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Which of these would you want to read first?

Udyr versus Irelia 11 19.3%
Udyr versus Lee Sin 5 8.77%
Udyr versus the Wiles of Women 16 28.07%
The Formation of Pentakill (multi part story) 10 17.54%
Karthus' Lament 3 5.26%
Wukong and Ahri 14 24.56%
Mordekaiser's Choice 6 10.53%
Irelia and Zelos (a multi part story) 11 19.3%
A OC original story set in the LoL universe 9 15.79%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 57 .

G Viper's Side Story Center!

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...Amazing. I am speechless. Also I noticed Irelia's daughters name really early. Nevira. Remove the a. Nevir. Now reverse it. Riven! Seems Irelia and Riven become close friends in the main story. I cannot wait for the next side and main chapter! Urs is the second coming of Udyr also... awesome!

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I finally read your Udyr v Irelia story. It was great.

Also, when you were always writing Udyr into everything, he sounded so interesting that I just HAD to check him out. So I unlocked him with IP and started playing. And he's GREAT! One of my favorite champions by far!

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Grand Viper

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As much as it pleases me that you enjoyed the read, it pleases me more to impart these sad, terrible news: This is going to be the last short story with Udyr in it until I write another short story or two.

And I'm sorry to burst your bubble, I truly am, but I'm not making Irelia or Riven swing that way. Alas! Hm...that did give me an idea for a short story just now though..


Glad you caught the Nevira bit so quickly! The next side story is gonna be an OC centric one with a champion thrown in. A champ no one expects! The next part of the main story is going to be be a little while longer, I'm still ironing out details before I sit down and write it.


His fist is able to claim the heavens, what poor mortal dares face the might of nature, nay, a god incarnate?

My only fear about writing Udyr is that I really hope for the main story I'm not overusing him in the story and that he has served his purpose well. I do however have to state that even in the main story he isn't going to come back as frequent unfortunately. Alas and woe!

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Grand Viper

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It has been quite some time since I've written another short story, so here it is! This one is the OC one, the Irelia and Zelos story has picked up some steam in its want and I'm going to have to write that next. But, as I promised, it is going to be a multi-part story, I'm thinking of making it a two to three part. I will have to do some extreme planning for that to be perfectly honest though, since so little is known about Zelos and whether I want to force my own interpretation of him or do something else...

Anyhoo! On to the next part of this little post, my main story of Riven had hit a hiccup: I rewrote chapter 7...I think it's five times now. About 30 pages scrapped, but I finally put some ideas together and I will have chapter seven either by the end of this week or the end of next week (I have a busy University schedule, and unfortunately schoolwork comes first, boo!)

Now then! On to the OC story! Who's the champion I threw into this?! Whose cuisine will reign supreme?!

***Huge brownie points if you catch where I got my influence for her from, will be obvious to certain fans. I will post the character sheet for her in the third post.***

Crack of the whip

Part 1/2

A manic cackling filled the air, “Yes my pretties! Yes! Rip and tear the oafs apart! Muahaha!”

Villagers screamed, one man yelled in horror, “Why?! Why are we being attacked by a stereotypical homicidal maniac?! Why, oh why was it not a stereotypical kleptomaniac?!”

He was quickly subdued by a werewolf tearing into him. Their leader was a robed man with a monocle and a finely waxed moustache, he tweaked it ever so slightly as he watched his werewolf horde attack the village. “Hm…they have a 65% fatality causing rate…I must raise that in my next testing.”

A mother with a baby in her hands ran to the edge of the village, there two werewolves stopped her. Snarling and gnashing their teeth they leapt at her. She attempted to shield her child, closing her eyes in anticipation for the inevitable pain that was to come. It didn’t. The sound of a whip cracked in the air, a whimper filled the air then utter silence. After half a minute the mother finally decided to take a peek. The wolves were dead at the feet of dulled silver greaves. They stepped past the mother and child, the owner not making eye contact with them.

The leader tweaked his moustache once more, “Yesss, five to six! Grab that one, he looks like a fine specimen for the next batch!”

Two wolves raced forward to grab a burly man, the sound of a whip cracking filled the air, one of the werewolves erupted into flames while the other looked stupidly at his comrade. A leather whip suddenly curled around his neck and he was dragged behind a building. The sound of a yelp was followed by the sound of bone snapping. The man twirled his moustache angrily, “Who is killing my children? Numbers seven to twelve, make them fear the name of the Grand Viper!”

Five werewolves howled and shot forward behind the building. More yelps and sickening sounds of bones breaking echoed in the air. The man who addressed himself as Grand Viper rubbed his chin suspiciously, “Methinks it is a strong one. I’m going to have to send the big guns, number two! Bring them to me!”

