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Which of these would you want to read first?

Udyr versus Irelia 11 19.3%
Udyr versus Lee Sin 5 8.77%
Udyr versus the Wiles of Women 16 28.07%
The Formation of Pentakill (multi part story) 10 17.54%
Karthus' Lament 3 5.26%
Wukong and Ahri 14 24.56%
Mordekaiser's Choice 6 10.53%
Irelia and Zelos (a multi part story) 11 19.3%
A OC original story set in the LoL universe 9 15.79%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 57 .

G Viper's Side Story Center!

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That was awesome. Lux has rage face!

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Grand Viper

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It honestly just looks that way, and I'm not being self decrepit.

I do a lot of planning ahead of time. The Udyr versus the Wiles of Women story I have had planned for...almost a month? I had rewritten it several times before giving up. Originally I wanted to do a story called "Udyr versus Everyone" but I thought it'd be unfair. For everyone else.

The Riven story I've been trying to figure out for...quite some time. I tried several other characters before Riven first. Hence how I`ve managed to write Udyr the way I am. I've imagined him like that for quite some time now. Several months easily by now.

The reason why the Riven story is being written "quickly" is because I have about another 70 pages saved up from the very first draft of the story. It was a lot more scattered, a lot more forced dialogue and situations. Some of the ideas are there and I use them for other things such as Udyr versus the Wiles of Women and Mordekaiser's Choice.

If I had to be honest, I think I have easily...200 pages of scrapped work, in total, sitting in my documents, just in case I have an idea I jot it down and see how it works if I write it. It's painful to say the least.

Don't feel bad about the fact that I write "fast." I really don't, and despite all my complaining about how much my thoughts are muddled in these chapters you really should see the Alpha and Beta scripts. It's like looking into the a blender.

Speaking of which, the reason the Udyr versus the Wiles of Women stopped so abruptly is because I never planned that far ahead. I have an idea as to who the next 2-4 women should be, but that'll be posted up sometime this week.

@Jaykoboy Don't worry, I still have a coupla more to go through before the short story is concluded. There's still going to be plenty of rage, misconstrued innuendos and shocking twists!

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Middle of the week? What's that? Time to wrap this story up. I may write extra parts to it overtime if I can think of any more funny questions.

U= Udyr, B= Blitzcrank, H=Horatio


H: Aaaand we're back! Udyr is..still here. Standing in the exact same spot as before. Udyr? Did you move at all?

U: ...

H: Udyr?

U: ...snerk...

H: Is he asleep?

B: -YES-

H: I don't want to wake him up. That could be lethal.


H: Udyr, you need to wake up. Please? I don't want to go over there for my own safety.

U: We are awake. We are ready.

H: Wow, light sleeper. Alright folks, you all ready? Part two of the live interview!

U: We can almost taste the excitement.

H: Apparently even Udyr is excited!

U: Apparently you cannot detect scorn

Question 4

H: O…kay then. What’s this one, Blitzcrank?


H: There’s only one card.


H: Alright, let’s take from here. It’s from… Nidalee. She asks, “Udyr, where have you been? I miss seeing you for our hunts.” You hunt with Nidalee?

U: Yes. Many times.

H: So...have you…y’know?

U: Have we what?

H: Have you…bushwhacked with her?

U: Why would we bushwhack with her? She is more than ample to do so herself.

H: Dear heavenly beings…alright. So why haven’t you hunted with her recently?

U: A demon is after us.

H: A…demon? What do you mean?

U: A demon hunts us. We must be careful.

H: You’re not making sense.

U: A nine tailed demon that looks and sounds like a mortal. It is unnatural.

H: A nine tailed…you mean Ahri? The newest Ionian accepted into the League?

U: The creature has a name?

H: That’s not fair to say Udyr, you’re an animal yourself.

U: We are the representation of several celestial gods. That thing is a monster.

H: What makes you say that?

U: It is a beast made a man without a soul.

H: Rammus was made sentient. Do you dislike him as well?

U: No, his silent wisdom precedes most sages. He is wise beyond his years.

H: Then why do you have a problem with Ahri?

U: It is the most terrifying monster ever conceived in Runeterra. It deserves death.

H: …But her…her assets. How can you ignore that?

U: Her power is great, that is true. Tell us this; it used to be a fox made into a human by wild magic. Correct?

H: Yes, that is right. So?

U: What sort of magic creates a being with such large breasts?

H: Pfft!

U: It is utterly ridiculous and frightening to think that magic can create a being that exudes the female ***.

H: But…that just means she’s…really, really…uh…hoo boy. Is it getting’ hot in here?


H: Moving on!

U: You have just made our point. We saw Nocturne, a creature born of complete malice, hate, and anger, attempt to nuzzle itself in the beast’s bosom. It can steal the heart of supernatural beings. Then there was the time it saw us in the forests. It had attempted to steal our souls then.

H: How did she manage that?

U: It asked if we wished to go hunting with it.

H: …So?

U: We almost said yes without thinking upon it. As if it was dragged from our minds. We were acting irrationally, almost drooling like complete fools. We almost lost all forms of control from a simple sentence.

H: Or maybe you think she’s hot? That’s a possibility.

U: We think it is the single most terrifying thing ever to darken our landscape.

H: But she’s your countryman.

U: Until it can control itself, we refuse to see it as such. We wish for it to be erased.

H: Maybe you should call her, y’know, her. We all know her story, and yours. You should be the last person to pass judgement so quickly. She is trying to control herself, she has made leaps and bounds in that regard. She is trying to be a person, a better one than you at any rate.

U: *Narrows eyes, fire gathers in his hand*

H: Aaaand there goes my bladder control.

U: *Calms down, fire dies out* No. Perhaps you are right. We apologize, and we will attempt communication with Ahri once more…sometime in the near future. Once we gain a bit more strength to overcome her influence. We miss the forests. Besides, prices at the bar are outrageous and we miss drinking Nidalee’s cougar juice.

H: *Chokes* Her-her what?!

