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The Frozen Verdict (A fanfic)

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Chapter 3: When The Going Gets Tough....

Sorry guys, Riven doesn't show up in this one. I want to know who you guys want to see in this fanfic. Post your ideas and I'll try to justify it somehow.
Xileph spat out blood as he managed to make it to the tower. The dragon lady was a lot stronger then he had anticipated. He tried to take a deep breath, but his bent breastplate kept him from drawing in too much air. He yanked it off, leaving his chest exposed, but the air entering his lungs was worth it.

"Well at least you survived that encounter..." The summoner said to Xileph. A blue beam surrounded the champion.

"Shyvana...was much stronger then I had hoped," Xileph said as the beam transported him to the summoning platform.

"She has one big advantage you don't,"

"What is that?"

"The fact that she likes to be in your face up close are personal. You on the other hand need a small bit of distance to fight with that sword of yours," The summoner said as Xileph bought a Phage.

"You make an excellent point," Xileph said as he began to run back to his turret. Leaving it unattended too long would surely cause it to be destroyed.

"Try attacking her at the furthest range you can possibly attack at. If you have to nick her to death with the point of your sword, its still better then dying,"

"True, alright...no more screwing around," Xileph said to himself as he got back to his turret. Shyvana had gathered a good size army of minions to siege his turret. "Concentration is key, do not lose your focus. When the going gets tough, get tougher," He said to himself. As he struck the minions down with the help of his turret, Xileph watched Shyvana through the corner of his eye. She made the mistake of getting just out of Xileph's range.

In one swift move, Xileph took a step forward, swinging in a wide ark and barely catching Shyvana's shin. Although her armor protected her from getting any gashes from the sword, he could tell that he had done some sort of damage. The dragon lady, once hit, dashed backwards as to avoid anymore swings. He showed no sound of distress and made no sign she was in pain, though the small limp she had spoke other wise.

"You will be punished, Noxian," Shyvana said behind her wave of minions.

"Why don't you come over and punish me yourself?" Xileph taunted, removing his helmet and throwing it on the ground. The only armor he wore now as his leggings, greaves, gauntlets, and pauldrons. This seemed to anger Shyvana, though she made no motion to attack him.

"Urgot is coming to gank. Pull her closer to you," The summoner said. Xileph made no motion to agree trying to show no sign of the incoming ambush. Instead, he ran up to her, swinging in another large ark. This time, Shyvana dodged the attack and leaped forward, striking hard against Xileph's chest. He spat out blood and coughed. Shyvana stood over him triumphantly.

"Feel the wrath of Dema....." The dragon lady said before a canister slammed against her back, corroding her armor and skin. She let out cries of pain as Urgot's acid hunters began to land themselves in Shyvana's skin.

As she stood facing away from Xileph he stood up, grabbing his sword and rushed towards her. From behind, he swung in an angle from up-left to right-down, leaving a giant gash across Shyvana's back. The now infuriated woman turned her attention at Xileph. As she pulled her hand back for another punch, a blast from Urgot's gun hit her horribly wounded back.

Shyvana fell to the ground, a pool of blood surrounding her body. Xileph could hear her quick, pained breaths. He decided to end her and shoved his sword through her back. She stopped struggling.

"Thank you Urgot," Xileph said, looking down at the now dead Demacian before she faded into light.

The Noxian said nothing before his metal legs carried him away. The Noxians had refused to communicate with him at all during the match. Instead, they ignored him and left him to his own devices with the occasional gank to keep him from dying to Shyvana.

"Good job Xileph," The summoner said excited now that The Frozen Verdict had began to comply with his orders instead of acting on his own. In Xileph's mind, it felt great to finally get some sort of praise.

Now being able to kill minions in peace, Xileph began to strike down the minions one by one.


"Victory!" The announcer yelled as the enemy's nexus exploded. It had been Xileph's first victory since he had joined the league. As he walked away from the battlefield, Xileph felt a little guilty having to defeat Lux's companions in a match. She had been friendly to him no matter how much her comrades, well actually her brother, hated him for speaking of Riven, the only 'friend' he had actually made. They both shared similar goals by joining the league.

