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Looking for old Thread

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Hey, Will delete this when answered.

There was a post i saw a day or 2 ago, It was kinda funny, mostly about Jungling and how useless you are, it was a great post about how 9/10 games seem to go, i dont remember alot about it, but wanted to show a mate it for a good laugh

Went something like.... Blah blah about Jungle, but it doesnt matter cause you are a useless jungler anyway.

I honestly cant remember alot of it, it was late, i tried to find it again but cant seem to

If no one can link me before i finish my next game i will just delete this post.
umm also if i cant delete posts (never even seen if there is an option or not before)
can a mod please remove this in 1 hour? dont wanna take up room on these awesomely important forums and stop people from learning and gaining advice from the perfectly never complaining always helpful LoL community

Cheers Guys. If someone has seen the post before im sure they remember
I for the life of me have no idea what it was called, any help would be great

Also too keep this Game Related My Fav Champ is Garen and i hate facing Olaf