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The Frozen Verdict (A fanfic)

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El Killer Duck

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Shhh....I never edited it >.>.....<.<

Whatever, I'm not letting you live that one down for a while. "Sgt. Teemo" ROFL

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Author's Note: A thesaurus works wonders.

That's my favourite dinosaur too!

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El Killer Duck

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Just read the first draft of the next chapter; it's coming along well. You guys are in for a treat!

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Yay! I caught up on it, and I liked it. Even more. But, officially, in the Lore, Katarina and Talon aren't brother/sister. They're close, for certain, but they're not really related.

But this isn't cannon, so you can do it to add effect. Nicely done!

And also, moar Riven.

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Yay! I caught up on it, and I liked it. Even more. But, officially, in the Lore, Katarina and Talon aren't brother/sister. They're close, for certain, but they're not really related.

But this isn't cannon, so you can do it to add effect. Nicely done!

And also, moar Riven.

I know they aren't related but since Talon and Katarina were raised by the same father, I consider them brother and sister. Sorry if I had confused you.

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Don't worry, that's what I thought.

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I felt bad about giving you guys a short chapter, so I made an extremely long one :P
Chapter 6: The Boastful One

Delight rippled through Xileph's body as he cleaved another dummy. It felt great being behind the blade again rather than in the bed-ridden state he had been for a week. During the entire week he was visited by the healers and Soraka to make sure his health was progressing from the process they were using to heal him. If left on their own, the wounds from the butcher's blade would surely have become scars and taken months to heal.

Now, he was back and being on the practice yard at mid-day was something that he took a little bit longer to appreciate. It wasn't as fun or challenging as fighting champions on the fields, but it was enjoyable for now. His swordsmanship was still just as smooth as it was the day he was attacked. The week away from practice had done hardly anything to diminish his skill with the blade he called his own.

"You have great skill with your blade," Master Yi said from behind the warrior. Xileph hadn't noticed or even heard of Yi's approach and turned around to meet the blades-man. He could see that Wukong was behind his master, his attention elsewhere as he inspected a bag full of spheres.

"I was the best swordsman in my village before it was destroyed. I was arrogant and wagered the lives of those who I held dear for a challenge of blades," Xileph said, remembering hearing the screams of those he cared for as they were butchered by the raiders. It haunted him and not a night went by where he didn't think of that day. Every night he saw the faces of those he had ****ed to death. Xileph, out of anger, cleaved his blade with full force into the dummy. Thunk. The blade had buried itself about halfway through width wise.

"You have a lot of anger," Yi commented before moving closer to the warrior. Xileph turned to meet the man's many eyes. His own reflected a dark and sinister glare that could only be the gaze of a killer. He shoved his hand to stop Yi's approach

"Telling me I have a lot of anger would be an understatement. Hatred is what drives me now. Nothing can stop me from my goal," Xileph said almost as if he was speaking to himself. He gripped the handle of his sword and planted his foot firmly on the dummy's chest. In one heave, he managed to free his blade from the wooden mannequin. He walked away without further comment or listening of the wuju master's word.

Yi simply watched as Xileph walked away from him and his student. "Wow, there is seriously something up that guy's crack," Wukong commented as he finished the last peach within the bag. How he had eaten so many in such a short time was something unknown to his master.

"He is simply young in mind... Soon, he will learn that not all things can be solved with wrath. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger," Master Yi said before walking away from the practice field. Wukong followed, pestering his master to tell him about his past.


As Xileph stalked through the halls of the institute of war, he turned to face the wall, punching it with enough force to paint a small amount of blood on it. When he pulled his hand away from the wall, his hand quivered violently from the result of the impact. He shook the blood off his knuckles and kept down the hall. His anger was not directed at Yi, but more at the reason people lived to do such horrible things. There was not much law in the world of Runterra.

