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Picture Perfect Chaos

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Protect Your ADC

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Chapter 8

“Caitlyn! Caitlyn!” Annie turned a corner and passed through a group of Summoners. The group watched in awe as the little girl casually skipped by. All the Summoners in the League knew of her and many had asked to be her Summoner. Unfortunately she was still too young to understand what it was they were speaking about and paid no mind to their offers.
Annie stopped skipping and rubbed her eye. She gave a deep yawn and looked around her. Where is she? Annie swung the small stuffed bear as she walked and yawned even more. It was some time near midnight and much past her designated “sleepy time”, as Caitlyn called it. The two were close much like a sister relationship or even more accurately a mother-daughter.
Caitlyn didn't like when Annie traveled between the Voodoo Lands and the Institute since the trip was a long one and because of this she had Annie stay in the dorms. She never said that Annie couldn't leave but Annie never did. She liked it here because Caitlyn was here.
“There you are!” Annie turned and ran to Caitlyn. “Don't you know what time it is?”

Annie shook her head. “Nope!” She said with a smile. “Where's Devon?”

“Oh... he's uh....” Annie looked behind Caitlyn at the man approaching.

“Hi, Talon!” Talon ruffled Annie's hair without saying anything but it was still more affection than he would normally show. Annie held Caitlyn's hand as she and Talon walked Annie back to her room. The Institute was large and the dorms were further underneath the caves.
Caitlyn placed Annie in her bed and told her to stay in it. Annie nodded and pulled the blanket over her head. A sudden sense of worry overtook Caitlyn as she imagined what would happen should the war break out. Noxus will surely want her as their own. Her abilities were extraordinary and would be very helpful. Caitlyn looked over her shoulder at Talon who stood in the doorway.

“Goodnight.” Caitlyn said before they left.

“Goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy.” Annie said jokingly.

Caitlyn walked on still thinking of what Annie had said a few moments ago. It scared her to think of having a family with Talon. One was that he was a terrible, terrible person. Second was that Katarina probably wouldn't allow it. “Talon, I'm going to see Ashe.” Talon walked off.
Ashe was supposed to leave for Freljord later the next day. With the tensions between Noxus and the other city-states drastically rising many of the champions found it better to return to their homes. Caitlyn couldn't leave yet. Not without speaking to Devon.
Caitlyn found Ashe talking to her Summoner. “May I have a word with you?” Caitlyn asked.

“Of course.” The two walked to a corner of the room. “Something wrong?”

“Very... I want you to take Annie.”

“Excuse me?”

“Take her with you to Freljord.”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Ashe, I know you're not stupid.” Ashe shot her an angry look. “Noxus will take her if she stays here or she may just follow on her own. If she goes back to the Voodoo Lands she will definitely be taken and we both know Garen won't allow for her to stay in Demacia.”
Ashe sighed and thought it over. Caitlyn and Ashe were both good friends. They could depend on each other for anything but with the situation growing ever more grim that just may change. All that Caitlyn asked was for just one more favor.

“Fine. I'll take her.”

“Thanks.” Caitlyn turned to leave.

“Cait, one last thing. Don't let Talon persuade you. We're right there if you need help.”

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Protect Your ADC

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Chapter 9

Riven woke from her sleep and took a look at where she was. She stretched and searched for her sword. It wasn't here and neither was Havec. Riven opened the door to her room and bumped into a small boy. He stared up at her with large brown eyes. Riven helped him up and he ran past her.
Downstairs the baker was just taking some loaves from the oven as his wife rolled some dough. Riven stopped at the foot of the stairs. The wife looked up and tapped her husband. The baker turned and looked at Riven. “Good morning.” He said.

“Morning. Where's--”

“He said he was going to buy supplies.” Riven thanked him and walked out. She had been here once before the war. It was a nice city-state. Relatively no crime, the citizens were polite and kind, and the food was great.
The citizens didn't pay any attention to Riven or even noticed who she was. Before they had set out Riven and Havec had both changed their appearances. Thanks to a few spells and charms Riven now had teal hair and yellow eyes while Havec had silver hair and gray eyes. It wasn't much of a change but it was enough to fool their enemies.
Riven walked among the citizens as one of them but a few questioned as to who she was. She portrayed herself as a newly wed wife, happy, in almost a dream like state. It kind of annoyed her but it would keep her alive. She had on a silver blouse with pants and a green hood*. An outfit that Havec actually had made for her but she barely ever wore.