U: Cougar juice. It tastes like an aromatic wine, very rich, and full of flavor. It is a type of alcohol with no properly translated name. She dubbed it hence since most have a terrible accent when attempting feline growls. She learned the recipe from her family back in the jungle. It is tradition for us to share a glass of cougar juice before and after a hunt.

H: Fine. (Lucky son of a…) On to the next question!

U: Agreed.

Question 5

H: There are literally hundreds of questions in these piles. There seems to be only one from your countrymen though.

U: Truly? Only Irelia?

H: You sound surprised. Were you expecting someone?

U: No.

H: Hmkay, lesse…Hey Blitz.

B: -YES?-

H: Were there any questions that interested you?

B: -ONE-

H: Is it in any of the piles?


U: By all means


U: Hrm. That is simple. Strong in mind, strong in body, has a sense of modesty, a sense of virtue. A sense of duty. They must be willing to fight with all their heart and soul.


U: Yes. Hence why we wish to kill her.

H: Wait, didn’t you say she was your comrade?

U: Yes. We wish to kill her, and a few others. We wish to kill Riven as well. We also wish to kill Garen Crownguard, the self-proclaimed champion Jax, every void creature, Nocturne, Renekton and Nasus to name only a few. We respect their strength.

H: …You wish to kill them.

U: Yes.

H: You fight them in the sparring pits and League sanctioned matches all the time.

U: We wish to do it outside a League match. No boundaries, no inhibiting factors. If we can slay them, that means we can overcome what strength they have.

H: Let me edit Blitzcrank’s question then. Would you ever, in this life time, fall in love?

U: No. Love is a useless emotion, not meant for those who wish to reign with their fist.

H: So you have no feelings for anyone, whatsoever? Man or woman?

U: We respect. We honor. Love is a weakness. Many succumb to it, we will not. We refuse; it would be an insult to these fists which have sacrificed everything for their strength.

H: Let’s go back to the killing thing then. Do you wish to kill Akali? You said you respected her strength.

U: If she stood in our way, then yes. We would have to, not because we would want to. She is part of the Kinkou, the elite ninja order of Valoran. We respect her and her comrades; it would pain us to have to kill them. They have an important duty.

H: Alright, this does a pretty good job clearing things up. I suppose we’ll wrap things up-


Question 6

H: The show’s almost over, who is the question from?


U: Lady Karma?

H: Does it matter? Let’s wrap u-

U: We wish to hear Lady Karma’s inquiry.

H: Oh? Alright then. Blitzcrank, pass me the question.

*A giant fist rockets towards Horatio, he dodges just in time as the fist slams at his feet*


H: Noted. Thoroughly noted. Ach-hem, “I have a meeting with Noxian officials in half an hour. Would you accompany me?” That’s it? What a st-”

U: Gladly.

H: What?


U: We have accompanied the good Lady Karma many times during her meetings. We act as her guardians.

H: Her guardians? How often do you see Karma?

U: Whenever we can. She is quite busy outside of League matches. When we are not needed in a fight, we accompany Lady Karma wherever she goes.

H: Is she not strong enough to take care of herself?

U: Not at all.

H: Then why are you needed?

U: She is valuable to us.

H: Oh?

U: To Ionians in general.

H: Of course that’s what you meant. Tell me, is she modest?

U: Yes.

H: Is she a virtuous woman?

*Udyr simply glares at Horatio. Despite being attacked before, Horatio starts shivering. He feels like he is staring at death itself.*

H: M-moving on! Then why do you value her so much?

U: …She is the representative of the Ionians. She is valuable.

H: But isn’t it true that you actually did not associate with the Ionians until the Ionian versus Noxian rematch? In fact, you flat out refused to aid them in many matches prior to that event?

U: Yes. Matters were different then.

H: Do you consider yourself an Ionian?

U: Udyr was born an Ionian. We no longer label ourselves such.

H: But then why do you care about the state of Karma?

U: …

H: Do you wish to kill her? To show your strength?

U: …That would prove me being nothing more than a monster.

H: I suppose, Karma is one of the more stately….Wait, did I just hear you right?

U: …

H: Blitzcrank, did he say what I think he said?


H: I’m positive he did. He even seems speechless! So Udyr, what-


H: Yes Blitzcrank?


H: Bwuh?

*Blitzcrank’s arm tears forward, slapping Horatio off his feet and sends him soaring. The crystal ball immediately loses its’ enchantment and dims in light. Udyr turns to face Blitzcrank*


U: We thank you. Although we are sure we heard Jax iterate that saying in a different manner. How could we repay you?


U: You may. We have nothing to hide. We apologize for the punishment you will receive for harming him.


*Udyr gets up and walks out of the room*

The thunderous steps of Udyr boomed as he marched out of the room, down the hallway he could see a lithe figure dressed in black and white. Her soft, graceful stride seemed to overpower Udyr’s steps. He bowed his head to her, muttering, “How do you fare, Lady Karma?”

Karma’s kimono slightly fluttered about her, a strange otherworldly grace seemed to perch itself on her shoulders, keeping her posture straight and regal. “I fare well, Udyr. I watched the interview.”

“Ah. Yes.” Udyr grumbled at her.

Karma’s tittered in response, “You did not have to attend it. I could have stopped the Ionian Council from strong arming you into it.”

Udyr grunted, “No, it had to be done. We were harming Ionia’s reputation simply because people are too stupid to figure out what our words mean. They need someone to explain it word for word. It is a miracle humans are not extinct yet.”

Karma drew back; she appeared hurt by his words, “Oh? You would want us extinct?”

Udyr’s demeanor surprisingly turned soft, “No, Lady Karma…Please, let us be off. You will be late for your meeting otherwise.”

Karma walked side by side with Udyr. She smirked at him, “So what was with all of those innuendos?”

Udyr broke out laughing, “He thought we misunderstood him. We simply took his words literally and we spoke truthfully. What foolish men we meet, hm?”

Karma raised a coy eyebrow, “Cougar juice? I am more than sure that Nidalee coined it Kumungu wine.”