A seven foot werewolf rumbled forth, armor plates littered his body from which scalps hung. He lumbered forth, smashing the building from which his brothers had been killed behind. There was nothing there, not even a trace of their bodies. The dumb brute looked around, utterly confused when something caught his eye. The large wolf screamed in agony, clutching at his face as blood seeped from his empty eye socket.

A whip darted forth and promptly disappeared, the werewolf’s arm disappeared along with it. The brute looked at where his arm once was, then he promptly fell to the ground. Grand Viper took out a notepad, “Note to self: bigger monsters means easier to die from blood loss. Well that was informative! I best be off!”

He turned around and attempted to flee only to have a whip wrap around his neck. A pair of metal greaves cracked into his back, he fell face first. He sputtered as he spun himself around, “Do you know who I am? I am the Grand Viper, greatest alchemist of all time!”

He stared at an Amazonian of a woman leaning over him. Her long obsidian hair was held back by a small silver tiara with a sapphire embedded into it, matching the color of her grim eyes. She wore no makeup, no earrings nothing else on her face, the only feature aside from her eyes that stood out were her naturally bright thin lips. A short, dark brown leather jerkin was loosely hanging over a dark, crimson red tight bodysuit only visible from the waist up, which outlined her muscular physique. The suit abruptly ended at her shoulders, exposing her naturally pale skin which disappeared into a pair of fingerless gloves with studded knuckles. A leather belt snugly fit into her loose leather pants which were stuffed into a pair of dull silver greaves.

She glared at the self-proclaimed genius with determination. He stuttered, “A-ah, you caught me! Good, good for you! Y-y’see, that…that was my plan!”

Her demeanor did no change, he continued stammering, “Y-yes, my brilliant plan! I still have my ace in my sleeve! Number one, attack her!”

Silence filled the air. “Number one?”

The woman pointed towards the village wall, Grand Viper turned to the direction and saw a ten foot werewolf crucified on the wall via debris. He gulped nervously, “O-o-okay then! What do you want?! Money? Jewels? Gold? Wait, that’s technically currency…uhhh…I could please my new master, oh most beautiful and merciful one?”

She gripped his neck tightly, lifting him off the ground and off his feet. She clipped her whip onto her belt from a loose chain that hung from its hilt. With her now freed hand she rummaged through his cloak and pockets, he giggled, “Oh, my! If you wanted me so bad you should have just asked!”

She grabbed at the satchel hanging off his shoulder, she turned it upside down. A flesh covered grimoire fell out. She did not release her grip on him as she knelt down and picked it up, flipping through it quickly. She nodded and closed it, tucking it under her arm. Wordlessly she dragged the man through the streets to the town square where the villagers had gathered. She harshly threw him into the middle of the crowd, and then walked away. She could hear him screaming for her, “Wait! I can be of more use! Think of super werewolves! Werewolves with jetpacks! Jetpacks wearing werewolves wearing jetpacks! Wait! Mercy! Mercy!!”

As soon as she made her way out of town she opened the book once more.She scanned through the tome’s runes until she found a few words that interested her: Void, Summoning, Icathia, Shurimia Desert, East. She closed the tome, tightening her grip on it. It promptly erupted into flames. The journey was not a complete loss, though the werewolves were a disappointment to say the least. They were not fallen creatures, just biologically altered wolves and men, something of utter uselessness to her. It was sheer dumb luck that an idiot like him had such a powerful grimoire. Unfortunately for her, as of late those were the kind of “evil beings” she has had to put up with, they were no challenge to her at all. She was also rather unhappy that she had to travel all the way to the outskirts of Zaun to obtain such information. With unwavering determination she decided to make her way to Shurimia desert.

She had a job to do and she would be d.amned if it she did not accomplish it: The eradication of all demons. She was a day into her journey when her hand twitched uncontrollably for a moment. She calmed it and hid behind a tree. A wagon pulled down the path, drawn by two horses with an old man whipping them. She appeared from behind the tree and stared at the elderly gentleman, a crooked smile escaped his lips, “Why hello there miss! Where are you off to?”

She pointed at the mountainous range before them, the Ironspike Mountains. They were known to be plagued with hundreds of failed experiments from Zaun and necromantic monstrosities from Noxus. The man whistled, “You ain’t getting’ past there without protection missy.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him, he laughed, “I’ve gone through these mountains to trade to Demacia for forty years! No need for protection if I know my way round ‘em! Say, want a lift somewhere? I could use the company!”