“Excuse me,” She said to a tailor. “I'm looking for my husband.”

“Can you explain to me what he looks like?”

“Silver hair and gray eyes.”

“Ah! Yes! He passed by not too long ago. Went down that way.” The tailor pointed towards the central building. Riven passed through the town unwavering of the onlookers. She even noticed how the men around her stared and found it rather funny.
Riven asked several shopkeepers and denizens as to the whereabouts of her “husband”. When she did find Havec she caught him totally off guard. “Valor!” Havec looked her direction as she walked over. “Who's this,” She asked as she put her arm through his and leaned against him. He was talking to a girl probably only a few years younger. She had dark brown hair and deep blue eyes with light tan skin.

“This,” Havec said. “Is Kara. She's the daughter of a blacksmith.”

“Hello,” Riven said to Kara. “I'm Tessa.”

“Hi,” Kara said with a surprised look and tone. “Are you Valor's sister?”

“Wife.” Riven flashed her a smile and looked up at Havec. “Isn't that right?”

Havec's eyes were wide and Riven could tell he was in shock. “Y-yeah.” To toy with him some more she kissed him on the cheek.

“Excuse us,” Riven said to Kara. “But we have some things to attend to.” They walked out of sight of the blacksmith. Riven kept her arm through Havec's as they walked. “You're getting too distracted.”

“No, you are.” Riven laughed. “So this is our cover? A husband and wife?”

“Newly-wed to be exact.” A group of Noxian soldiers passed them. Riven and Havec made their way back to the baker's home. Havec opened the door for Riven and closed it behind them. A woman in a hooded cloak sat at a table while the baker stood by the cold furnace.

“What's going on?” Havec asked.

“The meeting had to be moved to today.” The baker said.

“Why?” The baker looked at the woman who stood and removed her hood. “You're our contact?”

“Yes, apologies for the secrecy but as you know... Anyways, here is what I want you to deliver.” The woman handed Havec a large leather case. Whatever it was inside was large and having to sneak it out was going to be quite a task. Havec opened it and his eyes widened as did Riven's.

“Do you have another?” She asked.


“Alright.” Havec closed the case. “We'll do it.”

“Please do. Word has been received that Lady Katarina has dispatched her assistant and the Deceiver to find my daughter. You must reach her first.”

“We will, Ma'am. We will.”

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Protect Your ADC

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Chapter 10

Phira backed away as tears began to form in her eyes. Trace stood with her blade stuck in his arm. On his left side he had taken Annie's fireball and now his side was steaming. Trace fell to a knee and pulled the blade out with his fake arm which was smoking.
Annie stood, shocked like Phira. Her magic was powerful, no one should be alive after taking a hit like that. Phira overcame her shock and rushed over to Trace. “You're hurt!” She removed what was left of his coat and lifted his shirt. His side had a terrible burn and at one part she could even see a rib.
Phira looked for bandages in her pack but her vision began to blur with tears. She tried to wipe them away but it was no use. She fumbled for a piece of cloth and knocked over the entire pack. Annie took the cloth and wrapped Trace's side then his arm. They had him lay down in the area where the snow had melted.
The two sat quietly unsure of what to do. Trace was unconscious now. “I-I'm sorry,” Annie said. “I didn't mean to--” She stopped talking as Phira burst into tears.

“It's my fault,” Phira said. “If I hadn't attacked you... If I had just...” The blade had shattered Trace's arm. They had to get him to somewhere where they could help him but the nearest Noxian camp was at least a day away and the sun was getting low.
Annie decided to stay with the two and helped set up camp. She gathered sticks and such to make their fire which she had no problem starting. Annie sat quietly as she cooked the rabbit meat she had caught earlier that day. Phira sat with her knees to her chest just staring into the flames.
Trace was wrapped in a blanket and jacket that Annie had with her. All day she had been killing Noxian soldiers and here she was tending to one. “Where were you headed,” Annie asked Phira.