Udyr’s laughter toned down into a chuckle, “A quaint jest. We hope that will please and lessen her anger towards us.”

“And what about the genetics comment? He completely missed the fact of a man who lived in a forest his entire life knew about the laws of genetics.” Karma’s smile did not peter.

Udyr scratched his beard, “We think that simply went over his head. After all, we have a year long subscription to Heimerdinger’s ‘Big Rig and Hextech Science’ magazine.”

Karma threw a look at Udyr, trying to read him. Udyr broke out laughing, “It is an interesting read. Our personal collection of literature is grand. It is the only reason why we would keep a room in the Institute. The forest is a terrible place to keep any form of writings. We came to that conclusion after the fifth malicious chipmunk.”

Karma’s smile returned, “You should come see the library of the Ionian Elders. I have access to it and all its’ secrets. You are more than welcome to the collection. And I swear: no malicious chipmunks darken their archives.”

Udyr looked frontward, his eyes a gentle glow, “We may take you up on that offer, Lady Karma.”

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A surprising end if I do say so myself. But somehow... right?

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Karma and Udyr, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s



*Disappears into the horizon, flying at high speeds*

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What's this? It's short story time? You know it is!

Udyr versus Lee Sin!

***This is actually more focused on Lee Sin, but it helps the development of Udyr's character. And like I said, I really, really looked at Fist of the North Star for some things. And I will tell you ahead right now, Udyr's "ultimate" technique is pure speculation. I always thought it was strange how he refers to himself as "Us, our, we" while he maintains five animal spirits (if you count the monkey like I do) in him but he can only use one (or two if you count the monkey) at the same time. No energy beams or anything, just pure manly fisticufffs. Disclaimer over!

Lee Sin versus Udyr

Part 1/2

Thunder. Crashing. From where? A man with a shaven head, save for the single braid of hair, looked around. His eyes were bandaged with an orange cloth, the hallway and corridors made the sound echo. He focused harder; he could pinpoint the source of the sound. A fist flew out; the man craned underneath the fist and answered with a strike of his own. His strike tapped his attacker softly, the aggressor chuckled, “It has been a while, Lee. We had heard you were to come to the League.”

Lee smirked at him, “Udyr. How long were you waiting here for? A week? Two?”

The burly man whom Lee regarded as Udyr stretched his immense shoulders, “We have waited for nearly two decades for this. Come.” Udyr spun on his heel and walked down the hall, Lee followed suit.

So many smells, so many sounds. Lee followed the strongest smell, that of Udyr. He could smell the pelts that he had decorated himself with over the years, but he could also smell those that he had earned: Those of the celestial creatures. He could smell the ever burning embers of the phoenix. He could hear the primal fury of the bear. He could feel the tranquil nature of the turtle. He could sense the might of the tiger. He could even distinguish the playful nature of the monkey. What he could not smell, hear, feel, sense or distinguish was the human inside Udyr. Was he so far gone?

Lee felt the ground change from stone to grass; he could smell the forest and the wild. The sounds of animals played in his ears. Udyr stopped in mid walk, turning to face Lee. He spoke up, his voice full of regret, “Lee, we have waited so long and now…You have lost your sight. You sacrificed your own sight for those stupid weaklings. We wished to face you but now you would hardly provide a challenge. Was it worth it?”

Lee’s smirk did not disappear, “I was accepted into the League for a reason Udyr. If I was asked to I would sacrifice anything and everything for those people. Perhaps you are too frightened to face a man who can truly see?”

Udyr fell silent, than broke out in a chuckle, “You say we are frightened? You have become bold, Lee. We hope you can back up such words.”

Lee shifted his feet, “Are you sure you want to now? I have just passed the League Judgement, I tire. Could we perhaps delay this for another day?”

Udyr cocked an eyebrow, “How long will you require?”

Lee scratched his goatee, “I say… about a thousand years. Give or take one.”

A snort followed Udyr’s response. “Bold and a poor attempt at humour. Surprising, coming from you. What makes you think you can defeat us? We who have been chosen by the heavens to represent their judgement upon this earth? Our rage, our anger, our fury will rend you asunder. We will not pity you.”

Udyr’s body became wreathed in flames; Lee swept his foot back and took a stance. With a slight bow of his head Udyr charged forward. Lee did not move while Udyr barrelled down on him. Lee could feel the air shift, the ground tremble; he could feel the heat start licking at his skin. Now was his chance. Udyr was in mid stride when Lee struck, a foot squarely planting itself on Udyr’s chin.

The beastly man was catapulted into the air; Lee did not let up his attack. He leapt up after Udyr who attempted to regain control in mid-air. Lee swung his leg up and then crashed downwards with a horrifyingly powerful axe kick, sending Udyr plummeting to the earth. Lee suprisingly landed first, softly and gently. This was quickly followed by the thunderous crash of Udyr.

Udyr struggled to his feet, the flames crackling around him. Lee spoke pointedly, “You cannot beat me, not anymore.”

A low chuckle was heard, which grew into laughter. Udyr slammed the ground in glee, “We were wrong! You do have some fight in you!”

Lee frowned at him, “You still have no chance.”

Udyr’s laughter did not die down, “Lee, just because you struck us does not mean much. Our iron body has taken gunfire, it has taken the brunt of the Void itself, it has faced the harshest colds of the Northern mountains, we have faced the avatar of the sun. Our body has faced numerous trials and tribulations the likes you cannot possibly understand. One or two strikes will not break our will.”

Lee bowed towards Udyr, “That is where you are wrong. I have undergone trials and tribulations you will never be able to understand. And for doing so, I have already won.”

Udyr collapsed to one knee, grabbing his chest in agony. How was this possible? His arms felt limp, he struggled to grab his chin, it was throbbing. It felt…burnt? But no heat was emitted, none that he felt. His mighty hand slammed the ground, he would not fall. Not like this. “The mighty Udyr does not know the meaning of the word defeat! We will not run, we will not back off, we will not surrender! We will crush you!”

