some stats and notes about competitive Dominion

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2 Weeks Ago

Hello everyone, I am Gandair.

Recently I've accomplished something that has been in the works for a while, but unfortunately it's not even in it's final form. I've downloaded all the screenshots from all the NA Dominion tournaments that I could find. If there are any more screenshots to be downloaded I can't find them. All the files on my computer are named in a specific pattern for ease of review and sorted across a lot of folders. There are some holes in the information due to screenshots that outright weren't submitted or screenshots that weren't submitted due to the existence of the tournament VOD. Unfortunately we can't go back in time to change that so I'm working with what exists.

One of my earliest curiosities when it comes to tracking information from Dominion competition was how many games have been played? Here is the answer to that question from what data I've been able to collect over the years. It will be presented chronologically according to the dates of all the events. In the event that one tournament happens during the run of another, then the tournament that began first will precede it in the listing.

If any numbers or dates are wrong please let me know so that I may correct them in both this thread and the documents on my compuer.

Firstly, League of Legends: Dominion launched on September 26th 2011. NA's first tournament was a LAN that took place at Devastation LAN 2011 which was held in Phoenix, Arizona. This event happened at the same time that IGN Proleague 3(IPL 3) which was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. IPL3 featured League of Legends' Summoner's Rift map at it's event. In an interview about dominion history FourCourtJester (who commentated Devastation's Dominion LAN with Semmler) told us that the event actually did not finish. There was limited information available about it. The brackets were lost but a small section of the tournament was available in the VOD from the BeyondGaming live stream. I've archived that video on my computer, but it's not been posted online yet. Here is a screenshot. Though the VOD is long there were only 3 games that made it onto the stream. This is where our counter begins.

Devastation 2011: 3 games (there were more we couldn't confirm with hard evidence)

Next in competitive NA Dominion was National Electronic Sports League's (NESL) Conflict on the Crystal Scar. In an interview about Dominion history Tassenix spoke about NESL's tournament. It ended for the simple reason of NESL just wanting to do something else. It's important to note here that in NESL the RP prizes were not awarded at every tournament which explains why some events were much weaker in turnout than others. There were some issues with a few of the brackets as well but NESL's site unexpectedly (from my point of view at least) changed and all of the brackets were lost from the internet. At the same time they also closed their twitch channel and all of the VODs were also lost. The only remaining VOD from NESL that exists to my knowledge is on the youtube channel covertCoder (Nekrogen on NA LoL server, Only1hp on EUW LoL server). Here is what NESL looked like.

NESL #1 (18 games) October 17th 2011
NESL #2 (9 games) October 24th 2011
NESL #3 (7 games) October 31st 2011
NESL #4 (8 games) November 7th 2011
NESL #5 (4 games) November 14th 2011
NESL #6 (5 games) November 21st 2011
NESL #7 (5 games) November 28th 2011
NESL #8 (2 games) December 5th 2011
NESL #9 (1 game) December 12th 2011
NESL #10 (0 games) December 19th 2011 (bracket is blank for reasons I never found out about)
NESL #11 (5 games) December 26th 2011
NESL #12 (6 games) January 2nd 2012
NESL #13 (9 games) January 9th 2012
NESL #14 (6 games) January 16th 2012
NESL #15 (10 games) January 23th 2012
NESL #16 (10 games) January 30st 2012
NESL #17 (9 games) February 6th 2012
NESL #18 (12 games) February 13th 2012
NESL #19 (15 games) February 20st 2012
NESL #20 (8 games) February 27th 2012
NESL #21 (6 games) March 5th 2012
NESL #22 (8 games) March 12th 2012
NESL #23 (10 games) March 19th 2012
NESL #24 (9 games) March 26th 2012
NESL #25 (5 games) April 2rd 2012
NESL #26 (11 games) April 9th 2012
NESL #27 (5 games) April 16th 2012
NESL #28 (8 games) April 23th 2012
NESL #29 (9 games) April 30th 2012
Total: 220 games

Beginning at the end of NESL TheFeedski's DominateDominion tournament began to run. There was some brief overlap with NESL in it's beginnings.