The teleporter took Xileph straight to his room. 'Allow the boredom to begin' Xileph thought to himself as he plopped down on his bed. It then dawned on him that Xileph hadn't been showed around the Institute of War. He was given a room and simply left at that. "It wouldn't be a bad idea to go exploring," Xileph said to himself before getting off his laying position. He removed the remnants of his armor and slipped on some normal clothes that was provided to him by the Institute when he arrived.

Xileph slipped out of his room. As he looked back and forth for any signs of life, his body slammed into another. Standing in front of him was Katarina, The Sinister Blade. At first, Xileph was awestruck by the appearance of the red-haired girl. Although Riven had warned him about her, she was still beautiful in his opinion.

"Watch where you're going," Xileph said as he continued to walk. Katarina grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

"My brother told me you had quite the mouth. I had to come see for myself," Katarina said as she kept her grip on Xileph's shoulder, keeping him from walking away from her.

"If there is something you need to say, say it. I have other business to attend too," Xileph replied. Katarina grimmanced.

"Straight to the point for you...I like that. You performed admirably today. To be honest, I was quite impressed," Katarina said and then began to think for a moment. "I want you to fight for Noxus in the League. Your a capable fighter and even wear our armor," she tried to bargain with the new champion.

"No..." Xileph answered flatly before pulling himself away from her grip, "I fight for no one," he said and walked away from the red-haired girl.

"Is that right? Perhaps I can change that," Katarina said after Xileph was out of earshot. She pulled a dagger out, looking at the grin on her face in her reflection.


Wandering had taken Xileph outside of the institute. Instead, he now was watching the man with many eyes meditating in the distance. The monkey sat there too, though his constant movement made it obvious how bored he was.

"Master," Wukong spoke

"Yes my student?" Master Yi spoke this time.

"The new champion is staring at us. Can I go hit him?" Wukong replied.

"Let the man be, he is of no harm to us so long as he keeps his distance," Yi said, still trying to meditate but the interruptions from his student bothered him and made meditating difficult at times.

Xileph didn't hear the conversation. The warrior began to think about how he had never tried meditating. He had a guilty conscious but never thought about simply sitting down and relaxing. It had to be effective since the process of meditating was still in practice. Xileph thought he might give it a try. The warrior approached the two sitting figures. As soon as he approached two the monkey stood up and grabbed his staff, pressing it against Xileph's chest.

"What do you want with us?" Wukong asked in a serious tone. The monkey had seen the champion's match and saw him with the noxian armor. Speechless, Xileph looked at the monkey threatening him and the man with many eyes sitting down still meditating.

"I came to meditate..." Xileph replied.

"Student...let the man be," Yi said before tossing a peach to the monkey. The monkey caught the peach in his mouth and completely forgot about Xileph. He sat down and munched on the fruit.

"You have a troubled mind?" Yi asked the new comer. "Where are my manners? I am Yi and this is my student Wukong. How can I assist you?" Yi's voice was calm and collective.

Xileph had no idea how to respond. What did he need assistance with? So many things that he could have used helped for ran through his mind. "If you want my real goal, its to kill the man that slaughtered my village. I don't think your willing to help me with that," Xileph said.

"So you seek vengeance? A common, yet stupid goal. When seeking vengeance, remember to dig two graves," Yi said. Yi's proclamation of Xileph's goal being stupid upset the warrior, but perhaps the man was onto something.

"I once sought vengeance myself. Vengeance against he murderer of my master," Yi said calmly. "I found that anger would only lead to a false feeling of sadisfaction once I had avenged my master. Killing her would never bring him back," Yi said, a hint of sadness in his voice.

'her?' Xileph thought. Unconsciously, he had sat down in front of Yi. "A woman killed your master?" Xileph asked.

"Yes. She was a capable swordsman and bested him even without her armor. It was something that I won't ever forget. Perhaps you know this woman," Yi said, looking over to his student who was now done with the peach.

Xileph thought about Yi's words and ran them around his mind. Yi made sense, but the thought of vengeance didn't part itself from Xileph's mind so easily. After a long pause, Xileph stood up from his seat. "I probably shouldn't trouble your meditating. It was wrong of me to interrupt," Xileph apologized.