She scratched her chin, thinking on his proposition, than bowed to the man. She unhooked her whip, pointing at a nearby tree. The old man watched as she lashed at the tree so quickly the whip looked like it never moved. The tree had a gash in its trunk. She turned to face him and bowed once more, pointing to herself then at him. He clicked his teeth together, “Hrm, you’ll pay me with protection in exchange for the trip? Well I was gunna do it for free, but that’s a great deal! Let’s shake it, miss…?”

She looked around, then at his wagon. A bouquet sat in the back of the wagon, she walked over and plucked one of the flowers out. She pointed at it, the old man looked closely and drew back, “Ah…Yer name is Rose I reckon?”

She nodded, placing the flower back in its rightful spot. He spat on the ground, “M’name’s Theodore! Pleased to meet ya Miss Rose! Hop on board!”

Theodore opened the back of the wagon, he shuffled his cargo around to let her sit more comfortably. He was rambling on, “We’re gonna get through the mountain region t’night, then stop in a nice little inn near the Noxus border, then it’s gonna be a three day journey to the marshes of Kaladoun, then another two to Demacia! I can take you as far as your gold can!”

Rose glared at the elderly man who laughed hoarsely at her, “No offences miss, but I only have enough fer meself, tolls and taxes! Otherwise why’d I bring stuff to export to Demacia?”

She shrugged and nodded, made some sense. Theodore whipped his horses and they were off. As soon as they left, the tree she struck groaned and fell over with a thundering crash, then the trees it was situated with followed suit.

Theodore kept rambling nonstop for hours on end, talking about his family in Piltover, his daughter and granddaughter living in Demacia, how he had seen some of the biggest wars between Demacia and Noxus, he just kept rambling while Rose was dead silent. He finally questioned her, “Say Miss Rose, you haven’t said a word or nuthin’, am I annoyin’ you?”

She hopped down from the crate she had been sitting on for the past few hours, making her way next to Theodore. She clearly shook her head and was about to go back into the wagon when he continued, “Then why don’tcha talk? I’d like to hear you fer a bit, no one wants to hear an old fogey like me talk so much!”

Rose shook her head once more, Theodore mouthed his realization, “Ah…yer mute then? Like sweet ol’ Sona?”

She thought for a bit then nodded slowly. Theo bobbed his head, “Ah, poor girl. Yer so young, so pretty. Betcha would have a nice voice if you had one! So y’don’t mind if I keep ramblin’?”

Rose shook her head, her demeanor never changing. She sank back into the wagon, he started up on another talk about how Piltover was before Sheriff Caitlyn took charge of the city. She sighed and leaned back into the wagon, resting herself. She didn’t fall asleep, it was an impossibility for her to do so.

An hour later the wagon stopped, Theodore leapt out and opened the back of the wagon. “Miss Rose, we’re past the mountains so I figured I’d give ol’ Nella and Bella there a rest, and me a pit stop!”

She watched him hobble on over to the bushes, he called out to her, “You can take the other side miss! I wouldn’t want to be disrespectin’ a lady!”

She rolled her eyes and leapt out of the wagon, stretching her limbs. Her greaves clicked on the rocky pathway as she took in the environment. It looked familiar, she saw it the week before when she scaled the Ironspike Mountain range. She has lost almost every function a normal human being has, she needed something to do to pass the time. This trip however, she was in a hurry and wanted to get to the desert as soon as possible. She wanted to finish her mission once and for all.

The sound of the brush breaking broke her train of thought, she saw Theodore tying the belt on his pants. “You hungry miss Rose? I can offer y’some bread and homemade jams.”

She shook her head, then bowed towards him. “Yer welcome miss, but ain’tcha gonna get hungry?”

She sighed, and before she could attempt to communicate more he continued, “Just have a slice o’ one piece a bread and sit with an old man, please?”

She walked over and sat on the ground, next to Theodore. He laid out a cloth, than grabbed a paper bag he had next to him. He handed it to her, she gingerly retrieved a single slice out. He reached behind himself and grabbed a knife and a small jar filled with a colorful berry jam. He offered it to her as he grabbed his own slices of bread. She slowly spread the jam on the bread and took a bite out of it. He smiled at her, “Tastes gud, don’t it?”

It tasted like absolutely nothing. No texture, no flavor, nothing. She nodded and took another bite from it, he laughed, “Toldja so! My wife makes the best jam in Piltover, won the blue county ribbon three decades runnin’!”

She silently finished her small meal and went back to the wagon. The old man whistled at her, “You okay miss? You seem… really troubled.”

She did not reply, she simply hopped into the wagon and went back to sitting. It eventually started to move once more, the old man fell silent. She supposed it was better this way. Several more hours passed, she saw the sun set when the wagon stopped once more. Theodore opened the wagon, “We’re at the inn, Miss Rose. Come on, I need the rest. My old bones are witherin’!”