“I don't know,” Phira weakly said. “Trace never told me. You?”

“I am searching for someone you undoubtedly know and by the looks of that rifle I say he served under her.”


“Yes. I want to find her.”

“Why?” Annie didn't want to reveal why because honestly she didn't even know. She wanted to find Caitlyn because she wanted to help her. She wanted to help her achieve her goal, whatever it may be. Annie still thought of her as a mother, even though she had spent the last five years in Freljord, unsure of her whereabouts.
Annie offered Phira some meat who took it. Annie took the first watch and put out the fire while Phira slept. When the moon rose to the center of the sky Annie heard Trace move and crawled over it him. He coughed and opened his eyes to see her. “Hey.” His voice was raspy. Annie reached for her canteen and helped him take a sip. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

“I'm sorry my partner attacked you--”

“No, it's fine. We talked it over.” Trace smiled.

“I heard you talking to her. You want to find Lady Caitlyn?”


“Can you tell me why?”

“It's because... I miss her. She pretty much took care of me in the League.”

“I know. She told me stories of how you, Lord Devon, and Lady Caitlyn spent lots of time together.”

“You knew her?”

“I was her personal lieutenant.” Annie smiled. Maybe she could get information on her whereabouts from him.

“What was she like?”

Trace smirked and looked up at the sky. “She was quiet. Didn't talk much. She was also ruthless and a professional killer.” Annie's smile faded as she thought of the things that she had heard about Caitlyn. Assisting in the assassination of King Lightshield III, allying herself with Noxus, killing Karma. “But she was kind. All her soldiers respected and adored her.”

“That's good.”

“But no one adored her more than her summoner. He would spend all his time with her. When he was sent off to fight on the Freljordian front I went with him.” Trace coughed horribly and Annie helped him drink some more. “Thanks. Anyways, I went with him for one thing only: to make sure he survived. As fate would have it he did and would return to his love.”

“How nice.”

Trace's smile was gone. His voice was grim, “When we returned we found that Lady Caitlyn was pregnant with Lord Talon's daughter. The look on Devon's face... Not even Lady Katarina's anger compared to his and she went on a rampage through the Demacian front when she found out.” Annie sat quietly as she tried to imagine the pain Devon must have felt.

“Get some sleep,” Annie told Trace.

“Okay... Do me a favor?”


“Don't wake Phira. I'll even stay awake to talk if you want.”

“No, it's fine. Get some rest.”

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Nuclear Lama

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This is awesome! But why haven't you updated in a month? Writer's block? :P

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Protect Your ADC

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Chapter 11

Trace hobbled through the snow as he leaned against Phira. The snow was starting to turn to slush and they could see grass meaning they were now getting out of the mountains. They were looking for a town where they could get help for his wounds. Annie had decided to stick with them until then. Trace had guaranteed her safety until she was gone. Phira had protested but Trace made it clear that it was the least they could do for Annie since she didn't kill them already.
“Oh god.” Trace slouched over and began to throw up blood.

“We have to hurry,” Phira said.

“No kidding,” Annie remarked. “I see a town in the distance. We should get him there quickly.” Annie helped carry Trace to the town where they found help at a local inn. Trace was taken into a room and seen by the town physician.

“Will he be alright,” Phira asked.

“Yes, but it will take time for him to be healed. Those burns are magic, very powerful magic. It's a miracle he's made it this far.” Phira thanked the physician and walked down stairs. Annie was sitting at a table, looking through her bag. Phira told her Trace's status and thanked her for helping.

“No problem. I did learn a few things about Caitlyn.” Phira smirked and saw two hooded figures in a corner with a large metal case. They seemed familiar. Phira got up and walked over.

“Hi,” She said, “My name's Phira. What are you two doing here?”

“Nothing much,” The male hooded figure said. “Who's that girl with you?”

“A friend.”

