Can we fix this?

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4 Days Ago

Dear Riot,

A bug that's been plaguing Dominion for years has only enhanced itself by being thrown into the masses deeper with the follow through of Ascension! I am not the only person being affected as there are many threads with the same request. During play, doing something with something else allows the cursor icon to go invisible! I've talked to many people within riot about this and they say "Post on the forums" and quite frankly I've been in denial because I see how much it has worked for others... Now seems to be an excellent time with the new game type as it puts the bug in some serious light with offering rewards for winning but in order to win you must face... "THE GAME BREAKING BUG OF MAKE YOU LOSE!"... It's fun, and I accept the challenge... but as soon as I get it, I will drop this game mode as fast as I dropped dominion, very quickly. So Riot, this is a plea, from me and all of the threads posted below to dive in and find a fix for this bug. Thank you for your time and effort on an excellent game and I can only hope you intend to make it even better!

There are hundreds of queries for this search, and many more if you change the wording in the search field. I, ad many others; would really enjoy seeing a response to this regarding some sort of resolution to this game breaking bug as it is directly related to your software.

Thank you again for your time,

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3 Days Ago

BUMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP same problem.. having to restart my computer when this happens.. T_T