Xileph had managed to wander into the mess hall. Many champions sat at the tables in their own selective groups of friends. Some sat alone. Riven for example didn't have many people who liked her enough to sit with her while she ate. Some were impartial to her presence, but decided to sit with allies none the less. The void-being in the skirt was another example, but Xileph didn't know anything about the man.

The warrior decided that he wouldn’t trouble Riven at all today, and sat down on a small table by himself. It was then that Pantheon, The Artisan of War stood up on his own table. “I have heard of this man’s skill in battle!!” He announced and pointed the tip of his spear to Xileph. “I have yet to face him in combat and wish to do so! You are privileged to be challenged by a warrior of my stature,” Pantheon spoke and jumped off the table, approaching Xileph. The entire mess hall was quiet except for a few whispers of Pantheon’s greatness.

“What do you say frozen one?” Pantheon asked in a more quiet tone as if to intensify the challenge.

“I decline,” Xileph replied to the Rakkor.

“Surely this one does not shame my honor and reject such a glorious opportunity to clash with a Rakkor such as myself in battle? I see…The Freljord spawns only cowards and warriors of no value!” Pantheon shouted in a boastful tone telling everyone of the Frozen Verdict’s answer. The Rakkor was very taunting to speak of Xileph’s home. The warrior’s anger overtook him. He stood up, slapping the Rakkor’s helmet.

“I accept your challenge,” Xileph said in an angry tone.

“It seems I have mistaken. Perhaps the Freljord doesn’t spawn cowards, but surely it spawns dim-witted combatants that could only be dense enough to slap a Rakkor,” Pantheon said, enticing the crowd to cheer.

“Name your time and place,” Xileph stated. The Rakkor looked intimidating and one who enjoyed battle enough to make it into an art would surely prove to be a strong adversary. Even though the Rakkor’s arrogance was frightening to the most hardened Demacian or Noxian, the Frozen Verdict tried to keep his wits.

“In the yard tonight, an hour before sundown we will see how good your skills truly are,” Pantheon said, walking away from the warrior and back to his table. Xileph felt disappointed in himself for letting his emotions make a decision for him. The Rakkor studied war as an art, Xileph simply knew about it. It would be like a child facing a full-grown man in a game of chess. There was no chance in Xileph winning this battle.

Riven, who had watched the entire scene, stayed at her table. “The boy has no idea what he’s getting himself into,” she said under her breath. Perhaps she could persuade Pantheon into letting Xileph back out of the match. “That’ll cost me more then what I’m willing to pay,” she told herself. Maybe this would prove to be an excellent way to teach Xileph to not be so susceptible to insult. Riven would first need to tell Xileph of Pantheon’s weaknesses in battle. She had seen him fight many times on the field. He had a sort of flaw that was conceived by arrogance. ‘Now isn’t the time, not with so many people around’ she thought and continued to eat her food.


Riven found Xileph in the training yard only a few hours from his battle with Pantheon. He was sitting down near the area where the fight would take place. For once, he seemed at peace, but Riven knew that inside himself he fought his own battle.

“….Don’t say anything,” Xileph said as Riven approached him.

“You have no chance at winning against Pantheon if you don’t prepare,” Riven said, sitting down next to him.

“I know…I let my anger get the better of me. He spoke of my home and everything went red,” a hint of disappointment hung in his voice.

“I understand. I have a few things I want to tell you before you fight him,” Riven stated, her eyes locked on Xileph’s. “Swing quickly for one. If you charge up for a forceful attack, he’ll smash his shield in your face. Secondly, don’t get frustrated. Pantheon knows that an angry enemy is an enemy much easier beaten. He will talk about your home and your lack of skill; don’t let it get to you. Third and lastly, lose,” Riven listed.

“Lose? How can I win if I lose?” Xileph inquired. That kind of advice seemed odd if she was truly trying to give him advice on how to win. Perhaps she was onto something that Xileph didn’t know.