She leapt out of the wagon and was trying to decide whether or not she should just leave the old man here. She could travel the night and make better headway to the desert, she could probably shave off a few days’ worth of travel. She walked after him, trying to get his attention as he opened the inn door. He promptly turned around. “Miss Rose, I know yer strong an’ all but you gotta git! Noxian soldiers are here, they look mighty shifty. They’d take a young lady like you easily, git goin’!”

Before either of them could move a drunken holler froze them in place, “Oi! Where d’you think yer goin’?”

A heavily armored man walked over, slumping his arm on Theodore’s shoulder, “We…we scarin’ you or sumfin…?”

The old man turned around, stuttering, “N-no sah, just din’t want to interrupt you youngsters’ good time!”

“Aw, that’s sho…sho…conshisferate…conshisderate of you.” He leaned over the old man, “And who’sh thish sweetie?”

Theodore thought quickly, “She’s…my daughter! My married with children daughter! Amy dear, please get the wagon ready, we’ll find somewhere else to rest tonight.”

“Nah way…she can shtay here with ush! Right boysh?!” A loud yell echoed through the tavern, the innkeeper sheepishly to the man, “S-sir? You’ve had too much to drink, perhaps it is time you retired for the night.”

The armored man smacked the innkeeper’s face, “*****, do you know who I am? I’m friggin’ Captain Solaro, greatesht Noxian sholdier ever…to ever sholdier!”

Rose peered over his shoulder, her arm twitched for a moment. She sensed black magic, it was weak but enough to satiate her. Theodore bowed to the Noxian, “And I will not disagree with that! But we really must get going, have a good night youngin’s!”

Solaro grabbed Theodore’s shoulder, squeezing it tightly, “Nah…I shaid your…your…your shon shtaysh.”

“You mean my daughter?” The old man swore under his breath, Solaro nodded, “Daughter, even better! She staysh, you go, got it?”

Before the old man could protest, a fist fired itself into the Noxian’s chest piece, shattering it completely. Rose pulled Theodore out the door and walked into the establishment. Eight more Noxian soldiers stood up, she was not concerned about them. She was concerned about the Noxian necromancer in the corner. They rushed her all at once, only to be whipped into submission. Long red lacerations decorated each soldiers’ face, they groaned in agony as she walked over them.

The necromancer glared at her, “You do realize that you have just made yourself an enemy of Noxus, yes?”

Her hand shot forward, grabbing the man’s chest. His face twisted and contorted as her nails dug into his skin. He started screaming as pain erupted throughout his body. She could feel his dark magic drain into her body, giving her traces of a euphoric and adrenaline high. Solaro got back to his feet and rushed at her, sword drawn. Using the necromancer as a club she struck the incoming soldier once more, knocking him out. She dropped the necromancer and walked towards the innkeeper who was still regaining his senses. She helped him up and pointed at the men, he was confused, “What? Did you do this?”

She nodded, than motioned for them to go out the door. He grimaced, “But they’ll just come back and trash the place, the necromancer will just send off a message and I’m out of business!”

She made her way to the fallen men, grabbing Solaro. She slapped him awake, he looked at her dazedly, “Are you my mommy?”

She sighed and gripped him tighter. She could feel his energy transfer over to her, she almost laughed. The man had a beer to drink at the most, he was a lightweight. He snapped awake, “What do you want? You have a death wish or something?”

She pointed at the innkeeper and shook her finger at him. She pointed at herself and nodded. He muttered angrily, “Can’t you talk or something? You’re not making sense.”

She glared at him until he realized, “Oooh, you’re a mute. Alright, so…don’t go for the innkeeper… go for you?”

She nodded and released him, he laughed, “And what’ll stop me from burnin’ this place down?”

A quick strike to a particularly sensitive area was all he needed to yell for her execution. She ran outside, Theodore was long gone, he must have ran when he heard the screaming. Good, the old man would have been butchered if he had stayed. She ran into the nearby forest, Solaro ran out after her, “Come on men! Necromancer, get to your feet! Keep a trace on her!”

The wizard walked over, his hands limp, “I…I can’t.”

Solaro snapped at him, “Whaddya mean you can’t?! You’ve got magic, use it!”

“I…I can’t! I barely more than a spark of magic left…” He whimpered pitifully. Solaro glared at the innkeeper, “You. You are gonna tell us what she did.”

