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Finishing my ranked smurf

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I have farmed 20k ip and 1500 elo on my recently graduated smurf, but I need a little help picking what to spend my ip on. I own all my main champs allready: Nunu, Kass, Fiddle, Shaco, Nida, Trist, Rocka. As well as the complete lineup of 450's. I plan on avoiding tanking as much as possible on this account; I'm simply not interested in buying a third runepage, tank runes, and the tanks themselves. That being said I have two pages atm:
Flat ap quints, mpen reds, scaling mp5yellows, scaling ap blues.
Flat ad quints, apen reds, flat armor yellows, scaling mp5 blues.
I end up playing rocka on my ap page. Leaving elo hell I've had a 80% win rate supporting this way, and am not concerned about an individual support page.

I was looking for ideas as to which champions to add to this smurf.


Fiddle, shaco, nunu, yi

Trist, Ashe, Sivir

Ap mid:
Annie, Kassadin, Ryze (weak page strong champ)

Soraka, ali

Interested in adding either Taric or Janna.

I end up missing a lot of meat on my champions. I'm willing to get the third page but I would want runes for it and champs to use it. This is a pet project I get wotd on daily and now play a few ranked duo daily.

What do?