“Pantheon is arrogant. If he feels you are no challenge, he’ll let his guard down to boast. You need to outwit him. He is no idiot, but he will toy with you if you begin to lose to him. Take your time and watch for when he lets his guard down, when he does, give him everything you’ve got,” She said. The exile patted Xileph’s shoulder. “If after all you do lose, at least you tried and that’s all anyone can ask for,” a hint of a smile touched her lips.

“How do you know all of this?” Xileph asked.

“When I first joined the League and won a few matches, Pantheon challenged me,” She recalled.

“Did you win?”

“Not by a long shot. He was much faster then I was and overwhelmed me with attacks. After leaving me bloodied and bruised on the ground, he helped me up and told me I had the heart of a Rakkor, but the skill of a rat. I tried to take it as a compliment…but that didn’t work,” She said quietly. “After our match, I observed his technique in battle and saw his flaws that I am telling you. Please listen to what I’m telling you,” she said to him.

“Why do you care if I win or lose? This isn’t your fight and yet you want to help me?” So many questions filled Xileph’s mind as he tried to put all of her assistance in his mind. There was surely another cause rather than just watching Xileph beat the boastful Rakkor.

“Someone needs to put him in his place. I tried once and failed. It’s your turn now and I don’t want to see you fall. If you win, I’ve got something I want to give to you,” She said, standing up and stretching. “You should go get ready for your fight. It’ll be sundown soon and you still have no armor,” she pointed out. Xileph hadn’t gone through the trouble of donning his Noxian dueling armor, but now would be a good time to do it.


The Frozen Verdict approached the training field, keeping his eyes on the Rakkor that stood in the small circle where their duel would take place. His spear was stabbed into the ground and he stood in a confident manner. The Rakkor was sure of the out-come of the fight. Xileph walked into the circle, taking a deep breath to relax his muscles. ‘Swing quickly, don’t get frustrated, and lose’ he said in his mind, recalling all of the things Riven had told him. Pantheon’s voice interrupted his mind.

“Are you ready Frozen One?” Pantheon asked, pulling his spear from the ground and holding his shield in front of him.

“As Ready as I’ll ever be,” Xileph replied, getting into his stance. He took deep breath, time slowing down as the Rakkor ran towards him. Pantheon moved quickly, sidestepping each step he took as to confuse his enemy. The Rakkor jumped up, and held his shield in hopes of hitting his opponent.

Xileph swung his sword, clashing it with the shield and stopping the advance of Pantheon. The Rakkor now looked at the warrior from over his shield. His spear ready to strike at the best moment. Xileph’s sword was readied for a quick attack. The two circled each other, observing each other’s movements and scanning for their flaws.

‘Strike quickly’ Xileph thought to himself. He took a big step forward and swung his sword towards Pantheon’s leg. The Rakkor was quick to block the blade and shoved his shield forward, knocking the blade in the opposite direction. As Xileph’s arm recoiled from the blow, Pantheon stabbed forward with his spear. The warrior barely had enough time to dodge the point before Pantheon pulled it back.

“What’s the matter Frozen One? Does the Freljord not use shield? Are they so dense to sacrifice their own lives?” Pantheon asked, keeping a firm hold on his shield. Xileph took another deep breath trying to keep himself calm. ‘That did not work the way I had planned’ He thought and tried to find a way around the Rakkor’s shield. It was so massive that no weapon would ever be able to get around it with it’s wielder’s attention. ‘Let me try this again’ he said in his mind and ran towards Pantheon. The Rakkor got into a solid stance to deflect a blow. Xileph swung in a wide arc to the left. Just as Pantheon pushed his shield out to deflect the sword, he was met with air. Xileph had spun a complete 180 turn and slammed into the right side of Pantheon’s shield, pushing it further to the left.

With Pantheon’s shield out of the way, Xileph stabbed forward. Pantheon dodged the stab and twisted his arm around Xileph’s elbow. Now held in place, Xileph had no way to defend against Pantheon’s next attack. The Rakkor spun to the right, twisting Xileph’s arm and slamming the shield against the warrior’s back before letting go of Xileph’s arm. Xileph’s vision went fuzzy as he fell to the ground.