"No worries..." Yi said solemnly. With that, Xileph walked away from the student and his master, looking for a certain someone.

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master , can i go hit him ?


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Chapter 4: To Have a Purpose.

'A common, yet stupid goal' Xileph thought to himself. Yi's words bounced around in his head. Althoug Yi's words made sense to him, Xileph would not abandon his goal in joining the League. It was a duty almost to punish the one who had ruined him. A permanent scar ran itself down his very soul and essence and it itched to be repaired by the blood of that one man. The anger burned him like the fires of hell, but his body was as cold as ice.

"CATCH HIM!!!" A summoner shouted from behind Xileph. When he turned, he saw a giant, bipedal crocodile running after him. It held a giant, half-crescent blade and shouted with anger as it swung it down towards Xileph. The warrior sidestepped, but the blade cleaved a nasty wound in his left shoulder. Xileph without his sword had no chance to fight this beast. The monster whirled the blade around in circles and slices that seemed to cut the very air. Xileph, trying his best to dodge the onslaught was still getting wounded fairly much, but managed to dodge most of it.

Word of Renekton's escape and his dance with the new champion had spread across the institute rather quickly. Xileph had managed to bring Renekton to the practice yard outside of the main building. He felt fear as the beast slashed and spun the blade in wide arcs, catching his flesh every so often. The champions in the yard stared at the two duelist.

"Some one toss me a blade!!" Xileph managed to scream out as he ducked under another of Renekton's slashes. It would have clearly taken off Xileph's head had he stayed standing up. As he stood back up, a large clank was heard next to his feet. He looked down to see
the half broken blade he had come to known as Riven's sword.

Xileph reached down to grab the sword but Renekton's crescent blade crashed into the sword's handle."I will cut the evil from you!!" Renekton shouted as his blade made another whirl around him. As he made another attempt the reach the blade, he saw the aging of Renekton begin to rapidly increase. Renekton's whirls began to get slower and his slashes became weaker. As Renekton held his blade for one last attack, he was struck down by another bipedal animal. This one was a jackal.

"My brother is full of anger, he is beyond redemption," The jackal spoke. His voice was loud and commanding. It felt as if god himself was speaking to him. A group of summoners surrounded Renekton, subduing the beast before hauling him back into the main building. Xileph looked back up to the jackal. Nasus could see the speechlessness in the human's face. "Greetings, I am Nasus. That beast that you saw there is my brother, Renekton. He is blinded by fury and knows no other thing. Do not be speechless, occasionally, the imprisoned ones make an escape," Nasus spoke.

"Imprisoned ones?" Xileph asked. It all happened so quickly. One second he was headed looking for...and then he was attacked by a giant crocodile holding a crescent blade. After what seemed like forever, this Nasus had struck the beast down.

"The most dangerous of us all. The ones who would destroy this world if they had the chance. They are forced to fight along side us in the fields of justice. My brother is one of them," Nasus spoke. "He saw something in you that angered him. Perhaps that is why he attacked you rather then run past you for an escape. Sometimes even evil can cause the betterment of all," Nasus said, walking away from Xileph. The warrior looked speechless and felt wet with his own blood.

The blood loss had taken its hold on Xileph as he fell down to his knees, holding himself up with his hands pressed firmly against the ground, bearing the weight of the upper-half of his body. He tried to fight the affects, but it was a losing battle. As his vision faded, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders. A voice called out "Find the medics!!!" before he eventually blacked out.


Xileph shot up from the bed, startled. 'Where am I?' He asked himself as he looked around the room. He found that he was in his own room and there was a presence in it. As he whipped his head around to find out who this person was, he saw long, white hair.

"Ashe," He said in a monotone voice.

"Xileph, The Frozen Verdict. It's been a long time, hasn't it," Ashe said, sitting down on a chair next to his bed. "Still seeking vengeance are you? I thought you would have given up that route a few years ago," The frost archer said.

"I will not stop until I know he is firmly in the ground," Xileph replied. He faintly remembered hands grabbing him and a voice calling for the medics before completely blacking out. "Who was the one that called for the medics?" Xileph asked, looking over to the white haired woman. Even after all these years, she had kept her beauty. Their history was brief , but it was something that neither of them had seemed to forget.