“She said Caitlyn. Is she talking about Lady Caitlyn of the Noxian Order?”

“No, she's referring to her mother.” The man nodded. His partner jumped out of her seat and raised a shattered sword that was unmistakeable. It was Riven and her summoner. The sword was at Phira's throat and she couldn't make any moves.

“Annie,” Havec asked, “Is that you?”

“Havec?” She ran over and hugged him. “It's been so long!”

“You sure grew up, kid. Does Ashe know you're out here?”

“No, I snuck out.” Phira tried to back away as they were talking but Riven never took her eyes off of her. Riven, Havec, and Annie ran out the room with the large metal case. Phira watched them run away and ran through the town looking for some place where she could send a message to the nearest Noxian camp about this.

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Protect Your ADC

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Part 3

Chapter 1
Irelia gasped for air and felt a wet cloth placed on her forehead. She opened her eyes to blurry vision. She was in a dark room but light was shining in from a window. Her vision began to return and everything became clearer. Kneeling next to her was a man in a specially made red armor. On his side was a stainless, beautifully crafted sword. “How are you,” He asked.

“Fine,” Irelia answered with a weak smile. “I'm surprised to see you here, Yi.”

“I came as soon as I got word.”

“How long have I been out?”

“A week.” Irelia winced from a pain in her side. Yi checked it. The scar had healed but she had broken a few ribs in her battle and her right arm.

“Can't we have Sona heal me,” Irelia asked.

“About that.” Yi stroked his beard and sighed. “During the battle her instrument was broken. She can't do anything now.” Irelia looked at the ceiling. That instrument was Sona's entire life. She really couldn't do anything without it. Irelia swung her legs off the side of the bed and sat up. “Irelia, what are you doing?”

“I need to speak to her.” Yi helped Irelia up and handed her a shirt to put on. They stepped out of the cottage and Irelia was dumbstruck by what she saw. Wounded soldiers and civilians were everywhere. “What happened?”

“Katarina happened.” Irelia looked up at Varus as he was perched on the roof of a house. “She arrived a few days ago. Since then we've been pushed back out of two provinces. I had the misfortune of actually battling against her too. She has grown much more dangerous since the last time she has been to the front.”

“How so?” Irelia had Varus explain as they searched for Sona.

“Dark magic runs through her veins. She still uses her two blades but each one is infused with a dark aura. If it touches you then good luck. She also had her personal force join her invasion.”

“And our reinforcements?” Irelia hunched over from the wound in her side but when Yi offered her help she pushed him away. “What about them?”

“They are deep in Freljordian territory but Caitlyn and her group are just now crossing the border.”

“**** her.” Irelia leaned against a building and again refused help from Yi. “We are dying and she plans on taking her sweet time.”

“Another thing,” Varus said, “Soraka has been killed.” Irelia hobbled down one of the roads and found Sona sitting with a mother and her child. Sona looked up at Irelia and the smile from her face disappeared. Sona stood up and Irelia held her as she cried.
Yi and Varus backed away and left the two alone. “We have to do something,” Varus said, “We can't just defend anymore. Eventually we will run out of food and supplies. Then what? The reinforcements may not even reach us.”

“I know, Varus. But there is nothing much we can do. With Katarina here our chances of success, or even survival has been decreased exponentially. We cannot win. Not without help at least.”

“Then shall we do? I am ready and willing to strike! Just give me the order!”

“Calm yourself.” Varus glared up at the simian perched on a home. The large, armored monkey chuckled with a wide yellow smile that constantly aggravated Varus. The monkey held a staff at his side which Varus continued to eye. Wukong caught this and his smile grew wider. “A challenge,” He thought, “No, a pest.”

“You can take him,” A voice in Varus' mind told, “He is a lowly worm against us.” “What of Irelia,” Varus asked, turning back to Yi, “We need her to be focused and ready. I understand she is in shock of what has happened but--”

“Worry about yourself.” Irelia joined the group. “Plans?”

“You and Varus will assist the reinforcement party in reaching us.”

“How so,” Varus and Irelia asked in unison.