“Is this what the Freljord had to offer? It would be a disgrace to call you a warrior,” Pantheon said, delivering a quick kick to Xileph’s stomach. The Frozen Verdict’s stomach filled with pain from the strength of the Rakkor’s leg. “I have fought minions who are stronger then you. If this is your strength, then it is no wonder how you lost your home,” Pantheon spoke loudly. Xileph’s blood boiled but then he remembered Riven’s words. Don’t let him get to you echoed in his mind. He stood up and found that Pantheon was facing away from him, looking at the small crowd that had converged to watch the fight.

Xileph crawled over to his sword and gripped the handle, lifting it off of the ground and then standing up. Pantheon was now facing him, shield and spear in a relaxed position. “Do you wish to continue?” The Rakkor asked.

“I won’t stop till I beat you,” Xileph replied, anger irradiating in his eyes.

“You are brave, but foolish. Very well, let us continue,” Pantheon said, standing in his fighting position. His shield held in front of him while his spear laid at the ready to stab. ‘That **** shield will be the end of me. I need to get it out of the way before I can beat him’ Xileph told himself. There was no way to get the shield out of the equation other than simply bashing at it which would prove counter-productive. Simply hitting the shield would leave Xileph open to counter-attack from Pantheon’s spear.

It was Pantheon that took the first step this time, leaping again to stab his spear into Xileph. The warrior took a dive forward, letting the Rakkor pass him. The opportunity was golden. As Pantheon struggled to free his spear from the dirt, Xileph took a heavy slash at Pantheon’s back. The Rakkor cried out in pain and admiration as he pulled the spear free. Blood trickled onto the ground.

“Finally, some blood. Let see how much more we can spill,” The Rakkor said as he turned to face Xileph again. Pantheon had scanned the warrior as best he could and decided that an offensive strategy would be best against the Frozen One. He stomped forward towards Xileph, slamming his spear in front of his shield to create a cadence.

The approaching Rakkor gave Xileph little time to come up with a strategy. He decided a kick to the shield would be his only option against the oncoming opponent. He ran forward, sticking his foot forward to crash straight into the shield. The Rakkor responded by speeding the process and slamming his shield into Xileph’s causing the Frozen One to fall. As Xileph’s back made contact to the ground, he threw a quick slash at Pantheon’s leg, catching it with the edge of the blade. Pantheon stepped backwards. More blood trickled.

“Perhaps I have miss-judged you. I thought you would have been more of a challenge,” The Rakkor said, trying to anger Xileph. The warrior stood up from his position on the ground and watched as Pantheon removed his shield and threw it on the ground. “We will fight equally. A warrior such as me doesn’t need a shield to beat Freljodrdian garbage such as you,” Pantheon announced as the shield clanged upon contact with the floor.

Pantheon held his spear about halfway choked. It was an odd way to hold a spear; Xileph figured that the Rakkor had a special reason for holding it in such a manner. ‘I guess this makes it a lot easier’ Xileph thought before running up towards the Rakkor again. He swung dowards, but hit only dirt. As he looked up to see where Pantheon had gone, he saw the end of the Rakkor’s spear slam into his face, knocking him on the ground. Pantheon stood triumphantly over Xileph.

“Surely, this is not all you have to offer. Please tell me you are holding back,” Pantheon said, looking down at Xileph. The warrior said nothing and stood up.

“I’m not done just yet,” Xileph said, panting at the physical exhaustion he was feeling having to fight the Rakkor.

“Then let us fight more,” Pantheon said before raising his spear to stab into Xileph. The warrior anticipated the attack and ducked under the spear point. He grabbed the spear’s shaft and pulled the Rakkor closer to him. Xileph delivered a quick kick to the side of Pantheon’s knee, knocking him down to a kneeled. Xileph then struck the Rakkor’s helmet with his elbow, placing Pantheon on the ground.