After his death, Xileph searched across the frozen wasteland and found Ashe's kingdom. Upon reaching it, he found one of the raiders responsible for the slaughter of his village. Without concern for punishment, he killed the man in front of an entire city. All of them viewed as he butchered the man. Upon seeing this, the guards of the city took him under arrest for the murder of one of their citizens. Queen Ashe, after hearing how efficiently he killed the raider, requested that Xileph become her own personal body-guard. After a long talk with the queen, Xileph declined the invitation. He told her of his goal and why he had cut down the man in the middle of town.

"I do not care for punishment...It was something I had to do," Xileph said, looking at the queen who sat in front of him. She seemed troubled by his action. "He killed me and my entire village. Justice was served..." Xileph's eyes seemed to be staring through Ashe rather then at her.

The queen didn't deny Xileph's goal. He had a reasonable purpose. Though one thing bothered her and she had yet to ask him in fear of offending her quest. "If you are dead...how do you still walk?" Ashe asked him.

The warrior seemed to smile at the idea, "If a frog has legs, why does it swim? There are many unanswered questions that somehow make their ways into our lives. This is one of these unanswered questions. If I could tell you why, then I would surely tell you," Xileph replied. "No, I will not be your body-guard. You have a capable husband for such a task and I have other business I need to attend too," The warrior said just before standing up and leaving.

"What happened to your so called 'purpose'?" Ashe asked as her eyes burned deep into Xileph's.

"I came to atone. It was my fault my family, my friends, and those I loved died. My arrogance was the cause of this and the League is my solution," Xileph said, turning away from the queen. He felt a burning need inside of him to fight in the League, but was it really necessary? He began to doubt his motives for joining. "Tell me, how did you find me?" Xileph asked.

Ashe smiled at him. "After Renekton escaped, the summoners began to try and rally the champions to catch him. Lucky for us, you drew him to the training yard where Nasus beat him down. The summoners subdued him. I got there moments later after you blacked out and recognized. I saw Riven trying to get you some help by calling the medics and trying to keep pressure on some of your deeper wounds to stop the bleeding. Once the medics showed up, they bandaged you up and brought you here. After they figured you'd be fine, they let me in," Ashe explained the entire story. Riven, why was she trying to help him? It seemed odd in the least, but Xileph didn't question her motives. She saved him and he owed a debt to her now. He hated owing people.

"I probably should get going. I need to speak with a couple of summoners to set up a few of my next matches," Ashe said, standing up. She reached the doorway and looked back, "Try not to die anymore," She said with a smile and left his room.

After Ashe had left his presence, Xileph tried to stand up from his bed. His wounds were deep and his bandages had stains of blood on them. The wound on his shoulder was the one that hurt the most. His chest had a large gash across it and even his abdomen had been cut. A few of his cuts had been simply bandaged, but the deeper ones had been sewn shut.

A knock at the door forced Xileph to endure the pain as he approached his doorway. When he opened it, it was a unpredicted sight. Talon leaned against the doorway of Xileph's room. The noxian had the hint of a grin on his face.

"Ah...the coward. What is it that you want?" Xileph said, pain filling his voice as the wounds were irritated by his movements.

"How was meeting Renekton? I'm sure it must have been fun," Talon said, inspecting the blade he had on his arm. It was then that Xileph had realized what had happened.

"It was you...You let him escape didn't you?" Xileph said to the noxian.

"I certainly can't deny that claim, but I do wish to bring up Katarina's offer of you joining us," Talon's eyes stared from under his hood and into Xileph's. He remembered the offer Katarina had made of Xileph joining the noxians in their constant fight against Demacia. Neither side gave him a very good impression. Demacia was full of pompous do-gooders while Noxus was full of backstabbers and crooks.

"I still deny the offer. I do not fight for anyone," Xileph stated.

"Then perhaps we'll have to do something a bit more...rash," Talon hinted at the fact that something much worst was coming. Xileph was unsure about what the noxians were capable of. "We've seen you with her. Speaking to her as if she was an equal to us all. I would be proud to call you brother on the field, but her. She is nothing but a wash up," Talon continued.