“You will take a ship to Valoran, meet with the reinforcements, and help them get here.” Irelia left without saying a word and Varus glanced back at Wukong who was grinning and waving goodbye at him.

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Protect Your ADC

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Part 3

Chapter 2
Luxanna sat in the freezing snow of the Freljordian tundra. She heard the crunch of snow and a gunshot. How many now? Fifteen. There weren't many left in their group. Luxanna counted about five: her, Shyvana, Xin Zhao, a guard, and the man named Ver, the one Talon had placed in their ranks.

She was hiding behind a fallen tree where she hoped the enemy couldn't see. Shyvana peered out from her spot and made eye contact with her. Luxanna turned her head and saw the guard peer from his spot and have his head blown off. She leaned her head back against the cold log and closed her eyes. She heard Shyvana yell and a gunshot. At first she feared the worst but then saw that Shyvana had hit a man with a ball of fire.

Another gunshot hit skimmed her shoulder making her briefly lose her balance. During that time a group of soldiers stormed down and pinned her to the ground. She struggled to get free but the soldiers all aimed a rifle or sword at her, leaving her unable to move. Xin Zhao was escorted over with his spear taken away and forced onto his knees with soldiers also keeping close watch on him.

“Up.” Luxanna looked up at the man and did as she was told. She sat on her knees calm and composed. “Where is he?!” The man walked around the area with other soldiers. Luxanna counted about thirty of them. Another gunshot made Luxanna shake which the soldiers must have caught because they began to laugh.

“Ah. So here you are.” Luxanna looked up at the familiar outlaw. “It's been some time, your majesty.”

“Graves. I assume then that these are your men?”

“More or less. Technically--”

“They're mine.” Luxanna was pulled to her feet and turned to face Caitlyn and Devon. Seeing him again shocked her more than she thought it actually would. He had on his cheek what looked like pulsating, red veins. Luxanna snapped back to focus and asked for Shyvana and Xin to be released but was denied.

“Why did you kill my men,” She inquired.

“I know there is or was a mole in your group,” Caitlyn explained, “I just didn't know who. In fact-” The soldiers steadied their aim on Xin and Shyvana. “-Maybe I should just make sure.”

“That's not funny," Luxanna said. Would she do it? Kill them right there? In the past Luxanna would confidently say that Caitlyn wouldn't. Now she was unsure but was leaning more to the side that said she would.

“No, it's not.” The soldiers shot Xin Zhao, his now lifeless body oozing crimson blood onto the white snow. “I never liked him.” Shyvana grew angry and knocked the soldiers suppressing her to the ground. She lunged at Caitlyn but Devon flipped her onto the ground and punched her. Shyvana grabbed his arm and lit it on fire. Devon didn't flinch. He pulled his arm back and tossed her into a tree.

“Stand down,” He ordered. Shyvana an at him again but a blast of fire hit her. “Stand down!” Devon grabbed Luxanna by the neck. Shyvana huffed and smoke blew out of her mouth.

“You wouldn't dare.” Devon grabbed Luxanna by the wrist and began to burn her hand. He let go and walked off. “What the h*** has he become?” Luxanna was thinking the same thing.

Caitlyn smiled and continued to stare off in the direction that Devon had gone. “Ashe is expecting us.”

“I thought there would be more of you.”

“Me too.” Ashe, Caitlyn, and Luxanna all stood in a concealed private room. Caitlyn had her arms crossed and continued to look around the room and over her shoulder. Luxanna was biting her thumbnail and looking back-and-forth between the two others. Ashe had her bow over her shoulder and was tightening and loosening a fist on the grip.

“Your ship will not come from Freljord,” She explained, “It is leaving from a small boating village in Piltover territory. We will need assistance to make that push though. Once we have reached the appropriate point you will break off from the main force, reach the village, and travel to Ionia.”

“What of the blockade,” Luxanna asked.

“The blockade can't cover all of the sea. We have ships that you will transfer from and head towards the northern part of Ionia.”

“When do we move,” Caitlyn asked.

