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The Frozen Verdict (A fanfic)

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Y'know...I've always wanted to be a champion in the League. I know how far fetched of a dream that sounds, but I've always found a way to make it come true, one way or another. One day as I read through the forums I finally saw the Fan Fiction section (I had passed over it so many times) and began reading through some of the posts. To be hones, I found I had a liking to them. Most, if not all, were very well done and made me jealous. I thought "Hey...why don't I write one?" and now here we are. My very own fanfic with me finally being able to be a champion in the League. I will try my best to write as grammatically correct as possible but I'm only human. If you find any errors, please let me know so I can correct them.

Xileph, The Frozen Verdict

Lore: Growing up in the fejord wasn't an easy life. Every day was just as cold as the last. Small tribes in the fejord were always easy pickings for the winter season. Many of them died from the lack of food or the freezing temperature. Even bandits would single out these small villages to raid and pillage. Xileph lived in one of these small settlements. Being the son of a warrior, Xileph knew his way around a sword. At a young age, he began training with his father with Two-Handed swords. It was at combat that Xileph excelled at. He could soon even best his own father by the age of 15. No swordsman in the small village he lived in could beat Xileph. He became arrogant and began challenging the bandits that would attack his city. It was this arrogance that became his downfall. During a confrontation of raiders that attack Xileph's village, the arrogant boy challenged the leader of the raiders. When the duel commenced, Xileph was beaten easily. As punishment for resisting the raiders, their leader tied Xileph up and made him watch as they slaughtered his entire village. Once finished with their deed, they threw the tied Xileph into the freezing waters.

During the slaughter of his village, Xileph swore revenge. In the freezing waters, he was born again. Xileph stepped out of the water, cracking his now frozen limbs free from the ice that had once encased him. Burning with vengeance in his heart, he hunted down the raiders one by one. Punishing the ones that he could find. Legends sprung up of "The Frozen Verdict" around the fejord. Though, as much as he tried, Xileph couldn't find the leader of the once scattered raiders. When he heard of the League of Legends, a plan hatched itself in his frozen mind. Perhaps becoming a champion of the League, he could find the leader who had killed him. On that thought, he headed for the League.

So, without further a due, let me begin my story of vengeance and redemption.


Prologue: Might of the Dead

Xileph entered the Entrance Hall of the Institute of War. "Can't say I'm fond of the design..." Xileph said to himself as he entered the hall. It was large and empty. But showing up at the institute at night probably meant he wasn't meeting anybody soon. He followed the corridors down and looked at the walls. They depicted things that were alien to Xileph, things he didn't know about. The footsteps coming from his greaved feet echoed as metal collided with stone. Xileph's glowing blue eyes screened the area of any life, none showed itself.

As he continued to walk down the hall, a darkness began to appear over him. It wasn't the darkness of a light switching off, but a much more...potent darkness. It enveloped him. Xileph showed no fear. Nothing could kill what was already dead inside. As the darkness wrapped itself around him, Xileph could smell the scents of his village.

When the darkness subsided, he found himself in his home. In his room, Xileph laid on the bed. The swordsman looked at his body and found himself to be...alive? It was odd, and a neat trick from a sorcerer. The boy jumped out of his bed after hearing the commotion of yelling and fighting and grabbed his sword. When he reached the doorway, he found that a group of vikings had entered the town uninvited. Xileph's father begged and bargained in vain. The vikings laughed at his bargains and begging. Though a promenent swordsman, Xileph's father knew he could not stand to these monsters.

"Please let us be. We are not causing harm to anyone," Xileph's father told the viking on the horse who stood in front of him. It must have been the leader of the group.

"I'm sorry, but it is survival of the fittest here in this frozen wasteland. You are not fit to survive," The viking said as he dismounted his horse.

"Then maybe I am," Xileph called out to the raider. Barley of age 20, the young boy knew not how to measure his opponent before combat. The leader of the bandits seemed pleased with the outburst of Xileph.

"Hmmm...You've got stones, I'll tell you that much. But you are part of this...pathetic place you call a village and I show no mercy," The viking spoke. Only silence surrounded the two figures speaking.