Lee danced his feet back and forth, back and forth as he moved his arms. He stopped suddenly, flicked his nose and beckoned Udyr to come at him. Udyr rose to his feet, “I will grant you this honor: My full might!”

Lee drew back; he noticed the change in Udyr’s speech. He could no longer detect all five of the celestial animals, now he could only perceive one being. He could detect hints of each celestial animal within, but a realization hit Lee. This was Udyr’s human form, the combination of each celestial animal. Even Udyr’s voice changed, it became deeper and more threatening than before, “Very few have seen my true power and lived. Do not disappoint me!” Something felt off though, it sounded like he was forcing himself to speak in such a manner. No matter.

Lee readied himself, he will fight. He owed Udyr this much. After all, if it wasn’t for Udyr all those years ago he would not be here today.

It was about twenty years ago, Lee had been living in the Ionian Shojin monastery for two years now. He had not spoken a word since that horrible accident. His fellow Shojin monks let him be, he would come to his own conclusions at his own pace. This year was different from others though. Every five years every monastery in Ionian gathered together for a makeshift tournament. This was done purely for sport and friendly competition for most of the schools. Only once in a while did it have importance. Lee was made to attend to it despite not wishing to. The reasoning was for him to associate with the other monks, to form comradeship and to hopefully make him speak.

The two most prominent monasteries were the Shojin monastery, that which Lee belonged to, and that of the Hirana. The art of these schools came from the reverence of the Celestial animals that reigned in Ionia. There were nine monasteries dedicated to the Celestials, seven of them for each animal and two of these schools were meant to attain Enlightenment through the Celestial creatures. By gaining the blessing of each animal they would be able to gain the blessing of the Dragon eventually, which in turn would grant Enlightenment. However both schools had their own way of what Enlightenment meant and should be used for. Those of the Hirana believed that a controlled mind and body was the perfect weapon, meant to safeguard the world from any evils that may befall it. Those of the Shojin believed that Enlightenment should be meant to educate others, and to show them how to reach their own Enlightenment. Both forms of martial arts could be destructive if used for any other reason.

Each generation a successor is chosen to these schools, a chosen one to become the symbol of the monastery and to represent the soul of their art. Each time these tournaments happened, a successor was chosen or judged accordingly. If judged to be poor, they would be swapped out and a new one would be chosen.

Lee passively watched the tournament go by, match after match, fight after fight. Each time a monk lost, he would bow to his opponent respectfully. And the victor would reciprocate. Only one young man did not. His black gi had the symbol of the Hirana monastery. Each strike of his was devastating and brutal. Every time his opponent would try to block his strike, the sound of shattered bone would echo through the air. He refused to bow to any of his opponents, and at most would insult them for their weakness. He was not a lithe youth, he was well muscled and of decent size. His clean shaven face was contrasted by the wild mane of hair that flowed down his back.

The days flew by, and this youth tore through any competition. Even the expected successor of the Shojin monks was taken down like an inept child. The youth laughed as he was crowned the successor to the Hirana monastery and the champion of the tournament. The other monks murmured with one another, somewhat displeased with the harsh fighting style and rude nature the youth had exhibited. Lee watched all the fights with disinterest. He was too busy mulling in his own despair to really care about what happened in front of him. The youth turned to a wizened old monk, presumably his master. He seemed to exchange some words, than made his way to Lee.

The young champion glared at him, “They tell us your name is Lee.”

Lee did not respond nor did he acknowledge the youth. The youth snorted, “Look at me when I talk to you.”

Lee looked up at the newly crowned champion, than promptly looked away. The youthful brute shook his fist at Lee, “You did not participate. All are required to participate in the tournament, save for the masters.”

No response. He growled and slapped Lee soundly across the face. The Shojin monks shot up and moved to aid Lee, but were stopped by the Hirana master. The youth grabbed Lee’s gi and forced him to his feet, “What’s wrong? Can’t fight? Are you mute or stupid?”

A fist thundered into Lee’s jaw, throwing him to the ground. The young champion’s fist glowed with fire, “We were chosen by the heavens themselves to carry their spirit, and now we were chosen by the Hirana to carry their art. You will show us respect. On your feet.”

Lee got up and bowed to the brutish youth, he squinted, “Bark like a dog.”

Lee barked at him. Lee did not want any trouble; he wished to be left alone. The youth grew infuriated, “Down on your knees, dog.”

Lee sank to his knees while the young man raised his fist, “Why do you not talk? Why do you not care?”

Lee bowed his head, waiting for the expected strike. The young man grinded his teeth in anger, “Coward. You are a coward. You are not a man. You do not wish to fight. You do not even wish to defend yourself. You simply accept, as if it is inevitable, as if your life is forfeit. You deserve death. Just like the rest of them.”

Shock ran through Lee’s mind. Did this young man know what he had done? He looked at the champion, his eyes asking for an answer. The champion roared in laughter,

“You wonder what we mean! Good! We have killed many. Many Ionians, many bandits, many merchants, even those you deemed innocent have fallen to this fist. None stood in our way! Yet here we are, willing to fight, willing to face any challenge and doing so on our feet. And you? You will die a dog, for a man would face any challenge no matter the difficulty! They would stand for themselves and keep walking, keep moving no matter how crippled they are! Now, lie down and die!”

The champion swung his mighty fist. Lee clumsily dodged and punched the unprepared youth in the gut. Much to the amazement of everyone there, the young champion flew off his feet and halfway across the fighting ground. He skidded on the floor, coughing from the force that had struck him. Lee was shaking, his legs trembled. He shakily spoke, “I-I…I am not a dog…I am a man.”

The young champion leapt to his feet, took a step forward then fell face first. He gripped at his stomach, a fist shaped bruise glistened. That was the first strike anyone had landed on him in the entire tournament. He got back to his feet, “Are you, dog?”

Lee’s shakes stopped, he became angry, “I am not a dog. You will call me by name: Lee Sin.”