Before the Noxian captain could move, a whirling sound was heard and a sword embedded itself into the necromancer’s chest. He gurgled and fell to the ground. Solaro looked at the sword, it was his own. He grew panicked as Noxian authorities teleported around him, they pointed accusingly at him, “Arrest Captain Solaro for treason, drunken behaviour and second degree murder.”

“What?! That’s stupid! This chick did it!” He looked around; she was nowhere to be found. He pointed at his sword, “Y’see, she threw this sword from over there!” He pointed at the forest two hundred yards away. “And she took his magic! And she made me not drunk!”

The mage officer sighed, “If he had no more magic, then how could his death activate the magical seal, powered by one’s own innate mana, to alert us to your stupidity? And why does your breath reek of booze? And how, pray tell, could anyone throw a five foot blade accurately enough, two hundred friggin’ feet, without a troop of trained soldiers noticing such a slow moving object?!”

“Uh…” Solaro scratched his chin, “…Mmmmagic?”

“There is no magical residue in the air aside from your necromancer’s own. Take him in boys.” Solaro screamed profanity after profanity as he was dragged away. The officer regarded the innkeeper quickly, “Will five thousand gold suffice to keep quiet of this incident?”

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Grand Viper

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Part 2/2

It was a week later when Rose finally made it to the edge of the desert. All that lay in her way was Mogron’s Pass, she just had to cross it and she would be in the desert. She silently walked down the poorly cobbled path, not a soul in sight. Not many were mad enough to willingly walk to their deaths. Unbeknownst to her, a figure watched from afar. He wore a hideous black mask with tubes jutting out of it, acrid smoke billowed from it. He promptly disappeared.

Not surprisingly enough there was an endless sea of sand. To get lost in the desert would be easy, to die of starvation easier, to die of dehydration the easiest. None of these mattered to her; she could not even feel the desert heat beat down on her. She could taste the demonic magic in the air, it unfortunately surrounded her from every direction. Frowning at the realization that she would actually have to guide herself, she looked up at the furious sun, gauging her location. It was still early in the morning; she simply had to follow the light, just like she always did.

Trudging through the desert was no easy task, even for her. She did not lose her footing, but the whipping sand tended to blind her from time to time. No matter, her determination would carry her through this golden sea of hell. The nearer she got to Icathia, the stronger the taste became. It was all too familiar, she had already been here when she was only a child of eight years.

The further she walked into the wasteland the more powerful the taste became; she could even smell the demonic aura. Another couple of days of walking and she would reach her goal, she would finally be able to rest. His hand twitched, an intense aura started to rush at her at impossible speed. She readied her whip and faced the incoming monster, no matter what it was she would face it down.

A man was before her, wearing a long black fauld intermixed with cloth. His chest was bare, aside from an onyx and silver pauldron adorning his shoulders, revealing his corrupted blue skin. Then there was his mask, his horrible mask. Tubes jutted from every which way with acrid smoke escaping it, and his glowing yellow eyes seemed to pierce her soul. The creature raised a hand, his voice echoing, “Do not go any further.”

She snorted at him and attempted to walk past him, he simply reappeared in front of her, “I said do not. You know naught what lies beyond there.”

His evil aura was intense, it was the most powerful she had ever felt. This had to be one of the Elder Ones her parents spoke of. His power was palpable, she readied her whip. Surprisingly the creature shook his head, “I have been watching you for a few days now, I know you think you are capable but you cannot and will not face Icathia. Many have tried and failed.”

Rose actually smiled at him, a demon trying to dissuade her. They must be frightened. Her whip lashed out but the creature was faster. He reappeared behind her, “I do not wish to fight you, calm down. You are part of the balance, you cannot fall now.”

She spun, her whip tearing through the air towards an empty space. A bolt of horrifying magic struck her, constricting her muscles. “I said quiet yourself.”

The monster had a sense of humor, she did not like that. This time he would not flee, she let loose a volley of blow after blow. The sand was thrown up, the whip snaked around the creature’s body causing deep lacerations, this was her chance to close in and finish him off. She pulled her whip back and aimed for his neck, wrapping it easily around. She pulled herself forward, propelling herself at high speed directly at him, only to have him disappear. She tumbled down a sand dune harshly, the sand tearing at her skin.

She leapt back to her feet, looking around for the monster. He reappeared in front of her and another magical bolt tore into her. She could not react, her muscles contorted themselves, than he reappeared directly on top of her, throwing her to the ground. His chaotic magic tore into her. A three foot blade appeared from his gauntlet, he slashed at where she once was. She thought she had evaded the attack successfully when a wave of chaotic energy surged forth. Revulsion almost overwhelmed her, she had never felt something so evil in her entire life nor had she ever felt such power.