Who could he have been speaking of? It took Xileph a few seconds to know who Talon was speaking of. Riven was of course the one who he had been speaking to. She was the only one that Xileph felt any sort of friendly bond with.

"It would be a shame if something bad happened to her now wouldn't it?" Talon said, a grin spreading across his face.

"You touch her and I'll rip your throat out straight from under you..." Xileph was interrupted by Talon.

"My my, you speak as if you two have already become married. Tell me, have you two explored each other more yet?" Talon asked. His questions and matter of speaking enraged Xileph so much that it was becoming harder to control himself.

"If I were you Talon, I would watch my own back. Sometimes the devil you don't know ends up being the one putting the blade in YOUR back," Xileph said, emphasizing the word 'your'. This seemed to have the desired affect as Talon's eyes showed a slight pang of fear. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Xileph shut the door in the noxians face, preparing for what would seem like an all out war against the noxians. He would need friends. Friends in places that the noxians would never see coming. It was time for him to make a plan.

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Finally got around to catching up on this story, and I'm glad I did.

Xileph is quite interesting! I'll be looking forward to future episodes!

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I wanted him to be as human as possible. The reason for that being is not just because it makes a **** good story and makes a character real. It's mostly because I have always attempted to give my characters as much flaws as possible without making them worthless.

It's the same reason why I don't like the Resident Evil movies. Alice in those movies seems just way to powerful. I've never wanted that with my characters.

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El Killer Duck

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Well written. Your grasp of intrigue and suspense is evident in these last two chapters. Events that happen in a previous chapter follow a natural path into the next. Very good job.

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exellent fanfic

PD : Wu +Yi = OMG that was awesome xD

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Sorry that this one is a little shorter then the others but I'm trying to set a few things up.
Chapter 5: Almost Like Frankenstein

A groaned escaped Xileph's lips when he heard the knock at the door. It had been only a day when Renekton had almost butchered the swordsman. He was given a week to recover from the deeper wounds. Even though he was no longer alive, he was completely susceptible to pain. The butcher's blade was unforgiving in their conflict.

The knock began again, forcing Xileph to stand up. He was frustrated with having to get up from his relaxing state. The warrior slowly walked over to the door halfheartedly. When he opened it, he saw a familiar face. One that shined in the light. She seemed overly enthusiastic.

"Hello Xileph," Lux said with her high voice. Though something was wrong and Xileph could feel it.

"Lux," Xileph said with a nod.

"I wanted to apologize," Lux murmured. It was obvious she was embarrassed of having to ask for forgiveness.


"My brother. He can be a bit over protective of me," Lux said with a warm smile. "Though, I still love him, he can be a bit proud of Demacia," She stated before looking Xileph in his eyes. "Apology accepted?" She asked.

"You don't have a reason to apologize. You never did anything wrong," Xileph explained and gave a hint of a smile to Lux. She seemed content with hearing Xileph's answer. The girl said nothing further and a long silence hung between the two. Just as Xileph was about to close his door...

"Wait!" She said hastily and stopped the door. "We should really hang out sometimes...you know...as friends?" It was more of a question rather then a statement. Xileph was never particularly one to 'hang out' with anyone. He had a goal to be here and 'hanging out' would only get in his way. But Lux was so welcoming, he figured he'd make one exception...eventually.

"I'll think about it," He said with a smirk before closing his door completely. The warrior slowly walked back to his bed and laid down on it gently as to not aggravate any wounds. The day was getting old and the night was barely being born. Soon, he would need to sleep and rest to allow his body to heal the wounds. The butcher's blade had been very unforgiving...


"So, what did he say?" Katarina asked the cloaked man that leaned against the wall only a few feet in front of her.

"He stays by his standpoint. He is a thick one," Talon said, wondering why Katarina had even wanted Xileph to join their cause. She certainly hadn't given him any reason to want to join. It couldn't have just been his finesse and skill in battle or his composure when facing an enemy. Perhaps him joining with provide something a bit more lucrative then what she was letting on.

