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League of Legends Script!

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Greetings Fellow Summoners!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ethan Behar. A student at the University of Advancing Technology majoring in computer science. My summoner name is Dux69. I've been playing LoL ever since I enrolled at UAT back in Fall of 2010, a student here introduced it to me. Loved the game ever since.


I finally got the inspiration to send something to the Summoner Showcase after Nikasuar said "words can be art too" in this past Summoner Showcase video. Attached is a script I wrote last semester for my script writing class, it was my final project. It's a story about the three ninjas(Kennen, Akali, and Shen) and Lee Sin as their sensei. The ninjas mission at hand is to stop Yorrick from killing the Ionian King. Now I don't know much of the lore in LoL except for the brief character descriptions that are given in the character bios. Anyways I hope I didn't make anything to bizarre for the lore. Enjoy my script and tell me what you think of it!