“Once we get a message from one of our correspondents. Until then we request help from you and your soldiers, Cait. Should you be so kind.” Caitlyn rolled her eyes and turned to leave the room. “Annie's gone.” She stopped. “She left about four weeks ago.”



“Yeah, you're a terrible mother. You can talk to Devon if you want,” Caitlyn told Luxanna, “Just be careful. He's a little antsy.”

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Protect Your ADC

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Part 3 Chapter 3
I hate the snow. Devon walked around the Freljordian camp located inside of an ice cave. It was freezing in here and every now-and-again he would feel a breeze which would only make it worse. He blew a breath of fire into his hands and rubbed them together. Better but still terrible. Two Freljordian soldiers passed by him and gave him odd looks. Devon ignored them, it was normal. He was hated through almost every city-state. Murderer, killer, Noxian dog, all of these true.

I hate ice, Devon thought.

You and me both, a voice in his head spoke, After all, I was trapped in it for some time.

Shut up. I wasn’t talking to you. Devon blew more fire into his hands and looked up at the ceiling. He could see his reflection in the ice and didn’t like what he saw. He faced a wall to see his reflection better. The markings on his face were growing worse. It was only a matter of time before he lost all control.
Footsteps behind him made Devon turn, startled, and with flames in his hands. “Luxanna.”

“Hey, Devon. I’m sorry if I startled you.” The flames in his hands disappeared. “Is it alright if we talk?”

“Not really but sure.” The two walked aimlessly through the cave as they spoke. Devon asked how Demacia was, how it had changed over the past years. Luxanna explained that it hadn’t changed much other than her becoming queen and Jarvan king. She asked how he had been doing. He replied by saying that it was fine and how he didn’t mind constantly moving from spot to spot, fighting for his life and the one’s around him.

“Apologies about Xin Zhao’s fate. It was an unfortunate casualty.” The apology didn’t even sound good to Devon. He knew that what they had done was unforgiveable but they believed it was for the best. “I know that you must hate me—”

“That doesn’t even come close to how I feel. I more than hate you. You betrayed your city-state, your friends, allies. The things that you have done are unforgiveable.” Devon didn’t speak and watched the ground as they walked. “I would have forgiven you and accepted you back,” Luxanna continued, “At least until you killed Karma.”

Devon smirked and looked at the ceiling. Everyone says the same thing. Why can’t they just get over it?

“Do you even listen to yourself?!” Luxanna stopped and faced him.

Devon stood in shock at her. Did I say that out loud?

No, I did. Devon scorned. Oh come now, why not just say how you feel? That you really don’t care about any of this or about who or what you kill. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s who you are.

“What happened,” Luxanna asked him, “What made you turn this way? You used to be so kind. Now you’re just like him.”


“Talon. Killing for no reason.”

“I have a reason.”

“What? Caitlyn? Does she even care about you? What has she done for you that I can’t? What happened to the boy who swore himself to Demacia? To protect the innocent and d*** the unjust? What happened—” Luxanna stepped back from Devon. Fire had appeared on his fists and heat was radiating off of him.

“That boy is dead now. Only I remain and I will get what I want! No matter what I have to do or who I have to kill she will be mine!” Luxanna gasped for air as Devon wrapped his hand around her throat. “And no one will deny me.”

“Devon! Stand down.” He dropped Luxanna and turned to see Caitlyn. He stomped over and stared down at her. The left side of his face was covered with the glowing veins and his eye was no longer there but replaced with a pit of fire. He growled and passed by her. Caitlyn helped Luxanna up and brought her to some healers. “Do you want to know what happened,” Caitlyn asked her.

Luxanna coughed. “Yes.”

“Back in the League, when Devon had been thrown into prison for attacking Ra, in the pits Brand had appeared to him. He could sense his anger and hate for Talon. Brand’s body was decaying and the parasite that plagued him was seeking a new one. Devon, being the sensible person he was, refused but the parasite continued to come back as a voice in his head. He told of the outside, of me and Talon. This enraged Devon and the parasite offered him a deal: allow Devon to become his host and he would give him power. Devon accepted.”

“Makes sense.” Luxanna wiped a tear from her eye. “So it is your fault.”