"Perhaps a duel then? If I win, you leave my town and people alone. If you win, you may do as you please," Xileph said. Wagering an entire town was an arrogant act, but Xileph knew he could beat a common criminal. The viking thought on the proposition. This kid could know nothing of swordsman ship and dueling. Perhaps, this would be an easy win.

"Very well...You have yourself a duel," The viking said, pulling out a pair of axes (foreshadowing) and standing in a fighting stance. Xileph smirked, although a dual-wielding barbarian looked intimidating, Xileph knew that blocking a cleave from a two handed sword would break the man's axes.

Xileph stood a defensive stand and awaited the viking's attack. Just as he had thought, the mad ran forward, swinging his axes in wide arks and in quick flurries. Xileph blocked most of the onslaught, but he soon found out that this man knew exactly what he was doing and wasn't merely swinging madly. 'I must go on the offensive', Xileph thought and pushed against the viking. Swinging his sword in wide arcs, Xileph began to overpower the viking. Though this would be short lived. The viking pushed Xileph's huge sword down to the ground with his right handed ax and slammed the other side into Xeliph's thigh. A scream of pain came out of Xileph's mouth. Blood fell on the snow under him. The raider's leg landed itself on the boy's face, knocking him onto the ground.

"Sorry to tell you boy, but you lost," The viking said and spat on the boy. "ROUND EVERYONE UP!! We're gonna have ourselves some target practice," The leader said. The weakened Xileph couldn't struggle against the raiders when they hoisted him up side down to watch as they butchered his people.

It went on for an entire day, the screams of innocence as blood began to stain the snow. Fire's raged as the small houses and dwellings burned. It was a sight Xileph would never forget. He watched his friends, family, and even the little boys that looked up to him become nothing but cold, dead bodied that scattered upon the ground.

"How does it feel boy?" The leader of the raiders asked. "We have a special death for you," He said in a mocking tone. Xileph only stayed motionless and speechless. The heaving of his chest was the only indication he was alive. The viking cut him down and tied him behind his horse and began to ride, letting the boy drag behind him. Sharp rocks carved at Xileph's skin, leaving bloody wounds when they had finally stopped at the edge of a cliff.

"Here we are, your grave," The viking said, laughing as he untied Xileph from the back of his horse. "You were quite the fighter," He said mockingly and pulled Xileph up.

"I...will...kill...you," Xileph said coldly as they urged him to the edge of the cliff. It was a long fall and at the bottom, freezing water waited.

"It's not like it is in the books boy...In the real world, its the strongest who survive. The weak like you die from memory never to be remembered.

"I will avenge myself," He said before being pushed off the cliff. The fall felt long and eternal. He saw every detail of his life flash before he struck the cold water. Hypothermia set into the broken body of Xileph as he felt death finally give its kiss.

Xileph's eyes opened and he found himself in the corridor of the Institute of War, though another presence in the room spoke. "You seek vengeance and redemption. Is it worth it? To postpone eternal slumber because you feel guilt?" A cloaked figure spoke from behind Xileph.

"It's my fault they're all dead...Revenge is the only thing I desire. Punishment of the wicked," Xileph said to the cloaked figure.

"So then tell me, why do you want to join the League?" The cloak figure asked inquisitively.

"To find the one responsible...I want his head adorned on my door,"

"The league is no place for such violence. We are here to preserve lives, not guide murderers to their destination,"

"I am not here to murder anyone...I'm here for redemption, to punish myself. The league is the first step in my quest,"

"How does it feel to have your mind exposed?"

"I have nothing to hide,"

"Very well...Welcome to The League of Legends," The cloaked figure said, but then disappeared as quickly as he had shown himself.

Xileph continued down the corridor, without hesitation.


Chapter 1: A Broken Blade and A Flash of Light

Xileph exited his room that he was shown a few nights ago when he was given his reflection. He hadn't had much of a chance to converse with the other champions. They all felt alien to him. Some of them downright stayed away from him.

Breakfast was being given, but that didn't interest Xileph. The training grounds were open and it had been a while since Xileph had honed his swordsmanship. He held his sword in his hand as he walked outside into the yard. It was desolate except for a few champions who also didn't need the nourishment of food. Xileph scanned the yard, finding the sword dummies he was in search of.

