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when is the maintenance going to end?

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The Khaos Pro

Senior Member


Ever since monday or tuesday when this maintenance on server started i was unable to play, Everything works fine, patch screen, loading screen, lobby screen, champ list screen, loading screen, everything works, the problem is when the game start, i have a latency of 170is ping and 80FPS during game, NO side-programs working, the internet which is 10mb download is not shared, it's straight broadband cable connected to my CPU, and yet my game LAG HELL A LOT and i disconect at least 5 times in middle of the game, i gave up on trying to play cuz every time (since monday/tuesday) this happens and if i'm on premade my friends get angry, if i'm solo i get reported for anything so huh can anyone tell me if this "maintenance" will end one day so i can go back to play like it was a week ago?