"Then I guess we'll just have to give him more of an incentive," Katarina declared. It occurred to Talon that perhaps she was with holding information from him. It was troubling that his sister would keep something from him. The two had always shared a 'no secrets' sort of bond.

'Is there something your not telling me?" Talon inquired. It was a nagging feeling he had in his mind that forced him to ask the question. On any normal occasion, he wouldn't have even thought about asking Katarina if secrets were held. It was almost as if he was accusing her of betrayal.

"Not anything that would matter to you," Katarina replied before turning around to look further down the hall that the two were in, making sure no one was watching. That was it, she got him. He couldn't reply without having to force the information out of her, but that would prove difficult especially now since the demacians had seemed more stalwart and untied then the noxians.

"Perhaps, but sooner or later you will have to tell me," Talon declared. Nothing that Katarina knew could be held from him for too long anyway.

"That time is not now," Katarina stated. In an dispute of words, Katarina had beaten Talon. He had no more arguments to bring up and eventually settled with the fact that he would know in time what she was with holding from him. "For now, lets prepare for our next move. Can you handle it?"

"Simply tell me what it is and I will deliver," Talon said, waiting for Katarina's directional point.


Riven sat within the practice field of the Institute of War. She had tried to enter Xileph's room the day he was attacked by Renekton, but hours had passed as the summoners along with Soraka were healing the warrior. She gave up her tolerance and left after being denied access to him.

She took delight in being a big component in the saving of a life instead of destroying one that she had done so many times before. She felt guilty for not visiting her 'friend' after he was considered stable. The warrior was strong and could overcome his troubles on his own was her thoughts on the matter. He didn't need her help or support to get through this minor trial of will and strength.

A slight sliver of movement had enticed the exile to look over her shoulder. No one was in her view, but she could feel the presence of someone. Long years in the military had honed her sense to a sensitive sort that was beyond the average human. She took a firm grip of her sword and held it tightly in her hand. Any sign of someone posing a threat would be cleaved. She listened and waited for another signal of life.

No one. Nothing moved and nothing made sound except her own breathing. Riven stood up from her sitting position and searched around the yard. It was empty as far as she could tell and the cover of darkness didn't make it any less easier to spot someone hiding. Silently, the exile began to move closer to an entrance to the Institute. She kept an open eye and ear so as to not allow anyone to catch her off guard.

"Perhaps it was just my imagination," She finally told herself, but it wasn't enough to ease her of the presence. It was so close that she could almost hear the breathing of someone watching her. Just as she was about to enter the institute she heard a high pitch laugh that would have scared anyone else. She knew who it was and relaxed her sword.

"Teemo, you sneaky devil," She said, smiling as the yordle popped out from the darkness. "I almost cleaved you in half," She stated, almost impressed at the slyness of the yordle. He could hide in mid day without being seen.

"I'm sorry, but I needed to practice my skills on someone," The yordle said before laughing again. Riven understood the need to practice skill and Teemo's skill was definitely his stealth. On the fields of justice, he could easily set up a kill if he had the right summoner to control him.

"It's ok Teemo, I completely understand," She said and patted the little yordle on the head. He was like a child to her but a child who knew the penalty of death and new the reality of the world they lived in. The two had gotten along mostly because of their military background. The way they had killed so many. The only thing was Riven felt guilt whereas Teemo simply saw it as 'duty'.

Then an idea struck the exile. "Hey Teemo...could you do me a favor?" She asked.

"Of course Riven, what is it?" Teemo asked innocently. The exile took a knee next to the yorlde and whispered into his ear. As soon as he had heard the plan, Teemo face brightened. "Of course. Captain Teemo on duty!" He said before running inside the institute. Riven stayed outside, looking up at the night sky and taking in the spectacle.

Author's Note: A thesaurus works wonders.

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El Killer Duck

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inb4 edit: It's Captain Teemo ZOM!!!! OMG like you don't hear me select him enough!!! XD XD XD

But seriously, I really like this chapter, I like your take on Katarina and Talon, deceitful and coercing. An excellent story to be sure.

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El Killer Duck:
inb4 edit: It's Captain Teemo ZOM!!!! OMG like you don't hear me select him enough!!! XD XD XD

Shhh....I never edited it >.>.....<.<