“Who’s on the floor this time,” Xileph taunted. The Rakkor didn’t respond and instead, grabbed Xileph’s arm. He held it in place as he kicked Xileph’s knee inwards. Xileph stumbled backwards as the Rakkor stood up. All weapons abandoned, the two ran at each other bare-knuckled.

Their fight lasted. During the battle, each had picked up and dropped their own weapons, attacking with them and wounding each other in multiple ways. Pantheon boasted his skill as they fought and taunted Xileph of his home. Though, the fights end came such as all things do.

The two warriors looked over at each other. Both were bloodied and beaten. Pantheon held his shield and spear once more while Xileph still only held his sword. A lot of champions watched and Xileph swore he saw Riven, Lux, Yi, Wukong and even Ashe. Their next clash would be the one to decide who would become victor of the fight since both were so close to defeat.

‘Lose?’ Xileph asked himself once more. What had she meant entirely when she had told him that? It was like a key to beating Pantheon but locked away in a box of mystery. Lose what in order to beat Pantheon? It then dawned on Xileph.

The warrior again ran up towards the Rakkor and took a wide slash again. The Rakkor deflected the blow again, but for a split second, he left his body open. Xileph threw his sword once I made contact with Pantheon’s shield and dove behind the wall of bronze. Pantheon didn’t expect such a bold move and was defenseless as Xileph elbowed him in the head, knocking him to the ground.

The Rakkor, laid defeated on the ground. Shocked, he stood up from his position, looking at the beaten but victorious warrior. “You have bested me Frozen One, I applaud your skill. You fight like a Rakkor and perhaps one day, we will fight again with a different outcome. But for now, I bow my knee to you,” Pantheon said, taking a knee in front of Xileph before standing up. He turned and walked away as if nothing had ever happened.

Xileph fell to his knees, exhausted. The group of champions that watched the fight disbanded. Riven and Lux came to Xileph’s side to congratulate him on his victory. It was apparent that Lux had no ill will for Riven considering neither showed any hostility towards each other.

“Oh My God!!! You beat Pantheon!!!” Lux exclaimed with a high pitched voice. The excitement in her voice was astonishing. “Not even Garen beat Pantheon in a duel. Oh this is so exciting!” She squealed. Riven, however, wasn’t as animated.

“You did good,” She said, lifting up Xileph and putting his arm over her shoulders. She wrapped her arm around his hip to hold him up. “I better take you to your room,” She stated and began to carry Xileph. He was too tired to respond to the woman carrying him and barely had the strength to look up at her. He couldn’t help but notice her astonishing beauty in the moonlight. His body was so drained; he couldn’t even muster a smile.

Authors Note: I wish I was good with Pantheon D: And no, it will not take Xileph another week to heal from his. Renekton actually tried to kill Xileph, this was simply a duel.

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Chapter 7: Forever You Sleep

Darkness was all it craved. It seemed that for far too long, it was chained. It only desired to swim in the minds of victims, destroy their inner mentality and take pleasure in the deconstruction of their own being. It was joyful to see the humans go mad and die by their own hand in response to its own actions. It brought fear and fear brought desperate measures.

Those days were long ago, too long it seemed. Maybe once The Institute collapsed; it would be set free to bring fear once more. The idea almost made The Eternal Nightmare excited to see the fall of the summoners. Though for now, Nocturne was imprisoned and there was nothing it could do. Instead, it listened to the foot-falls of someone approaching. It was a wonder why there were no guards for Nocturne, but it didn’t bother to complain of the lack of action the Institute took. Perhaps they figured the nexus shard would be sufficient in holding it. So far, they had been right.
Two hooded figures entered the room and Nocturne could instantly feel the magic of a nexus fragment close by. Instantly, It could tell that one of the hooded figures was a summoner. One of the hooded figures approached the chained being. Once close enough, Nocturne figured out who the hooded figure was. The one who approached it was Talon, a fierce assassin. His blades rivaled the sharpness of Nocturne’s own.