Making his way to the dummies, he noticed a girl with white hair, wearing little more than rags sitting down next to bushes that surrounded the yard. How had he not notice her earlier? Regardless, he approached the training dummies, paying no attention to the girl who sat only meters away.

He readied his stance, swinging in wide arcs that rocked the dummy each time Xileph hit it. It started with one strike at a time, then evolved to a two-strike combo. Two strikes became three. Soon, Xileph was chaining massive amounts of power strikes with quick stabs and had even managed to use the pommel of his sword for a few strikes.

"Your stance is a bit tight, try widening your legs a bit," The girl said after drinking from a canteen. Xileph took note of the woman's word and found out she was right. He had been a bit tight on his stance and opened his legs up a bit more.

"Thanks..." Was all Xileph spoke before unleashing another flurry of strikes on the dummy. He counted 23 by the time he figured anyone he was attacking would be dead. With his widened stance, he was able to put more power into his strikes.

"You're the new one...aren't you?" The woman asked.


"Your armor is Noxian. Is that where your from?"


"So then how did you attain Noxian armor?" The woman asked. It started to get on Xileph's nerves.

"By means of forcefulness," Xileph replied.

"Taking that response and the fact that you managed to beat that dummy, I'm guessing you aren't the passive type," The woman said, standing up from her sitting position.

"You'd be making a mistake if that had been your conclusion" Xileph said and got out of his stance and looked at the woman. Her hair was pulled up into a bun and she wore rusted remnants of Noxian battle armor. Xileph himself wore a different set of Noxian armor. His was made more for dueling rather than fighting on a battlefield.

"Would you mind if I showed you a few lessons?" The girl asked.

"My swordsmanship is good enough," Xileph said.

"No one is denying that...I simply just want to give you a few pointers. Help you improve yourself before your first match," The girl said. Xileph thought for a moment. How could a woman know more than him in swordsmanship? Perhaps he could humor the girl. Make her feel like she actually helped him.

"Fine...teach away," He said quietly. The girl stood and held out her hand.

"The name is Riven," The girl said. She showed no emotion in her gaze, nothing of happiness or sorrow. Xileph shook her hand.

"Xileph..." He said. The warmth of her body heat didn't affect him.

"Your hands are freezing," She said and took the sword from Xileph's hand. "This sword is much smaller than the one I'm used to using," She spoke. "The first and most important thing is stance......"

The lessons Riven taught were actually more educational then Xileph had originally thought. He surprisingly learned something from Riven. He knew nothing of the girl's past and didn't really care. As long as she had helped him improve himself, he could care less about who she was. She had been teaching him for over 3 hours.

"Thanks for the lessons Riven. I'll be sure to implement them next time," Xileph said to the girl. She shook her head.

"Don't mention it at all," She said. Xileph had been oblivious to the fact that the yard filled with more champions practicing their skills. The first thing that caught his eye was the giant tree tossing tiny, living(?) bombs that ran towards their targets. He also saw a gargoyle shooting balls of light from his eyes at various targets. A man with many eyes slashed at a dummy with blinding speed. There was even a monkey hitting things with his pole and laughing. The variety of the champions that he could see was astounding. Though one champion in particular caught his eye.

A red haired girl with a scar running down her eye who could disappear in the blink of an eye and appear behind her target. She threw daggers with amazing accuracy. Xileph was dumbfounded by the girl's abilities.

"That red haired girl...Who is that?" Xileph asked Riven. He thought he heard anger in her voice.

"Thats Katarina. She is by far the most sadistic human being I have ever met. If I were you, I'd stay clear of her and Talon," Riven said.

"Talon? Who is that?"

"Another assassin. He and Katarina are like brother and sister since her father took Talon in at a young age as a personal assassin. Stay away from the Noxians if you want my advice,"

"This coming from a girl wearing remnants of Noxian armor?"

"My days with the Noxians are over...I have no love or comradeship with them. They're nothing but murderers and backstabbers," Riven said with anger in her voice.

"I see...well I will be on my way. Thank you for the lessons," Xileph said and bowed slightly to Riven. He didn't bother to listen to any response from her and walked out of the yard. He wanted to head straight for his room and slip into it unnoticed by anyone.