NESL #9 December 12th 2011
DD #0 December 17th 2011
NESL #10 December 19th 2011

NESL #27 April 16th 2012
DD #1 April 21st 2012
NESL #28 April 23th 2012
DD #2 April 28th 2012
NESL #29 April 30th 2012
DD #3 May 5th 2012

DominateDominion was the longest-running League of Legends: Dominion tournament on NA. A lot of information from this tournament has disappeared from the internet. Initially the brackets and signups were hosted on Feedski's DominateDominion website which has since gone down. The next home to the tournament was on Cyber-Sports Network (CSN) and their site has also gone down. When last I checked CSN was a single splash page for a Starcraft 2 event and DominateDominion returns an error. It's final resting place was to be on MOBAfire with it's brackets hosted on Challonge. All of that information is still currently online although some of the image links (all puush links and some of HaIfhearted's imgur posts) are dead. There are a few noteworthy things about DD's timeline. On Monday September 17th 2012 Riot made a featured post about DominateDominion and it's stream on the front page of their website. This immediately led to the stream having 5k+ viewers on a weekday. The hype did not carry over very well to the weekend and only a small increase in tournament participation occurred. Though there was a visible increase in viewers during that tournament. In 2012 the tournament timing near the holidays was terrible leading to tiny events around Christmas and New Year's. During DD66 the tournament passed 1,000 competitive games played. After LoLPro Dominion Showdown 2 there was an increase in participants the following weekends. DD90 had a massive increase in participation, due to TheFeedski and others in or friendly with the community, reaching out across multiple social media platforms and websites to promote the tournament. This was the largest event DD held and was comparable to the size of the LoLPro events. After a change to bi-weekly tournaments, some administrative issues with the community, and an increase in personal success from SR streaming TheFeedski chose to conclude his dominion tournament. It was a good time and Feedski continues to do well now. Thanks for the games Feedski. DD's games-played history looks like this. League of Legends: Dominion Tournament
DD #0 (7 games) December 17th 2011
DD #1 (16 games) April 21st 2012
DD #2 (12 games) April 28th 2012
DD #3 (13 games) May 5th 2012
DD #4 (12 games) May 12th 2012
DD #5 (10 games) May 19th 2012
DD #6 (8 games) May 26th 2012
DD #7 (10 games) June 2nd 2012
DD #8 (11 games) June 9th 2012
DD #9 (11 games) June 16th 2012
DD #10 (12 games) June 23rd 2012
DD #11 (13 games) June 30th 2012
DD #12 (13 games) July 7th 2012
DD #13 (9 games) July 14th 2012
DD #14 (11 games) July 21st 2012
DD #15 (15 games) July 28th 2012
DD #16 (13 games) August 4th 2012
DD #17 (11 games) August 11th 2012
DD #18 (10 games) August 18th 2012
DD #19 (10 games) August 25th 2012
DD #20 (11 games) September 1st 2012
DD #21 (8 games) September 8th 2012
DD #22 (7 games) September 15th 2012
DD #23 (12 games) September 22nd 2012
DD #24 (17 games) September 29th 2012
DD #25 (18 games) October 6th 2012
DD #26 (17 games) October 13th 2012
DD #27 (13 games) October 20th 2012
DD #28 (16 games) October 27th 2012
DD #29 (16 games) November 3rd 2012
DD #30 (16 games) November 10th 2012
DD #31 (14,games) November 17th 2012
DD #32 (10 games) November 24th 2012
DD #33 (11 games) December 1st 2012
DD #34 (10 games) December 8th 2012
DD #35 (8 games) December 15th 2012
DD #36 (3 games) December 22nd 2012
DD #37 (6 games) December 29th 2012
DD #38 (23 games) January 5th 2013
DD #39 (19 games) January 12th 2013
DD #40 (20 games) January 19th 2013
DD #41 (22 games) January 26th 2013
DD #42 (26 games) February 2nd 2013
DD #43 (24 games) February 9th 2013
DD #44 (23 games) February 16th 2013
DD #45 (22 games) February 23rd 2013
DD #46 (16 games) March 2nd 2013
DD #47 (24 games) March 9th 2013
DD #48 (13 games) March 16th 2013
DD #49 (22 games) March 23rd 2013
DD #50 (18 games) March 30th 2013
DD #51 (15 games) April 6th 2013
DD #52 (22 games) April 13th 2013
DD #53 (18 games) April 20th 2013
DD #54 (19 games) April 27th 2013
DD #55 (15 games) May 4th 2013
DD #56 (15 games) May 11th 2013
DD #57 (19 games) May 18th 2013
DD #58 (18 games) May 25th 2013
DD #59 (24 games) June 1st 2013
DD #60 (22 games) June 8th 2013
DD #61 (20 games) June 15th 2013
DD #62 (17 games) June 22nd 2013
DD #63 (13 games) June 29th 2013
DD #64 (15 games) July 6th 2013
DD #65 (15 games) July 13th 2013
DD #66 (24 games) July 20th 2013
DD #68 (21 games) August 3rd 2013
DD #69 (17 games) August 10th 2013
DD #70 (25 games) August 17th 2013
DD #71 (19 games) August 24th 2013
DD #72 (21 games) August 31st 2013
DD #73 (16 games) September 7th 2013
DD #74 (24 games) September 14th 2013
DD #75 (20 games) September 21st 2013
DD #76 (18 games) September 28th 2013
DD #77 (16 games) October 5th 2013
DD #78 (21 games) October 12th 2013
DD #79 (18 games) October 19th 2013
DD #80 (22 games) October 26th 2013
DD #81 (17 games) November 2nd 2013
DD #82 (18 games) November 9th 2013
DD #84 (26 games) November 23rd 2013
DD #85 (25 games) November 30th 2013
DD #86 (19 games) December 7th 2013
DD #87 (18 games) December 14th 2013
DD #88 (23 games) December 21st 2013
DD #89 (21 games) December 28th 2013
DD #90 (14 games) January 4th 2014
DD #91 (51 games) January 11th 2014
DD #92 (22 games) January 18th 2014
DD #93 (24 games) January 25th 2014
DD #94 (25 games) February 1st 2014
DD #95 (20 games) February 8th 2014
DD #96 (15 games) February 15th 2014
DD #97 (19 games) February 22nd 2014
DD #98 (14 games) March 1st 2014
DD #99 (15 games) March 8th 2014
DD #100 (16 games) March 15th 2014
DD #101 (18 games) March 22nd 2014
DD #102 (20 games) March 29th 2014
DD #103 (14 games) April 12th 2014
DD #104 (14 games) April 26th 2014
Total: 1,729 games