“What do you want, fleshbag?” Nocturne asked in a smug tone. His voice was like a hoarse whisper but smooth in its own fashion. Its voice alone could strike fear into the hearts of the weak.

“I want to make you a deal Eternal Nightmare,” Talon said, leaning against the wall.

“And what makes you think that I would do anything you ask of me?” Nocturne asked before laughing.

“Because I can promise you freedom,” Talon said, his voice unchanged and his emotions unmoved. Nocturne’s laugh ended. Its eyes locked on the Noxian. Could the Noxian be speaking truth? Could it finally feel freedom again? More questions than answers. It never liked that. “Do as I say, and freedom will be yours,” Talon said.

“How do you know I’ll do as you ask?” Nocturne inquired. Surely Talon, as smart as he was, wouldn’t just let Nocturne go and expect results without any kind of leash or back-up plan.

“I have this,” Talon said, raising a small nexus fragment for Nocturne to see from his pocket. “If you don’t do as I say… my friend here and l will subdue you with this until more summoners come to get you,” Talon explained before putting the nexus fragment into his pocket. Nocturne now knew that he had no choice but to listen to the Noxian. It would do Talon’s bidding…for now.

“Agreed,” Nocturne hissed.

“Good. Now there is someone I want you to specifically target,” Talon said, grinning slightly.


Xileph awoke when the sun’s rays pierced his window and shot themselves into his closed eyes. With a groan, he turned his head away from the window. His muscles were sore and bruises from the previous day still remained. Most of his injuries weren’t serious, but they were hindering.

He tried in vain to go back to sleep, but his body was now awake and he lost his ability to slumber. The warrior sat up in his bed and noticed something amiss in his room. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the glimmering of a straight piece of metal. Without hesitating, he turned to see what it was. Two swords leaned next to each other close to his doorway. One of them was the blade he had brought with him to the institute of war. The other was of an unknown origin.

The second blade appeared to be new and gleamed magnificently in the sunlight that showered it from his window. The metal that it was made from had a brownish tint to it. Xileph recognized the pure-zaunite steel that the sword was made from. The steel was lightweight but durable and could hold an edge for seemingly forever. Xileph admired the simple, yet effective blade.

Next to the blade laid a scabbard for it. It was colored with a light blue, mimicking the color of ice. The scabbard was ornately designed with icicles and lines that looked like blowing wind. Xileph stood up from his bed, ignoring the pain in his sore muscles and walked over to the sword and scabbard. He picked up the blade and sheath, slipping the sword into it. When he pulled the blade out, the sword hummed with gratification.

“Expensive,” He remarked and sheathed his blade again. He then noticed a small note attached to the scabbard. It read ‘congratulations’ with an R written below the word. He instantly knew who it was that sent him the blade. He frowned. “Stop doing this,” He said and leaned the blade against the wall again. He told himself he wouldn’t use it and give it back to its real owner the next time he saw her.

Xileph headed back to his bed and before he could sit down, a rushed and anxious knock echoed on his door. “XILEHP!! Xileph, open the door!!” A woman cried out. He recognized the voice and rushed over to the door. Lux stood there with a worried look on her face. She began to talk frantically, but Xileph couldn’t understand her.

“Whoa whoa whoa…Calm down,” Xileph said, putting his hands on her shoulders. “Take a deep breath...Tell me slowly,” He eased. She slowly began to calm down, taking deeper breaths.

“Ok, Ok…It’s Riven,” Lux said quietly. Her voice trembling still. “She’s asleep but she’s screaming and crying loudly. I tried to wake her up but it didn’t work,” Lux said with notable sadness in her voice. “She keeps screaming ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘forgive me’. I don’t know what it means.”

Xileph nodded to Lux, “Thank you for telling me. Go find the healers and Soraka. I’m going to go see for myself,” Xileph said, walking past the girl and ran for Riven’s room. It was easily found considering the small mob of champions that had gathered at Riven’s door. He recognized a few of the champions and pushed his way through.