As Xileph walked over to his room, he was intercepted by a man in a purple coat who stopped him midway to his room. "Xileph is it? You are the new champion correct?" The man asked.

"Yes...What is it you want?"

"You're first match is scheduled for tomorrow at 12 afternoon. It will only be a practice match so you can understand the basics about the fields of justice," The summoner said. Xileph nodded to the man. After the man had told Xileph what he needed to be told, he left. Xileph made it to his room without any intrusions. The living quarter was big and could house two people if it had too. There was a couch on the wall that sat in front of a coffee table. A bar seperated the kitchen from the living room. A door in the living room led to his bedroom. Inside his bedroom was a door leading to a small bathroom.

Xileph looked at the clock and found it to be 1 in the afternoon. "Hm...not much to do here is there," He said to himself before hearing a knock on the door. "Oh god, what is it now?" he said to himself and opened the door.

"HELLO!!!!" A blonde girl practically shouted at him when he opened the door. She seemed very enthusiastic and happy. "Your the new guy right?" She asked, this time with a little less noise.

"Yes...My name is Xileph. What is it that you want?" He asked. He wasn't in the mood to be disturbed by someone he didn't even know.

"Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I try to make it a point to introduce myself to all the new champions," She said, giggling. "My name is Lux," She said, holding out her hand. This was the second woman to introduce themselves in the last 4 hours. Xileph took her request and shook her hand.

"Oh god, your hands are colder than Ashe's arrows," She said with a frown before laughing softly. It was then that a spark of memory made itself known in Xileph's mind. Ashe...he knew that name.

"I'm not exactly alive...if you know what I mean," Xileph said to the blonde girl.

"Ohhh...so are you like a zombie? Are you going to try to eat my brain?" She asked giggling at the small jokes. Xileph however, didn't find it amusing. When Lux saw his emotionless face, she stopped laughing.

"Well...I hope we meet again! I'm really looking forward to seeing you on the fields," Lux said.

"Likewise," He replied before shutting the door. "This is going to be a long career," He said to himself.

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Not bad! A few spelling and grammar mistakes, but nothing a quick edit won't fix.

I'm always a little hesitant of OC-centred stories, but I'm impressed that you haven't fallen for the mistakes most people make. Your character has a believable personality, doesn't seem to be overpowered in the slightest, and has an interesting goal and situation. It leads me to believe you have experience in writing, yes?
His enemy is quite obvious from the prologue but I'd still like to see how you handle the battle between them.

Also, voted for more cowbell. Always the best option, even if 'yes' is the right one. :P

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great comic , I expect much more of it in the future D:....

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Thank you for the praise. Yes, I do have experience in writing. While the other boys in my school play football, I stay in my room and write.

I will make more chapters to the story once I have the time. I don't have much else to do in the way of hobbies (except play League of Legends :P ) so I will try to put the other chapters up as quickly as I can.

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El Killer Duck

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Your writings never cease to amaze me bro. But trust me, and when I say trust me, I really want you to believe me; this is real talk: I *knew* you would choose Riven as the "companion" champ in this story. You've loved Riven since she came out, so it's not surprising. I am really glad that you have chosen to share this story out, and am doubly happy it is receiving the same praise that I have given your other pieces. Keep up the good, nay, great work.

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I sensed Riven on this thread...and I was right.

Excellent writing, my friend! I'm looking forwards to the next piece! +1


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Chapter 2: The Death of Innocence

Humiliation followed Xileph as he walked back into the institute of war. He had lost the match, and it was most his fault.

"Who am I going up against?" He asked the summoner in his mind.

"Your going up against Yorick...He's just as durable as you are, but takes less damage the more of his ghouls he has up,"

"So your saying not to fight him 1v1?"

"Thats exactly what I'm saying...unless you have a good amount of armor and can get rid of fragile ghouls...I suggest sunfire cape," The summoner said as Xileph approached the last tower of his lane. All he had bought was Doran's Sword and had no more money left to spend. "Also, this is my first time controlling you. I'm not exactly sure on what to buy for you or even how to control you. But trust me, I'll learn," The summoner said before taking a big gulp. He didn't want to throw the game because of his lack of knowledge of Xileph.