“Yeah, sure. Put the blame on me. It wasn’t like you did anything wrong. No, you were perfect. We’re not in the League anymore. There are no rules, or teams, there is no right or wrong. It’s how you see things. Both sides see themselves as right.”

“Then why are you fighting? What do you see?”

“It’s not what I see; it’s what I want to see. I want to see a world where my daughter can grow up peacefully, where I don’t have to fight, where Devon won’t destroy himself, a world where Talon is burning in hell.”

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Protect Your ADC

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Part 3 Chapter 4

"Where to?"
"Just ahead."

Shyvana trailed five meters from the Marksman in front of her. She had been given an all white cloak to help match the area and hide her red armor. Plus it was freezing and the cloak was the only thing standing between her and hypothermia. Her feet crunched the new snow that had fallen the night before. A hand touched her shoulder; another Marksman had come from behind and motioned for her to be silent.

Shyvana hated how silent Caitlyn's troops were. It was like working with ghosts who could appear and disappear at anytime they chose. Speaking of which, Shyvana lost sight of the Marksman ahead of her. The one who had approached her from behind still remained beside her. He laid flat on the ground. Shyvana kept moving forward but at a low crouch. Something grabbed her back foot. Another Marksman, or perhaps the lead one she lost track of, gestured for her to lie down.
Reluctantly she did. It took almost all of her concentration to keep her breath from melting the snow around her. Right now more snow was falling, quickly covering their tracks. A group of Noxians came into view. They were grouped close together, hands stuck in their coats to keep warm. They weren't expecting to find anyone out here. The group was heading in the team's direction. Shyvana wanted to fight and burn them all. Reduce them to cinders. Incinerate their bones so only ashes remained and were scattered in the wind. All these things could do. As the Noxians got closer the Marksman kept his hand on Shyvana.

They passed without noticing the team. The Marksmen got up and moved forward. Soon the team came to a cliff overlooking a small lake and more forest. "Where now," Shyvana inquired. The Marksmen looked over some maps. They did not speak as one moved his finger over the map. "You going to answer me?"
"Keep your voice down," One of them said to her, "It would be preferred if you did not speak at all, actually." Before Shyvana could retort the three Marksmen got up and went to the left.
This was infuriating. They were treating her like a child. She could fight with superior ferocity and strength than any of these fools. "Down." The Marksmen dropped and Shyvana did the same. More Noxians. A lot more. There were nineteen so far with more coming. They were all around Shyvana now. One stepped next to her but did not notice her. It seemed they were going to be alright. Until one walked directly toward Shyvana.

Before he could step on her she jumped up with her hands infused with flames. But the Noxian fell and blood squirted on Shyvana. The Marksmen turned and fired on the unsuspecting Noxians from behind. Twenty-five soldiers dropped in thirty seconds.


The team now raced through the snow. If they were to cross closer to the lake they would be in a clearing. Sticking to the trees would take more time but provided cover. Shyvana spotted a man and he was dropped before she could say anything. More gunshots echoed. More Noxian blood stained the snow.
Again, this was infuriating. Shyvana wanted to do something. She was given the opportunity to fight but was unable to take it. "Quickly." The team came to another cliff. A Marksman with blonde hair hanging in his eyes grabbed Shyvana and wrapped a thick piece of rope around her. He tossed it over a tree branch and told her to go down the cliff. Shyvana asked if he was crazy but the Marksman only ignored her as he shot at the incoming Noxians. Shyvana slowly rappelled down. Upon reaching the bottom she cut the rope to allow the others to come down. Finally the last one was coming. "Hurry!" A Noxian attempted to cut the rope but was shot. An arrow, though, cut the rope as the marksman was still twenty feet up.

Shyvana caught him before he could hit the ground. "Thanks." The team ran through the trees faster than before. "There!" A port town. Shyvana looked closer and noticed the Noxians patrolling the streets.

"Wait!" She warned.