She tumbled backwards, clutching her chest. She was losing, and badly. She would have to do something drastic, but every time he fired a magical bolt it made her body convulse and muddled her thoughts. Yet she noticed he has to pause in between those blasts, so she would have to prompt him to fire one off, then she could unleash her might. Her whip ignited with holy fire, she let her senses take over…he was directly behind her. She traded strikes with him, her whip making a palpable wound on his chest while his bolt made her body convulse once more. Spitting up some blood, she smiled grimly at him. A dark aura encapsulated her.

Her eyes glowed a brilliant golden light while the rest of her started to marginally change; her hair changed from its obsidian to a ruby now, her posture became slightly more hunched as she breathed heavier. Her fingers snapped and cracked, as if the bones were rearranging themselves. Her muscles became taut, she let all the evil she had absorbed over the years unleash itself, completely and fully under her control. The monster seemed somewhat impressed by this, and became more impressed when she took off at high speed at him. The sand exploded under her feet from the sheer force and strength she exerted in her run. He attempted to teleport a fair distance away, this time however she caught him with ease.

Leaping at him she tackled him to the ground, howling like a maniac, she fired fist after fist into the monster. His mask cracked ever so slightly, he disappeared from beneath her. She glared at him, her breathing becoming heavier. The exertion was already getting to her. She needed to absorb his blackened soul and quickly, or else. Her whip ignited once more, she lashed strike after strike at him, he luckily dodged the strike. The whip cracked on the sand, and from the intense heat and pressure it exerted, the strike had crystalized the sand into glass. The monster dodged each incoming strike with unnatural ease, he almost danced around her, keeping his distance and letting her weaken.

After a minute she started to stagger: the toll was becoming too great, if she pushed herself any further she would be die. She clenched her teeth, if she gave up, then he would kill her, then evil would win. She only needed to hold out a little more, her mortal shell could hold itself for just a little longer. Another minute is all she would need, she could see the monster was starting to tire as well. She would outlast the demon even if it killed her.

She desperately leapt at him, expecting him to try and vanish. This time he simply grabbed her in mid jump and pinned her to the ground. “Are you going to try that again?”

She howled at him, thrashing her body until she finally calmed down. The dark aura disappeared, she sank into the shifting sands. She rarely used her ultimate technique due to the price of its immense power, but this was the first time it failed her. In fact, this was the first time she ever failed. She glared at the monstrous man, and waited for her death. She was too tired to move, too weakened to defend herself, she could barely fight a crippled puppy never mind an Elder One. He stretched his hand out to her, “Will you stop this and listen to me?”

She looked at the hand, her eyes flicked up at him then back to his hand. She took it uneasily, her knees shaking from sheer exertion. He ran his finger along the crack in his mask, repairing it instantly. “I am Kassadin, the Void Walker.” His voice boomed with authority.

She simply glared at him, he waited for a bit before continuing, “Are you aware of where you are headed?”

She pointed Eastward, he shook his head, “That is to Icathia, the Runeterra entrance to the Void. You would be consumed by it just like I was in my foolishness, and perhaps bring worse terrors than I had.”

She simply looked away from him, the wind lifting her hair. She took an uneasy step towards Icathia, Kassadin yelled at her, “If you wish for death so earnestly than you only have to ask! Why are you so stubborn?”

She took another step forward and fell to her knees out of fatigue and anger. This was too much, she had failed and it was not even against one of the fabled Elder Ones. A soothing hand was placed on her shoulder; Kassadin helped her stand, “Why are you so desperate?”

Air escaped her mouth, she attempted to talk, “A-ah…hah…I…” She swallowed nervously, “I…owe it to my brother.” Her voice was surprisingly soft for a woman of her stature, soft, gentle and even motherly.

“I owe it to my brother.” She bowed her head; she had not spoken since that day. It felt strange to hear her voice once more.

Kassadin held on to her, and they warped through time and space. They reappeared in a ruined hut in the middle of the Ironspike Mountain range. The hut was rather large for its structure, and all the greenery that plagued the rest of the prairie this little hut was surrounded by unnerving black. Not dead grass or foliage, they seemed to reflect no sun nor have a physical presence. She reached down and touched the black grass carefully, her touch caused them to dissipate into ash. He interrupted her thoughts with a careful shake and led her inside the cabin. The inside of the hut was as bad as the outside, smashed glass littered the floors

to sit down on a chair as he floated over to a sink, drawing water from it. He handed her a glass of water, and sat next to her, “Why do you feel that you must face the Void itself for your brother? Is it out of revenge?”

She shook her head, “N-no…I killed him.”