Riven’s room was trashed. Everything was either knocked on the floor or broken, showing signs of a struggle. On her bed, Riven kicked and thrashed, but the Minotaur held her down. It was just as Lux had said. Although asleep, Riven was screaming loudly as if in pain and yelling the words ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘forgive me’ repeatedly. It tore at Xileph to see such a capable fighter in such a weak state. He wanted to help and found a way too then proceeded to run over to the Minotaur.

“Need any help?” Xileph asked. Notably struggling with holding the thrashing girl down, Alistar looked over to Xileph.

“Yes. I can hold her arms down, but she’s kicking. If you could hold her legs still, I’d appreciate it,” Alistar explained. Xileph nodded and took grasp of Riven’s ankles. It was amazing that a woman as lean as Riven could put so much force into a kick. It took a lot of Xileph’s strength to hold down her legs.

After what could have been an eternity, Soraka, Lux, and a woman with an instrument made their way into Riven’s room. “Sona, play your Aria of Perseverance,” Soraka said before looking over to Riven. The woman nodded and began to play her instrument. After moments, Riven notably calmed down. She still kicked and thrashed, but not as violently. Her screams soften and her crying calmed. Alistar and Xileph let go of Riven, no longer worrying about her violent behavior.

“What came upon her?” Soraka asked Lux. This wasn’t something that she had seen much of before. It could have been caused by multiple things and Soraka needed to know the cause before she could truly help the girl.

“I…don’t know. Her screaming woke me up and when I came over here, she was acting this way,” Lux said. The worried tone still lingered in her words though not as heavily. “After I tried to wake her up, I went to go find Xileph.”

Soraka seemed to accept Lux’s explanation, but now her attention was pointed towards Xileph. “And what about you? Do you have any clue as to what caused this?” Soraka asked the warrior. Xileph shook his head to answer her.

“I have no clue what could have happened. The last thing I remember of her was her carrying me and seeing….” Xileph was interrupted by the memory of Riven’s beauty in the moonlight. For a while he was locked, imagining the sight again. It was Soraka’s voice that brought him back into reality.

“What was it that you saw?” Soraka inquired. Any bit of detail would help in finding out what happened. She wanted to know what Xileph had saw. It was obviously important to interrupt him as much as it did.

Xileph, being a bit embarrassed by having to admit what he was thinking about, decided to lie to the healer. “I saw the ground and realized that I was close to blacking out,” He lied. Soraka’s face showed slight suspicion, but he figured that no matter if he lied or not, the information he would have said wouldn’t have helped Soraka at all.

“Very well. I’ll need the room cleared out and someone fetch me Nasus,” Soraka announced. Alistar nodded and began to empty the room of the gathering champions, Xileph and Lux among them. The two waited outside Riven’s room, watching as Nasus entered the room after Alistar had left to get him. A long silence suspended between them.

“What do you think could have happened to her?” Lux had broken the silence with her question. Xileph had no idea how to respond except with what he truly believed.

“I have no idea…” Xileph answered. Concern could be heard heavily in his voice. Luxanna picked up on the tone and decided to inquire him about it.

“Are you worried for her?” Lux asked.

“No…I just don’t want such a capable warrior to succumb to such an honor less state,” Xileph lied. Of course he was worried and scared for Riven, but he couldn’t admit it to himself or anyone else. It was a strange feeling that he couldn’t exactly describe.

Lux didn’t believe Xileph’s explanation to his worried tone and decided against pursuing it and possibly upsetting him. Before long, Lux hugged him. “She’ll be fine. I’m sure of it,” She said in a reassuring tone before letting him go. Xileph’s expression didn’t change. It stayed in the grim state that Lux had come to recognize as his.

Nasus’ voice had disturbed their conversation. He poked out of Riven’s door. “Xileph, we need to ask something of you,” He said, getting Xileph attention.