During the long run of DominateDominion competition there were two other tournaments that took place. The LoLPro Dominion Showdown and the Paradox Dominion Championship Series. LoLPro had stepped into alternate gameplay modes of LoL before and they held two Dominion tournaments. Paradox (run by Williaf) was a short-lived tournament series in December 2013 that held what is known to-date as the only double-elimination tournament for Dominion ever. It was also run on Sundays specifically to avoid conflict with DD. For comparison here is the space in time where these run along with DD's dates.

DD #66 July 20th 2013
LoLPro Dominion Showdown July 27-28 2013
DD #68 August 3rd 2013

DD #82 November 9th 2013
LoLPro Dominion Showdown #2 November 16th-17th 2013
DD #84 November 23rd 2013

DD #86 December 7th 2013
Paradox Week 1 December 8th 2013
DD #87 December 14th 2013
Paradox Week 2 December 15th 2013
DD #88 December 21st 2013
Paradox Week 3 December 22nd 2013
DD #89 December 28th 2013
Paradox Grand Finals December 29th 2013
DD #90 January 4th 2014

All the threads and information relevant to the LoLPro tournaments has since been deleted from their forums. This happened shortly after the event and lot of LoLPro1 match media was lost. The information from LoLPro12 is more complete than LoLPro1. Knowing ahead of time that the threads would go down so quickly I was much more prudent in saving the data right away rather than immediately attending to the VODs. There are unaccounted for games that we can sadly never confirm or these game counts would be higher.

LoLPro Dominion Showdown
LoLPro #1 (50 games)
LoLPro #2 (66 games)
Total: 116 games

Quickly after the tournament series concluded Williaf closed down Paradox's site. All of it's forums and tournament related posts are lost.

