you're trying to say. If you do have all those items as Ryze, you'd be able to do pretty amazing. As long as you hide within minion waves, your Spell Vamp will make sure that you outlast Yi. Just don't fight him alone, and you have the advantage.

I usually play with bots to analyze my build path--how to maximize my mana usage/damage type and rate, etc.

I don't usually care what cookie cutter players say. They simply can't be trusted. You don't have to believe me when I say things work. They work for me, because I build these builds especially for me. It works because I fine tune them to my play style. It works well for anyone who cares to try. But I could never convince sheeps to stray from the beaten path. Most of all..."most people who can give good answer" even claim Malphite is a tank. It makes me sad to see these newbies think their answers are the end all, be all.