“What is it?” Xileph asked, sitting up and sounding a bit too anxious to help.

“Find Nocturne and ask it what could cause such a stir in someone’s sleep. It used to haunt the dreams of the summoners and perhaps it could give us help in finding out what is wrong with Riven. Be wary, it won’t help without a price. Be sure not to pay too much for its help,” Nasus warned. Xileph nodded in understanding but first needed to find out where Nocturne was.

“Could you tell me where Nocturne is?” Xileph asked.

“It is in the hallway where my brother attacked you. You won’t have much trouble finding its cell,” Nasus replied before pulling himself back into Riven’s room and closing the door.

Xileph stood up from his seated place near Riven’s door. The place where Renekton had attacked Xileph was good distance walk from where he and Lux were. The warrior couldn’t allow his friend to suffer for much longer and began to run for Nocturne’s room, leaving Lux behind.

The hallways were big enough that Xileph didn’t have to push through too many people to get to Nocturne’s cell. He stood in front of the giant black door with the words ‘Nocturne’ neatly carved into the front in silver letters.

A chill ran through his spine as he entered the door. Inside the room, he saw nothing but a giant purple nexus fragment like the ones on the fields of justice. Two shackles laid on the floor next to the nexus. Xileph approached the fragment slowly and lifted the shackles off the ground. They had been unlocked by a key rather than broken. Whatever was chained up was let loose by someone else.

Figuring this was important information, Xileph headed back to Riven’s room to tell Nasus of the news. When he had showed up at the room, Lux was no longer waiting outside. Xileph thought nothing of it and walked into the room. Riven was finally laying still rather than kicking and screaming. She still cried and murmured in her sleep, but it was a huge step closer to success than when Xileph had last seen her.

“Nocturne isn’t in the cell,” Xileph announced to everyone in the room. Everyone turned to face the warrior with shock on their face. Even Sona’s music stopped for a split second when she heard the news. The only one who seemed calm was Nasus.

“It seems we have a really big problem,” Nasus said, looking over to Riven. “If Nocturne is in there…she will be tested. Xileph, prepare for battle.”


“You will be the one Nocturne will see when it comes out and it will not be pleased,” Nasus explained. Xileph nodded as Nasus explained the plan to him in deeper detail.


Riven stood in the middle of the Ionian village. Noxian and Ionian bodies alike littered the ground around her. Singed’s gas still lingered in the air but it did no harm to her. She no longer had her sword or even her armor. She was in simple clothes that left her rather vulnerable to attack. She examined the scene, confused by how she had ended up here.

One by one, the hands of the deceased began to rise. The ones closest to her grabbed her legs and began to pull themselves closer to her. Their skin was decayed and showed horrifying faces. Their bodies were broken and rotting, leaving a stench of death in the air.

Frightened by the sudden turn of events, Riven began to kick at the undead bodies that began to crawl towards here. It wasn’t long before they began standing up, shambling over towards her location. Horrific moans escaped their lips as they closed in around her.

Trying to keep as calm as possible, she fought back against the horde of bodies. Although she was used to being under such stressing situations, she felt fear. It was as if she couldn’t control her emotions as they ran rampant through her mind. Fear and desperation rushed through her and she couldn’t concentrate on fighting back the undead.

Although she fought, it was in vain. The hordes managed to surround her, each grasping and trying to get a piece of the exile. She screamed in pain as their claws dug into her skin and teeth bit into her. She fell to the ground under the weight of the decayed bodies and reached up a bloody hand. Slowly, her vision began to dim and then….


“All alone….” Riven heard around her. She no longer felt the teeth or claws of the undead ripping at her. Instead, she felt cold, alone, and helpless in the pitched black darkness. She could hear her own fearful breaths as they escaped her lips.

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Great job! But...

Nvm. Riven x Xileph is fine. I was just...working...on another pairing...secretly...sorry if I'm guilting you.

But good job! I'm looking forwards to your next piece!

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Its ok man...we're all Riven lovers here :P