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Would you like being able to dodge champion selection without getting a time penalty?

No, I like the penalty. People have to play with the people they're matched with 20 40%
No, I don't mind the penalty at all. 9 18%
Yes, I would like being able to leave a queue without waiting for another one. 21 42%
Voters 50 .

Is Queue Dodging really THAT big of a deal?

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Senior Member


For one, this is completely in the wrong section, and for 2, you CLEARLY weren't hear way back when where there was not a queue dodge penalty, and you would literally take 10 tries to finally get into a match. It was absurd, so no, the queue dodge penalty is annoying yeah but ultimately it has to be there or people will abuse it.

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Personally I wish the penalty were much larger for normal draft. Nothing more irritating than sitting through champ select and getting owned by a dodge.

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Junior Member


I think what matters is that sometimes I want to play with my friends and queue has already started. I do dodge it sometimes and have the time penalty. If you're playing with a troll, I think it's okay to dodge it but there has to be a system where it's not abused. I think they should give you a freebie and let you leave once without penalty but time consequences afterwards.

Maybe allow the person leave within 30-45 seconds within draft pick. It does get irritating.

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The problem is one of probabilities. Lets say that 1 in 10 times I don't like the team comp. Then I'd dodge and come back later. But with 10 people (both teams), we'd end up cancelling 80% of games because SOMEONE doesn't want to play.

Queue dodging affects not only you, but also 9 other people. This is the reason why Riot penalizes it.

Actually if everyone queue dodged 1 in 10, you'd end up cancelling ~65.14% of games