Steam escaped the young champion’s mouth and nostrils, his eyes glowed with viciousness. “Will I? Make me.”

The young champion raced forward. Fist after fist pummeled Lee. But he did not give up. If he gave up, he would be killed. Did he want to die? No. The fact that thought even crossed his mind angered him. He had to make penitence. He had run from it before, which is why he was here. He had run away to the monastery because he could not face his sins. He wanted to take responsibility, hence why he swore to never practice magic again. But that was not enough, he knew that now. What then did he need to do? He wasn’t sure, but if he died now he would never find out.

The youth was laughing all the while he pummeled Lee. His presence and stances constantly, Lee felt fire burn his chest, he felt claws tear his arms, he felt pure unrelenting force strike his jaw and any attack he attempted to make felt like it hit a stone wall… no, a shell would be more apt. He danced around Lee, tearing and attacking him from every direction. This was the most vicious barrage he committed, yet Lee did not fall. The Shojin successor fell after a single strike from Udyr while Lee withstood the unrelenting punishment. He could feel his life slip away and if he did not do something then the youth would easily claim him. Enough was enough. Lee let instinct take over. He grabbed the youth’s arm, pulled him in and head butted him square in the face.

The sound of bone breaking echoed. The young champion reeled back, blood ran down his nose. Lee stepped towards him and put all his might in this next strike: full weight of his body, all of his strength into this single kick. It struck true and lifted the young man into the air. His body flipped from the force of the blow, Lee fell to one knee and rubbed his leg gingerly. It felt like he pulled had every muscle in it. The youth landed a second later, the crowd was dead silent. Lee staggered to his feet, limping his way over. He stood over the youth, stretching a hand out, “I am sorry for hurting you. Please, forgive me. I am Lee Sin.”

The young champion spat out some blood, clasped Lee’s hand, and then threw him to the ground. He stood over Lee, grinning broadly, “Our name is many, but I am known as Udyr. Do not apologize. Men do not apologize, they act.”

That was the first time they had met and the first time they had fought. For the next ten years, they would meet up in each tournament and they would fight. Udyr was already crowned champion that tournament, and so their rivalry began the next one. Lee won the next tournament, decimating Udyr by breaking his arm and leg. The next tournament Udyr won by knocking Lee out using a death defying suplex.

Between these tournaments the Hirana monastery would make sporadic visits to the Shojin monastery every now and then and vice cersa. And with every visitation the two would fight and discuss matters both philosophical and contemporary. Udyr’s brutal and ferocious style was contrasted by the calm and tranquil ways of Lee Sin. There never was a true victor in their fights for neither knew the meaning of the word defeat. Every time they would fight new injuries would be scarred in them, adding to their rivalry and to their brotherhood.

Then one fateful day, the Noxians invaded Ionia. Lee was content with the Shojin monastery, and did not wish to venture out from it. Each monastery was well hidden enough to not be found by the Noxian forces easily, and some were so out of reach in their placement that no one fool hardy enough would try attacking it. During this time the Hirana master died. Udyr was expected to take over, but he refused.

He left that responsibility to another monk and ventured out. Udyr came to visit Lee Sin one last time and asked for him to join him in his journey. He had a destiny he had to follow. It was time for Lee to leave the monastery and face the world. Lee did not wish to abandon the monastery however, especially during a time of war. He hoped Udyr would understand.

“Coward! This is how you treat yourself?!” Udyr smashed a stone pillar; the rubble fell on the pelts which now littered his broad shoulders. His muscular body only became bigger and more muscled with age. A short beard had now grown upon his jaw, his eyes hardened with battle fury. “They are weak! You are not! If they wish to survive they will defend themselves! Join us!”

Lee shook his head, “It is because they are not strong enough I must stay. If worse comes to worse, I will be needed here.”

Udyr pointed at him accusingly, “You do not wish to face your actions! You need to leave this temple! If they deserve life they will fight for it!”

“I am content! And how selfish are you?! I will not leave my fellow man to die! What of your monks, did you abandon them? Your friends?!” Lee shot back.

Udyr laughed, “Fellow man? Friends?! They are fodder for our fists! We have no need of friends, of comradeship! We pity none! This is combat, this is fighting! Hatred, anger, rage, fury, these are what are needed! The killing instinct! The primal rage! What will you gain from compassion?!”

Lee scowled at Udyr, “Then why did you ask me to join you, if not for companionship?”

“Because we wish to kill you. You are our enemy, you are our rival. We will never claim the heavens until we surpass our own limitations! Only you have given us a challenge!” Udyr’s body emanated battle chi, he was getting worked up and quickly.

Lee brushed him away, “Your master had defeated you many times. If he was still alive he would be your challenge.”

Udyr grinned, “No, he would not. We killed him.”

Lee’s face was drained of color. Udyr continued, “We asked him for one final fight, to see how far we had come. We slew him. We need more challenges.”

Lee swept his hand towards the temple entrance, “Then get out of here and go fight the Noxians! Go help Ionia! Fight something! Just get out!”

Udyr broke out laughing once more, “Fight the Noxians? Help Ionia? Why should we care? If the Noxians take over the Ionians, we will fight them then. They will have become stronger than the Ionians, and we will have a challenge. If they do not, then the Ionians will provide a worthy challenge. Fight something? We wish to fight you. We fight because we want to fight for ourselves, we fight for our ambition. You are our next step in attaining thus. And what of you? Why do you not help your fellow Ionian?”

Lee barked at him, “Because I am needed here! If I am not here when the Noxians come then the monastery will fall”

Udyr pointed all around the temple while making his point,

“You are situated halfway up a mountain! There is a forest at the base to provide more cover and you have fields and fresh water a stone’s throw from here! You could last indefinitely while the Noxians would have to send legion after legion into an uphill battle with little to no sustenance! Even if they had desire to come here, all of the Noxians are in the South West! They are a month’s trek away from reaching this secluded monastery if they knew precisely where to look! You are a part of one of the most powerful martial art monasteries in Ionia, and you need to defend them?!”