"No, keep going." The team circled around to the waterfront and entered the city without being noticed by some miracle. Ships were departing from the dock right now. People crowded the streets making it hard for Shyvana to push through. Their voices made it hard to hear anything the Marksmen said if they said anything at all. The team slowed to avoid attention and split up. Shyvana remembered that they were looking for a ship called the Ambrosia.

A girl in a black coat bumped into Shyv. "It's at the end of the port on the right." The girl disappeared into the crowd. One of the Marksmen met Shyvana in the crowd. He grabbed her hand and they pushed through the crowd.

Noxians patrolled the streets, having the team circle through other streets delayed their time but kept them from being found. The Marksman snatched a piece of red fabric from a stand and wrapped his rifle in it. A patrol came from ahead so the Marksman and Shyvana decided to backtrack. Another patrol. The duo went east, then back north. Another patrol. The Marksman put his rifle behind a barrel and brought Shyvana to a corner five feet from it. "Hey, look at that," He said rather loudly and cheerfully. Shyvana looked around puzzled. The Noxians were getting closer. They should go back some more and try to find another way to their destination. "Come on, you gotta see this!" The patrol was almost on them.

"Shouldn't we be trying to... elude them," Shyvana asked quietly.

"Oh, yeah, duh. But check this thing out!"

Shyvana looked at where the Marksman pointed. "That's a rock." Was this some kind of joke?
"Yeah, cool rock, huh?" The patrol was directly behind them now. "What kind of rock is it?" Shyvana got ready to fight. Her hands began to warm. "Hey, babe." The Marksman picked the rock up. "Look at this thing." He pulled her close to him and held the rock up to show her. "Pretty neat, huh?" Shyvana saw one of the Noxians glance over at them but then left with the rest of his patrol. As soon as they were a reasonable distance away the Marksman grabbed his rifle and the two continued for the Ambrosia.

"What was that about," Shyvana asked as she shoved a man out of her way. The Marksman was still holding her hand.

"Idle conversation," He explained, "Makes us look less suspicious than just standing there but our conversation wasn't interesting enough to gain notice of the Noxians."

"Okay, that makes sense. Why are you holding my hand?"

"Because they're warm and it's freezing." They found the Ambrosia where the girl had told. It was a large ship, sort of like a capital ship. It's sails bore the Noxian crest on big, dark blue sails and there was a golden flower on the side.

"How do we get in?" More patrols walked around the area. Too dangerous to go through the main boarding area. People with very nice clothing, jewels, and some with armor were embarking. Before Shyvana could get an answer a voice called out to them.

"Hey! You there!" It was a gruff, male voice. A man in full Noxian armor was walking towards them. "Yeah, you two!" Shyvana was ready to go. The Marksman let go of her hand 'cause they were getting to hot. "You're both late!" As the man took off his helmet Shyvana calmed, sighed a breath of relief, and at the same time almost busted out laughing. It was Graves but he had shaved his hair off. All of it. Even the beard. He said to them, "I'll bring you both on board,Mr. Axenn and Miss Florian." His voice got quieter. "Seems like you all caused quite a commotion. Noxians are on the lookout for you." Graves directed them towards the main boarding area. The guards posted at the entrance nodded to him and the trio passed without a hitch.

Inside the ship was not as expected. It seemed like a giant ballroom. Chandelier, a dance floor, tables, it was a sight. Men and women in elegant clothing danced or stood around idly chattering about whatever.

Graves lead them to a deck below and into a cabin. It was tiny, a single bed, a trunk to the right. That was it. "So you two will be bunking together. More suitable clothing is in that trunk. By suitable I mean stuff to help you blend in. It is not more comfortable. Make sure you two get your sleep and don't stay up all night. Wink, wink." He closed the door as he left.
The Marksman opened the trunk and pulled out a set of armor. It was Noxian. He put it on as Shyvana pulled another set of clothing out. It was a dark purple dress. "I'll just stay in here," She said as she sat on the bed. The Marksman sheathed a sword on his belt. Without his cloak to hide his face Shyvana got a clear look at him. His hair was shaggy and blonde, blue eyes, freckles on his cheeks. "What's your name," She inquired.

"Aestus." He opened the door. "I'll grab you something to eat when I come back."

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