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Fix 5v5 Que matchmaking.

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I don't know if I'm the first to realize this, or if I'm the 500th person to post about it, but 5v5 matchmaking que needs a fix. I'm not a constant pvp player, but I enjoy giving it a shot once in a while. I only have maybe 140+/- wins.

But it seems to me, every time I get into a game, my team is filled with 140-190 wins, not a big deal, they just either don't do pvp much or they get bricked just like me. And the other team is wall to wall 500+ wins, 1300+ rated players.

To me, this is a strong deterrent from playing in pvp games, since 90% of the pvp games I have played in the past few months alone have been against premade/high-rated teams and/or players.

Any thoughts?