Udyr shook his head, “You never changed Lee. We had hoped you had, but you lied to us. Never again.”

Udyr turned around and made his way out of the temple, he hollered, “When we meet again, if you have not changed, I will kill not a man but a dog.”

Another year or two went by, a few events happened here and there including the induction of a certain person into the monastery. Her stay was not long, but he could see how it aided her. It helped her ready herself and to venture on her own. Her strength wavered, her ideas were not sound, but she still wanted to try and make things right. Her sins and his were not so different, yet she wanted to try and face them. She struck out on her own to face them head on, while he stayed back. What had he done in all these years?

A few more years passed by, and Lee Sin saw a young girl give a passionate speech. The Ionians were considering surrendering to the Noxians, and not even the enlightened Karma could persuade them to change their course. This young girl, full of sound and fury, persuaded all of Ionian to keep fighting. She had lost almost everything and she refused to surrender. What a noble idea, but that is all it is, an idea. Lee sat back and watched, and was shocked. The young girl led the Ionians to victory, driving the most of the Noxians out of Ionia. The young girl, Irelia, eventually blossomed into a fine young woman. No, she blossomed into a fine warrior, willing to fight for her beliefs and for her people.

A few more years later, after Ionia had been accepted into the League Irelia made another speech. When Ionia was first inducted they challenged the Noxians to reclaim territory that they had conquered, in Ionia. They were going to let this lie; Irelia had spent years trying to convince the Ionian people to stand up for their rights. This time, she could not convince them. Even Karma tried her plea once more, but the League would not listen.

There was no mass backing for such a request, only a few Ionians wanted true freedom. Lee saw Irelia twist in the wind, the Ionian people bowing their heads. They had lost, and they could not win. Irelia had motivated them once, but their despair had set so far in it was a losing battle. She never gave up though, she kept fighting and kept trying. Lee could hear Udyr’s words echo, “Why do you not help your fellow Ionian?”

“Because I am needed here!”

Lee chuckled, he had been right. He had been needed here, but not at the monastery. He ventured out for the first time in nearly two decades, and made his way to the Ionian Lotus Garden, the centre of the Imperial Palace in Ionia. Irelia was in the middle of a speech, Lee approached her and told her to follow along with what he is about to do. He sat in the middle of the garden and set himself ablaze with his own magic, the very same he swore never to use. He sat in the center for weeks on end, the fire crackling at his skin. The first reaction people had was to attempt to put out the flames. They tried so to no avail, and Lee made his plea. He will sit there and burn, without food or water, until the League gave the Ionians another chance.

All of the most regarded Ionians visited him during this time: Irelia, Karma, Soraka, the order of the Kinkou, Master Yi of the Wuju style. They admired what he was doing for them and they offered whatever services they could.

Several weeks passed, Lee could feel his muscles start to atrophy. The fire had caused immense damage to him despite his superhuman level of control. He heard familiar footsteps; he opened his eyes to no avail. The heat blinded him. He heard a voice, “You have made your choice. Your soul burns brightly.”

Udyr. Lee wanted to smile, but he needed to keep concentrating. Udyr continued, “These people, these Ionians, they do not deserve such a worthy man. You do not deserve this. Who made you do this?”

Lee could not utter a word, he wanted to but his throat was burned beyond recognition. He needed to keep the concentration. Udyr reached into the flames, patting his shoulder, “We will find those responsible for making you do this, and we will make them pay. You will have vengeance, I swear it my friend. We will fight again, in this life or the next.”

Lee could hear Udyr walk away, his thunderous footsteps sounded like the patter of rain. Lee finally moved for the first time in all these weeks, touching his face. He was crying, despite all the fire and all the heat he was crying. Then he heard a voice.

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Part 2/2

Udyr roared, all of his power converged on him, his aura was ever shifting. Lee could not pinpoint where he was, it was as if he was facing one being then six beings, then one. The auras kept changing, the presence kept moving. Despite this he blocked every strike thrown at him. Udyr broke out laughing, “My blood boils! You are fighting very well Lee! Come! Show me more! Show me your will!”

Each strike Udyr threw was an amalgamation of all his techniques, each burned, each had enough force to split a mountain and each was able to slice through steal. Lee used his agility and speed to keep up with Udyr, blocking a strike then rapidly punching him in response. Any time Lee did manage a strike, he felt as if he was striking hardened steel. For each strike was a split second too slow Udyr would laugh as he twisted and convulsed his body into impossible positions thanks to agility of the Monkey, “You have not been chosen by the heavens to win this fight! You cannot and will not win!”

Lee leapt away, and exhaled a sharp breath. The infamous ki shout, not only did it make Udyr stagger for a moment but it emitted a sonic wave to Lee actually see who he was fighting. Lee leapt at him, kicking Udyr in the throat. Udyr laughed it off and grabbed Lee’s leg, throwing him into the ground. Udyr was trying to snap his leg, this was bad. “You fought well! I am deemed to have won, the heavens have spoken! This is fate!”

Lee grunted out, “If it is fated, then so be it. But I will not let fate decide so easily!”

Lee pulled his leg towards him and Udyr along with it. He lifted his leg and made a broad arc, stomping his foot on the ground. Udyr slammed downwards shortly after. Lee struck downwards with all his might, the force of the blow caused a shockwave that made the nearby trees teeter. Lee leapt away and out of sight. Udyr got back up, looking for his quarry. Lee reappeared and kicked his knee from underneath him. Before he could react Lee had disappeared and reappeared again, kneeing him in the jaw. Udyr could feel the heat with every strike Lee made, yet no fire was visible. Lee disappeared and quickly aimed for Udyr’s back, to which Udyr responded with a kick of his own. Lee skidded away, clutching at his ribs. “We have won,” Udyr stated flatly.