The minions walked into the middle of the two turrets. The gravedigger walked out of the fog of war and limped over to the minions, hitting them with a shovel. Xileph approached the small war the minions waged upon each other.

"Remember, dealing the killing blow on a minion will give you extra gold. It's important to hit them when you see that they are weak or else you lose your chance," The summoner said as Xileph's hand struck a minion down.

"Whatever you say," Xileph said quietly. After striking down a few creeps, a light shined itself over him briefly. He felt stronger then before. The same light shined itself on Yorick. AS Xileph struck down more minions, a small explosion occurred right in front of him. A green, rotting ghoul slowly walked towards Xileph, but was struck down before it could do any serious damage. A few scratches on his leg was all he suffered from the ghoul. Xileph began to underestimate the gravedigger. Was a rotting ghoul all he could do? Perhaps this was going to be easier then he thought.

The light shined itself on Xileph once more. "Good, I've almost unlocked your full potential," The summoner said. Xileph didn't bother asking questions about what it was that the summoner spoke of.

"Lets take him on. His ghouls are weak," Xileph stated. It was always his confident side that usually led him into trouble. He hadn't learned that by now.

"Didn't I already tell you no? Wait for someone to come and help you," The summoner said.

"I'm going in," Xileph said and began to walk towards the grave digger. The grave digger smiled.

"Xileph!! don't...." The summoner said, but Xileph was already headed for his enemy. He felt the small explosion from the rotting ghoul and found that the ground under him had turned to mud, slowing his movement. As he endured the scratches from the green ghoul, a red one appeared. Xileph felt an emptiness inside him as it appeared and began to claw at him with the green ghoul. Finally Xileph had reached Yorick. Just as he was about to strike, Yorick's hands turned blue. The next thing Xileph knew, he was being clawed by the ghouls, digging deeper and deeper into his flesh. The grave digger mercilessly beat him with a shovel. Soon, Xileph blacked out, blood surrounding him.

"Bad first match?" A man said who leaned against the wall of the hallway. Xileph's apathy wasn't totally hidden. The man wore a blue coat which blades dangled on. A large, jagged blade covered the man's right forearm. The man ran his finger over it, drawing a slight amount of blood.

"And you are?" Xileph asked, adding a bit of anger to the words. The man grinned slightly.

"Talon, The Blade's Shadow," He said calmly.

"Yes...I've heard of you before. The noxian rat who kills without warning. A coward who hides in the shadows only to stab at the back of those you target," Xileph said. He hated assassins. They were cowards to him. Refusing to fight a man head on was admitting feebleness. Talon's grimmance seemed to fade as he heard the new champion's declaration of him.

"Watch that tongue of yours, or perhaps one day it'll be missing. You wear Noxian armor. Perhaps you strive to be one of us? Or maybe you are simply a fraud," Talon said. His voice was more serious and filled with annoyance. "If you learn anything from me, let it be this. There is no room for honor in this world," Talon said, grinning as he disappeared into the shadows.

Xileph paid no worry to the assassin. He himself knew that he could settle any situation that could arise between them with a single slash. Perhaps not? He had been wrong before such as in the case of going up against The Gravedigger by himself. He brushed the thought of loss away from his mind. There would be more chances to prove his worth. For now, he was glad he learned when not to fight at least 1 champion.

The Frozen Verdict made his way to his room. His eyes not really watching where he was going until he felt a familiar presence and saw a light in the corner of his eye. It was Lux, waving him over to her small group. In the group was a big, burly man holding a thick sword that made Xileph's look like a toy. A blue skinned woman with gauntlets made to look like the head of a dragon also looked at him. The gargoyle that he had seen the day before in the yard hovered above them.

"XILEPH!!" Lux called. It seemed like a trivial matter, but the warrior had nothing better to do. He approached the group, unaware of the situation he was walking into. He stopped as soon as he got to the group, getting awkward looks from the others in the group besides Lux, who seemed to be perpetually happy from what he had seen so far.