Kassadin drew back, her tone faltered for only a moment, “He was my twin brother, and my dearest friend. I grew up north of Demacia in a hidden village, there were few children my age so we had become close. When we were seven years of age, we started to hear…voices.”

She took a sip of the water, she could not feel the coldness of the mountainous bounty. “At first it was nothing, and I thought it only applied to me. Then my brother told me he heard the same whisper, we thought it was wonderful. Another thing we could share. Then the voices asked me to kill my parents.”

She shook her head, Kassadin patted her hand lightly, “You do not have to say any more.”

“I want to.” She scowled at him, “I want to speak. I have not spoken in nearly two decades, I need to converse.”

She took another comforting sip of water, “We told our parents we heard voices, but stupid children we were, not what they said. They completely and utterly disbelieved us. We come from a line of demon hunters and slayers that were so powerful we were exiled from Demacia, they were fearful of the power our bloodline held owner to. This was centuries ago, and we had grown stagnant. We were not supposed to be able to tap into the supernatural world anymore, so they thought we were imagining things. For a full year afterwards, the voices became stronger, and stronger.”

She shot straight up, throwing the table over, “Then they took over. I don’t remember what happened; I am told I went comatose while my brother became a demon. Claws tore out of his hands, his skin changed to a scaly red, horns, the usual archetypical demon. He killed several neighbors and set fire to our home, I was dragged out in time. He advanced on my parents, and I heard a voice, ‘Get up.’ That is it, that is all it said, ‘get up.’ So I did.”

Her shoulders shook, “I got up and saw a monster about to kill my parents, so I annihilated him. I tore him asunder. Then I recognized his face, it was my brother, my dear, sweet brother. Out of reaction I grabbed his torn chest, trying to bring him back to life when I felt his demonic energy seep into me. His monstrous form dissipated, and he was back to being the little boy he once was. He was still dead, and I killed him.”

She started giggling, “And my parents praised me! They called me a hero, they said I have regenerated the bloodline! The Osengerare family has been reborn!”

She started to laugh hysterically,

“And all it took was the death of my own flesh and blood, my most beloved by my own hands! I have slain hundreds of demons over the past twenty years, and I have absorbed them all! They feed me, they power my soul, they grant me their unholy strength! But I can hear all of their voices in my head! Hundreds of voices, swearing to kill me, asking, commanding, demanding me to do horrible actions! I could not talk, I could barely think, I cannot eat I cannot sleep I cannot dream I cannot feel I cannot care! Their corrupt souls and their corrupt magic sustained me for decades! Even now they scream at me!”

Tears started running down her face, “And above all of that, all of that noise I hear one voice! He tells me to keep going, to be strong, to not give up! How could I disappoint him?! How?!”

She buckled back to the ground, screaming in hysteria, her tears turning scarlet. Kassadin threw a cloth over her shoulders and kneeled next to her, holding the shaking Rose close to him. Despite his horrifying voice his talking soothed her,

“That is why I did not kill you. I now recognize your power, I know of the Osengerare family. My research showed they were one of the few who could take the full corruption of the Void without becoming infected themselves, they were said to be able to even control the chaotic energy of Voidlings. I knew naught that you were the direct descendent of them, but I knew you were a good person. Your eyes cannot betray you.”

She glared at him, her teeth bared, “Why? Why do you care? You are just a monster, I can taste the evil, you exude the power of the Void!”

Kassadin nodded, “That is true, but like you I hear voices. I hear the whispers of the Elder Ones, I hear horrors which no man or beast should be subject to, but I hear one voice above all, my daughter.”

Rose finally stopped her hysterics and calmed down. Kassadin held out a wet cloth and wiped her face for her, “You remind me so much of her. She is a strong, kind girl with a heart of gold. She had been banished to the Void by their foul Prophet, and my journey will take me back there one day. She still lives, asking me to come find her, that she’s terrified, and I will come for her. But that day will not come until I am prepared, for if I went now, her life would be null and void. And I, I would fail my most beloved one. All I can do is assure her I will come, and she believes me and holds on to that hope.”

Rose got to her feet, gripping her whip tightly, “How did you gain so much power? How are you not corrupt from it?”

He bobbed his head, “At first, I gained the power of the Void through my own sheer stupidity. I was lucky I escaped their tendrils. A better question is how have I maintained this power, how have I grown stronger?” Kassadin pointed out the door, “Follow the pathway, down the mountains, past Noxus, you will eventually reach a large city-like structure called the Institute of War. The League of Legends committee is housed there, multitudes of powerful beings exist in a single place, and if you pass their tests you may be admitted. There you can gain more power and control of your abilities.”

Rose took several steps to the door but stopped in mid stride, “Kassadin.”