Before Lee could respond his chest burst into flames, long gashes spouted blood and his ribs felt like they were impaling his innards. Udyr turned to face him; Lee could see the powerful ki gathering about his rival. “The only time I was allowed to use this ultimate technique in a League match was when I was first inducted. The Summoner fell into a coma from the power it emitted. This attack alone had caused the League to shut down all activities while they repaired the damages. My Summoner at the time dubbed it ‘Celestial Wrath.’ A quaint if not inappropriate name. You, my greatest rival, shall taste it and know true despair.”

Lee Sin could actually perceive what was going on. He could see the celestial animals gathering around Udyr, they rose from him as he raised his glowing fist to the skies, “With this strike, I strike at your fate! I strike at your ideals! I strike at your beliefs! If you wish to overcome me, if you wish to be a true man then you must overcome the Soul of My Fist!”

Udyr rushed forward, all the Celestial beasts shrieked with Udyr. Six beings charged at Lee and converged into a single fist. Lee Sin took a step back and readied himself. He was prepared; he knew what must be done. But first, he must render judgement.

It was in the final days of him igniting himself that Udyr had come and seen him, and he started to cry. He had heard a voice call to him; it was brilliant, full of fury, full of anger, but so comforting. “Dear mortal, why do you cry?”

Lee responded to the voice, “Because only now do I realize what I need to do, it took this long to realize my purpose in life. And though I will die, I will die fulfilling it.”

“You do not cry from the pain? You are willing to die, for what? For power? For glory? Do you wish to be remembered?”

Lee’s tears still streamed down his face, his skin bubbled, “This pain is nothing. I am more than willing to die for my countrymen. For my friend.”

“Even though they do not deserve such a sacrifice? Even though you have killed innocents? You have the ability to put out the flames yourself at a moment’s notice.” The raging voice still soothed him.

“My sins, my sins are great. But I do not do this out of repentance. I do not do this because I feel like I owe anyone anything. I do this because I am needed and this is what is needed of me. If I die now, I die because I helped those who cannot help themselves. It matters not if they deserve it, I am not the judge.” Lee could feel his skin start to crackle, his fat gurgled. His concentration was waning.

“Do you know who I am?”

“I believe so.” Lee did know. “I have heard you before; Udyr’s voice resembles yours and your brothers and sisters. You are the Phoenix.”

“I suppose. Tell me Lee Sin, do you know who the Celestial animals are?”

Lee rattled them off, “The Turtle, the Monkey, the Tiger, the Bear, the Wolf, the Phoenix and the Dragon.”

“You do know what each beast represents, yes?”

“I do.” Lee’s arms wavered, but the tears kept flowing.

“Why do you think Udyr has not received the blessing of the Dragon, the Celestial of creation?”

“I do not know.” Lee admitted. “I am not sure why he does not have the blessing of the Wolf either.”

“That was the first Celestial he was blessed with, and it had driven him to madness. He became an Asura. The Wolf is not a lone animal; it must be with a pack. It must understand the importance of one’s self and that of others. It must care for its own and be swift to punish its enemies. We had sent the master of the Hirana monastery to calm the beast that was Udyr. Because he did not understand this concept the blessing had been taken away from him. He has yet earned the right to it. Despite having the wisdom, the courage, the strength of five of the Celestials he cannot possess the Wolf. Yet you, you have exhibited every single trait of each of these Celestials. Even now you are bathing in fire, like that of the Phoenix. You are within reach of immense power. Do you not want it?”

Lee shook his head, “I do not desire power. I wish to only help my fellow man.”

“But if you had the power? If you had such power, what then would you do?”

Lee groaned out louder than he expected, the pain was becoming nearly unbearable. “I would help! No matter what, no matter whom, I would look after them! Be it man, woman, child! Be it Ionian, Noxian, Demacian, Rakkor! Be it man or machine! Beast or sane! Strong or weak! Justice would be served!”

The voice cooed at him “And that is why Udyr will never attain that of the Dragon if he continues to follow his path. You speak truthfully. You have passed my test and my judgement.”

“Then you are not the Phoenix.” Lee was confused. “You are the Dragon. But that is impossible.”

“Silly mortal, nothing is impossible. I am the Dragon, the Celestial of creation.”

“But Udyr has been granted the blessing of every Celestial save for you and the Wolf! Please, I am not worthy.”

The laughter that rang in his ears eased the pain he was feeling, despite the flames burning hotter,

“Yet you are the Successor of the Shojin. You may never have accepted the title, but all your companions and your Master agreed. Is it not strange that the Hirana and the Shojin are the only schools with a single successor? Udyr was chosen from birth to be the successor, and he will become it. It is his destiny. Your role as successor of the Shojin is to educate him and to lead him to his ultimate destiny. Without you, his dearest friend, he will be lost and he will be consumed by his own ambition. Before you came he was walking the darkened path. When you two met the first time, a little light shone in his darkness. He had started to understand that he was missing. He needs a guide, a friend."

Lee furrowed his brow, “Are you saying all you want me to do is to guide Udyr? I do not need your power for that. With mine alone I have already guided him and helped others. I do not need the power of a Celestial to do so.”

“Your fate, unlike his, is not tied. He was born to become our avatar. He will become thus, he wishes to become it. He is the first to be born in a thousand years to be able to house our spirits. What he will do with such power, we hope he will be cleansed when he achieves it. But you, you can use all the power that I could bequeath upon you to follow your heart. By helping others, you will help him. By being yourself, you will strengthen him. And if he ever falls off the path, you can silence him. You have a choice unlike him; he made his decision many years ago. I must tell you, you cannot house our spirit in your body. My blessing will both give and take from you. Will you still take my blessing, Lee Sin of Ionia, Successor to the Shojin?”

Lee contemplated for a full half hour. He could feel the presence in his head resting, knowing he was deliberating with himself. He eventually bowed his head, “I…I will. Thank you for the honor.”

The Dragon roared in laughter once more, “You spend all of that time pondering yet you do not even ask if you will have to relinquish your power! Worthy human, of whose race I had created, you honor me. Let the might of creation be at your fingertips. You shall see what others cannot. My judgement is your judgement.”