"Xileph, this is my brother Garen," She said, motioning to the big, burly man. "This is Shyvana," She said, pointing to the blue skinned girl. "Galio," the gargoyle. "Xin Zhao," a man holding a spear. "And this...is Prince Jarvan IV" She said, motioning to another spear wielder, except he had yellow armor and stood in a valiant stance over the others.

"Where do your allegiance lie?" Garen inquired to Xileph. Of course he had the right to ask the question, Xileph was wearing Noxian armor.

"Oh brother don't pesture him with....." Lux said, but was interrupted by Xileph.

"My allegiances lie where I fancy them. Do not think that because I wear noxian armor that I am one of them. Riven no longer fights for...."

"Do not speak of that vile being!" Garen interrupted. "She is nothing but a blight upon this land. A scourge that refuses to be cleansed. Her very breath pollutes the air!" Garen spoke sounding quite angry. "If your allegiance lies with her, then you have no business being in the company of my sister of my comrades!"

"Fine...I wasn't planning on staying anyways," Xileph said, walking away from the group without a second look back. He could hear Lux arguing with her brother over 'prejudice' and whatnot. Xileph didnt bother listening and instead, headed for the training grounds. It was empty with the exception of a few champions he didn't bother identifying.

Stroke after stroke, Xileph's sword hit the dummy he stood in front of with accurate and devastating blows. Although he had the smallest sword, as far as he had seen, he knew he was **** good with it. Many practice sessions had turned Xileph from a mere boy into a blade-wielding warrior. Though there was one problem. Xileph was only the best in his settlement. He knew not of the outside world's styles of fighting. Perhaps they knew more then he did about swordsmanship. 'I should really think about asking a few.....'

"I heard about your loss," A female voice said from behind him. He recognized the voice.

"It's nothing Riven...a small setback," Xileph responded.

"Glad to hear you think that way. For other champions, its a bit harder to let go of a loss," She said. Just then, Ammumu's crying echoed through the training yard. The silence seemed to be unbreakable until Xileph finally said something.

"The Demacians don't like you," He said, still whacking at the dummy. Riven walked over to his right side a few feet away. He could see her in his peripheral vision.

"They have no reason too like me. I've killed many of their friends and families. Innocent civilians slaughtered by my orders. It wasn't until my own life was at risk that I finally began to see what I had been fighting for. I was not glorified. I was disposable. The Noxians didn't care about their soldiers, only the results they brought back. I'm surprised that I was even allowed into the League rather then being executed," She said, a troubled tone in her voice.

"You're here to atone aren't you?" Xileph asked, striking the dummy one last time, leaving the sword stuck in it. "Redeem yourself for the crimes you committed," Xileph may have been arrogant, but he was no idiot.

"How did you know?" she asked without any sort of awe or shock in her voice.

"Why else would someone who slaughtered villages join an order that is meant to preserve life rather then take it. Not only that, but you said your days with the noxians are over. That could only lead to one conclusion," he said, pulling the sword from the dummy. The blade had left a large gash in the dummy's shoulder area.

"Maybe to continue fighting for the enjoyment. Pantheon seems to enjoy smashing his shield into people and shoving spears into their chests," Riven replied. Xileph had seen Pantheon around when he had first showed up. The Rakkor was a boastful one, but he had to be respected for his skill in battle.

"I'm sorry, but I don't get that vibe off of you," Xileph said, looking towards the white haired girl.

Riven turned around, looking at the sky. "My hands are stained with the blood of innocence. I don't think 1000 deaths will ever let me feel the pain I've put so many through," she said and began to walk away. Xileph instantly felt a sort of bond with his friend, if he could call her that. Both of them knew what it was like to be the fault of the death of innocence and both of them were here to atone for their fault. Xileph felt dwarfed by Riven's deeds. She was the cause of so much more death then he was, yet, he felt her pain. It was a wound of the soul that could not heal so easily.

The screams again echoed through his mind, making him wince. When he turned to look back to see where Riven had gone, he didn't see a trace of her. "1000 deaths is only a puppy's bite to the loss of innocence," Xileph said to himself before he noticed the sun was beginning to set. The Frozen Verdict began his walk back to his room.

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oooo nice chapter

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I'm likin' it.