Paradox eSports Dominion Championship Series
Week1 (8 games)
Week2 (11 games)
Week3 (6 games)
Week4 (14 games)
Total: 39 games

During the time after DD had ended there were two other events. One is currently ongoing but has experienced a sharp decline in participation likely due to recent events (Dominion Televised) and the other has been quiet for reasons I'm unaware of (The Azubu Crystal Cup). The Azubu tournament was one of few Dominion tournaments to offer a cash prize. Dominion Televised is currently ongoing though suffering from spectator client issues getting in the way of streaming it and recent community turmoil causing a decline in player participation. Some games from each tournament were not counted due to missing screenshots or incomplete submitted information. Here is each event's current history as of this posting.

The Azubu Crytal Cup
Azubu #1 (10 games)
Azubu #2 (10 games)
Azubu #3 (11 games)
Total: 31 games

Dominion Televised
DT #1 (11 games)
DT #2 (10 games)
DT #4 (6 games)
DT #5 (13 games)
DT #7 (9 games)
DT #8 (9 games)
Total: 58 games

paired together on a timeline we get this

Azubu Crystal Cup #1 June 28th 2014
DT #1 July 12th 2014
DT #2 July 19th 2014
Azubu Crystal Cup #2 July 26th 2014
DT #4 August 2nd 2014
DT #5 August 9th 2014
Azubu Crystal Cup #3 August 16th 2014
DT #7 August 30th 2014
DT #8 September 6th 2014

There are however a few Dominion tournaments that have quietly passed without our notice. Accompanying many of them is only marginal information. Searching around on Challonge found a few dominion tournaments and searching various forums I was able to find evidence that supported their existence. However despite searching I was only able to find screenshots from a single event. Of the remaining ones the information is so scarce I cannot confidently say they happened. With speculation we have the following.

Fire Hearts Dominion October 8th 2013
Empyreal Dominion November 2nd 2013
LOL PONG Dominion October 8th 2013
TechLoL Dominion November 16th 2013
LoL Pong RIOT SPONSORED Dominion Tournament December 10th 2013

The only information I've found about Fire Hearts and Empyreal organizations pointed towards them being a scam of some sort. Any threads or posts of criticism about them were heavily moderated and edited to remove such information. Their sites' forums are also (or were when I last checked) behind a paywall and could not be viewed. All info about them is from Riot's forums and other sources. That combined with the lack of screenshots or team names on the bracket leads me to believe those two events did not happen. The TechLoL tournament has a VOD with a couple games in it and seems to have been a tournament for LoL players at college in Texas. This happened, but to what extend is curently unknown. The LoL Pong RIOT SPONSORED Dominion Tournament was certainly not sponsored as it says in Riot's tournament prizing rules that prize support does not mean sponsorship. This event did have screenshots and it's proven existence is supporting evidence that the previous LoL PONG happened as well. Due to the speculation over these five events they are not currently counted in the games-played section pending more information. I'm likely to add the LoL Pong RIOT SPONSORED one though as it seems like that one actually ran.

In total there have been 2,196 competitive games of League of Legends: Dominion on the NA server. The real number is higher, but some screenshots for consolation matches and the beginning rounds of tournaments were never submitted. This is caused largely by first-time competitors not following the rules, players outright being lazy, and admins not enforcing them as strictly as they could have. That was and continues to be a problem that is a general issue with the community regardless of who seems to be running the tournament, NESL, DD, DT, Azubu, LoLPro, all have holes in their match media. There is a lot more I'd like to post but this post took almost 10 hours of work between compiling information and writing it. More information is completely dependent on how much free time I have. Hopefully there is something interesting here for you folks.

Should you find any dates or math to be incorrect please let me know so that I may fix it in the thread as well as the documents on my computer. If I spelled anything wrong use reading comprehension and context clues to figure out what I'm talking about. I'm tired and unlikely to fix it later.

Thanks for reading my work, or folly.

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Here's another stat for you
I banged your mom a million times

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26,000$ worth of RP was handed out in DD tournaments. Not bad.

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Great work Gandair!

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Nice stuff Gandair nice to see all this history

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You are awesome bro!

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Will some of this be on the quiz? Also how many times did I say hype before DD #76?