Lee’s flesh instantly mended itself, almost all of his wounds dissipated despite the fire still burning. A new voice called out to him, “Master Lee! Master Lee! The League has agreed! Someone, extinguish the flames! Get him out of there! Someone, bring water!”

It was Irelia. Lee smiled, and with a quick gesture the flames dissipated. He felt a towel be thrown over him and attempted to clean him off. A bowl was pressed to his lips, he sipped at it. He was not that thirsty or hungry despite his fasting. A new voice spoke up, it was the Starchild Soraka, “By the heavens…all this ash but not one burn…how?”

Irelia spoke excitedly “Master Lee, your demonstration worked! We are to face the Noxians once more, justice can be rendered! You gave us another chance! Listen to them Lee, look at their faces! You did all of this!”

Lee kept smiling, his head still bowed. He could hear thousands of voices cheering; the deafening silence of one was all he needed to hear. Udyr was in the crowd. Lee could feel his murderous intentions, but he could also feel the relief that washed over his friend. Irelia spoke up once more, “Master Lee? Why do you not look?”

Lee glanced at her, his eyelids flickering. He could see everyone’s spirit, everyone’s soul and even their chi. He stared at Irelia’s aura, the colors pulsed from her. But alas, he could not see her face. Irelia gasped out, “Y-Your eyes! Soraka, is there anything you can do?”

Lee stopped Soraka’s hand. He smiled at Irelia, “What is wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Irelia’s aura changed, it was now sad and despairing. “Lee…your eyes…”

Lee shook his head, “Do not worry Irelia, what you see I can see. What I can see, you cannot. Your spirit shines brightly Irelia; do not let it dim because of me.”

Lee took sure steps forward, gazing up to the sun. He could not see the brightness, but he could feel the warmth. He knew what he must do. He had his purpose.

Udyr charged at Lee, Lee could see all the violent energy surrounding Udyr, but something was different. Amidst all the rage, all the anger, all the fury, he saw a spark of emotion. Not of anger, not of rage and not of fury. The very same emotion he saw back then. Lee smiled, Udyr had not regressed. In fact, the glow seemed brighter. Heatless flames sprung from Lee’s body, his chi had manifested itself. “Feel the Dragon’s Rage.”

Lee inhaled and shot out a rocket punch, exhaling sharply “Ah-tah!” He struck Udyr’s incoming fist, the sound of bone breaking echoed throughout the Institute.

Udyr’s auras dropped, the Celestials withdrew, Lee could almost see the look of disbelief plastered on his face. The only aura that remained was that of Udyr’s human soul. It shone brilliantly. “You…you defeated my fist?”

Lee Sin readied himself, and fired off a cataclysmic roundhouse kick connecting with Udyr’s, screaming, “Wah-taaaah!” A sonic boom tore throughout the Institute, shaking its very foundations.

A bunch of Summoners and champions rushed out, looking for the source of such an attack. All they saw was Lee Sin, standing alone. No damage could be seen, in fact the area around him seemed to bloom with new life. Not a trace of their battle was left. Even the once flowing blood from Lee’s wounds was staunched. He took a step forward. Then another, and then another.

Nearly a full mile away laid Udyr. His chest heaved slowly up and down, he looked at his body. He was a mess; he could barely move his arms. His body felt like it was shattered. He tried getting up, the broken bones becoming more obvious. He groaned and got to his feet. He refused to lie down, he was Udyr. He stumbled forward; the rustle of bushes pricked his ears. Lee Sin walked through them, Udyr chuckled, “Lost. I have lost. Well done.”

Lee clasped Udyr’s hand with a firm shake, than heaved one of the burly man’s arms over his own shoulder. They stepped in stride; Udyr coughed out a red mist and wiped his mouth, “You were blessed by the Dragon. How did this come to be?”

“It was not simple; I had to give up everything.” Lee smirked as Udyr became aggravated.

“Give up everything? I have already done so, and yet I do not have Its blessing.” Udyr spat out more blood while he spoke.

Lee looked at him, “Tell me, do you have the aspect of the Wolf?”

Udyr shook his head, “No. I do not know why, but he will not join his soul with mine. Never has. Even the mighty Phoenix, the conquering Celestial, the Celestial of rebirth, has granted me Its strength. Only the Dragon can trump such power, but It will not even confer with I.”

“There is wisdom in that, Udyr. What is easier, creation or destruction?”

Udyr grumbled, “What a stupid question. To create is harder, but that is not what life is. Look at what these creatures that call themselves men do. Look at how they prattle and act, how they squabble and argue. They disgust me. Look at their so called accomplishments. But we…we are men. What is it that you can do that is so much greater than I?”

Lee glanced at Udyr, despite the tonation and his words Lee could see the truth. A glimmer of emotion bore itself Udyr’s aura, a glimmer of white. “Does this mean you will give up your dream?”

Udyr chuckled, grasping his ribcage in pain, despite his shattered hand, “No. I will not. I will never give up, you know that. You do know this will be your only chance to kill me?”

Lee smirked, “I am aware. I am however not aware as to where we are supposed to be going.”

“What?” Udyr shot him a glance, “What do you mean?”

Lee shrugged, “It’s not like I can see where to go. I’m completely lost. I think we’re in a forest or something? Some wooded area?”

Udyr fell silent then broke out chuckling once more, “First and foremost, I would let me take point. I am terrible with directions myself. I simply know how to get to places, if I were to tell you we would become more lost.”

“Not like I’m any better.”

Udyr’s chuckling slowly turned into laughter. Lee joined him in his merriment. Udyr abruptly stopped, his tone still light, “Lee, we will fight again. And I will win.”

“Of course Udyr. Whenever you’re ready I’ll be waiting.”

***I also have a secondary ending if people are interested. I didn't put it in because I wanted this to be so overly manly it is almost unbearable.

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Dragon's rage has been served on a silver platter.

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Holy ****ing awesome.

GV, you surpass yourself with every new thing you write. I am thoroughly impressed.

That was one of the best things I've read in a long time.

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All I can say is that I really, really like writing manly fighting. It's so...manly!