He regarded her with heavy eyes; she spun from the doorway, “Thank you.”

He nodded and was about to turn away when she appeared in front of him, giving him a tight hug, “I am eternally in your debt. I will not question why you decided to aid me, but when you wish to face the hell that is the Void, tell me. I will be at your side.” She released her grasp and made her way out of the door and into the brilliant sun. She had a new goal now.

Kassadin looked around, and saw a shattered picture frame. He picked it off the ground, brushing the broken glass off of it; it was a picture of him still human, his now deceased wife, and his little girl. He tenderly traced his finger on it, and then placed it on a nearby table. He muttered loudly to himself, “Why did I aid you…hmph…he who fights monsters must take care, lest he become a monster himself.”

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Grand Viper

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Rose Osangerare


Passive: Soul Absorption

Every time a minion or neutral creep dies within a certain distance to her, she gains a bonus 2/3/4 to her AD and AP as well as a 2/3/4% bonus to her ASPD. This can stack up to 6 times and lasts for 10 seconds. If a Champion dies in her vicinity then she automatically gains full stacks.

Radius: 600 (-650? Not sure)

Q: Whip Extension
Passive: Every level she gains 25/50/75/100/125 range on her melee attacks
Active: She ignites her whip, making it deal 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 of the opponent's max HP as magic dmg for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds. Gains + .5% per 45 AP + .5% per 30 bonus AD

Mana Cost: 50/75/100/125/150
Cooldown: 20 seconds

W: Hundred Demon Whip Cracking Barrage
Channeled cone skill. Lasts 4/4/3/3/2 seconds. Deals Magic damage. She strikes in front of her with such speed that none can count how many time it truly strikes. It does 300 damage in total (+0.35 AD Ratio +0.35 AP Ratio) and slows targets struck for 15/15/20/25/30% and for 4 seconds. The range of the aoe is equivalent to her current attack range, the width is 500

Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Cool down: 12/11/10/9/8
Channeled cone skill

E: Hook Shot
Skillshot snare skill, it receives the range of her whip’s range +30. Deals physical damage. Her animation should be her taking a step forward into a whipping action to give her the extra 30 range. she wraps her whip around target and snares them for 1 second, using the whip as levrage she pulls herself forward gaining 10/15/20/25/30% movement speed for 4 seconds. It also works on terrain

Magic damage 120/160/200/240/280 + Ability ratio 0.7
Mana Cost: 120/110/100/90/80
Cool Down: 14/12/10/8/6
Range: 375 +30 +(25/50/75/100/125)

R: Forbidden Might
Activate: A toggle with a 20 second cooldown. It gives a +10/15/20 tenacity/armor/MR/AD/AP as well as max stats on passive and doubles her passive's effects. Upkeep Cost: 5/7/ 9 additional health each second

Cool down: 20 Seconds


Health: 420 + 80

Health Regen: 6.5 (+0.6)

Mana: 250 (+40)

Mana Regen: 4.5 (+0.45)

Damage: 46 (+3)

Armor: 13 (+3)

Attack Speed: 0.625 (+0.02)

Magic Res: 30 (+0)

Range: 375

Move Speed: 305

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Rose Super OP.

But the story was good. A strange beginning packed with humour, a slightly cliche but still very amusing barfight, and an epic battle with Kassadin in the desert (which I was picturing in my head as one of the coolest anime scenes ever). Everything you'd ever need.

I must say, I think I much rather prefer Rose when she talks. The strong, silent type just doesn't appeal to me in girls (which is odd given my preference for Riven, but... yeah, doesn't make any sense). Needless to say, I'm looking forward to more.

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Grand Viper

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Her ratios are totally wacked but I wanted to try and make a "ranged" melee dps that rewards a do or die play style, and I can't help but think an ultimate which gives as much as it takes is really cool. If anything I would have to lower her ratios and make her ultimate raise them so she's forced to...hm... Anyhoo, I'd really only change it if I plan on using her outside of these short stories

And someone for the love of god, please remind me to put a checklist of completed stories on the front page for the next short story center I will create, I am still getting votes for stories already completed...maybe I should try and organize them so they're easier to find?

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anyone else see as similarity of Udyr vs and Chuck vs ? ( Chuck is a tv show)

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Grand Viper

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It's been awhile since I've posted here, and I would like to update a few things. First and foremost, I am almost done the first part of the Pentakill story and I'm well on my way with the first part of the Irelia and Zelos story. Approximately six pages into that. When I post the Irelia and Zelos story, I will be posting up the new fanfiction link to the short story center! Weee!

With that said, Eredaar, I looked it up afterwards and I was startled. Looks like it's a good way to make a title, eh? =p