My Brothers!

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It is time that we invade the GD! Prove to Riot that we exist!

The Twisted Treeline is severely unbalanced. Dominion, a brand new map, solved the issues of item balance by introducing new items that were balanced on the map.

The Twisted Treeline is a completely different mode than Summoners Rift is. Like how Dominion is a completely different mode than Summoners Rift. Why should Dominion receive new balancing ideas, but TT be left out?

I'm just wondering, has Riot even acknowledged that TT exists? Sure they may have done some major balance changes at release, but what its been over a year since release and they have barely posted about it.

Issues we have right now:

Inbalanced+unfair Jungle distribution from Jungle Update
Lack of Blue Buff
Tanky DPS to many advantages without Blue Buff.
Last Tower way to close to fountain
No Draft Mode
+ many many more

It is time that we show Riot we exist! To the GD!