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The Thrill of Combat (Master Yi's Point of View)

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UPDATE: Chapter Five, parts One, Two, Three, and Four are out! It's at the top of page four.

UPDATE: Chapter Four is out! It's at the top of page three.

UPDATE: Chapter Three is out! It's near the bottom of page two.

UPDATE: Chapter Two is out! It's at the bottom of the first page.

UPDATE: Chapter One is out! It's near the top of the first page.

Well, I'm not writing it right now...I aplogize for this. But I'm doing a two, maybe three-part fanfiction entailing the Ionia-Noxus war. This is Part I. The second chapter will be entitled 'The Black Slaughter' and is going to be a similar story from Riven's point of view.

An introduction is in order, I presume. My name is Jaykoboy. I love to write, but I'm a bit rusty. Anyways, two of my favorite characters: Master Yi and Riven. I've been playing Yi since level one, and Riven since she came out.

This'll be all about the Ionia-Noxus wars. Master Yi was a valiant defender during these wars, while Riven was commanded to slaughter the survivors. Each individual story will be about their adventures through the war while maintaining their point of view.


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Well if its Yi's point of view, wouldn't the whole story be "boobs,boobs, kat's boobs, **** nice boobs"

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I'm actually looking forward to seeing a proper piece of fanfiction by you. :P

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Grand Viper

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Can't wait to see what you have in store for Master Yi. I thought for quite a long time that story wise he was a boring character. He hates Noxians, he hates Singed, wants revenge, can't cause then what about Wuju, it's not right, blah blah blah. Then Wukong gets introduced, than Riven follows. There is suddenly meat added on to his character.

I won't go too much further into this train of thought, but with a fleshed out back story as to what happened during the war, what he was doing, how he failed, a lot more emotions can be invoked, a lot more humanity can be placed on him. The reason why he can't just get revenge, has he ever ignored his duty, why or why not. You can build this kind of story in a hundred different ways, especially if it's a champion you like. I look forward to reading this and I will be supporting you mate

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Thank you for the support, Viper! And yeah, Ceru, I know that. I was trying to appeal to the people. I can remove my blurb on that piece. I'll have the fanfic up by tonight, pt I of course.

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Hey look, another Jayko thread!
Oh, and don't worry. I won't let you live it down, EVER.

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Master Yi sat within the dojo, meditating deeply. His body was perfectly still, excluding the deep breathing, marked only by the slow heaving of his chest. Around him, the world was still. Around him, quiet dominated. Around him, the world was becoming one...

The doors slid open rapidly, an Ionian villager rushing into the dojo. In a flash, Master Yi was gone, holding a blade up to the neck of the man. Widening his eyes, he withdrew his blade and stepped back. "Oh, it's just you, Takeshi. I'm sorry, I was...tense."

The villager ignored Yi's statement. "There's no time for chat, Yi. Noxian forces are approaching rapidly. We don't have enough troops to defend ourselves. Can you help?"

Yi looked past the villager, far into the distance, where he could see the line of Noxians and Zaunite Melters approaching rapidly. Far below him, at the base of the small mountain the dojo was built on, he could see the villagers, like ants, preparing for battle.

Pushing his brown hair out of his eyes, he looked back up to Takeshi. "Yes, I will help defend our home. Follow me; we must prepare."

Running tirelessly down the base of the mountain, Yi soon found his way to the front lines. The villagers were building makeshift walls across the main entrance, preparing to hold back Noxians. But Yi knew that it wouldn't be enough, certainly against the Melters. He signalled to a pair of villagers armed with heavy Samurai's armor and carrying thick swords.

"You two! Follow me. We must disable the Melters."

Without a word, they bowed to him and followed him over the barrier and through the forest. The forest was a dangerous place under normal circumstances, but not for the same reasons now. Crawling through the brush, Yi stayed low, his lightweight armor the perfect shade for blending into the grass. The samurai, on the other hand, were having difficulty being stealthy, wearing bright red armor that clanked with every step.

Sighing deeply, Master Yi looked around, taking in the surroundings for the upcoming ambush. Seeing a tall tree draped in vines, he moved towards it. When the other two tried to follow him, he held up his hand. "No. You will be of more use in the midst of combat. Just do what you will."

Finding his way to the top, Yi flourished his blade, cutting a line of sight towards the Melters. They were truly frightening, but he held his valor well. As they took lumbering steps forwards, the ground slowly began to rumble more and more. He began to also see the black-and-green flashes of Noxian blades cutting through the brush. Grabbing a thick vine, he prepared for combat.

The first Noxian stepped into view. Cloaked in thick, black, rigid armor, they stood a foot taller than either of the samurai. Their blade shimmered in the dark of the forest; tall as a normal man, it undoubtedly weighed as much as the whole set of armor. This wasn't just another member of the infantry; it was a general.

Narrowing his eyes, Yi attempted to see other infantry in the bush. There were a few, but they only wore the black garb of a normal infantry member. Looking at the samurai below, he signalled for them to flank the general and attack the infantry. They obliged.

There was a sharp shout behind the general, followed by a loud clash of steel. The general didn't even bother to look, their eyes not moving beneath the helmet. Master Yi swung down, stopping in front of the general.

He smiled, his unmasked face cloaked in a plain delight. "Let us not fight; this bloodshed will not be necessary."

The Noxian responded with a wide sweep of his blade, attempting to cut of Yi's head. Ducking agilely, he rolled to the side, bringing up his thin, lightweight blade to stop the path of the massive sword. Surprisingly, it held up, knocking the massive claymore down.

Pushing himself to his feet, Yi dusted off his knees. "I gave you fair warning."

Dashing forwards, Yi's sword became a golden blur, aiming for a miniscule crack within the general's armor. Somehow, the general drew a sidearm, a thin, fast longsword, knocking aside Yi's attempt at an attack. Now wielding two weapons at once, the general was still having no difficulty with what would've certainly staggered a normal person.

Rolling down, Yi again tried to stab at the general, but to no avail. His blade was against met mid-strike, thrown aside with no effort. This continued for many minutes, while the two samurai struggled against the numerous infantry.

Yi began to tire, his legs becoming slower and slower. The general, on the other hand, was instead reinvigorated. Charging forwards in a massive blitz, both the massive black blade and the longsword flew toward's Yi's head, preparing to meet in a devastating blow which would kill anyone, no matter how strong. Yi smiled.

As the blades clashed together in midair, there was a golden blur where Yi's head once was. It was seperated as if a golden mist, no longer giving any resistance. The general stumbled forwards, losing the grip on his longsword to regain control of the massive claymore. Yi was suddenly behind him, the lines around him blurred.

The general had lost control of the situation. Yi now struck in an unstoppable flurry of blows, his blade appearing to be cloaked in a blue flame, it was moving so fast. Even the general's armor couldn't stand against the assault; it began to chip away, eventually wearing down to the flesh in multiple places. For a finishing blow, Yi dug his blade into the ground and spun around the hilt; his feet connected with the general's head, knocking him to the ground, throwing his blade aside.

Pulling out of the spinning kick, Yi pulled the sword out of the ground and took the helmet off of the general's head. A mane of brown hair fell over the young man's face, which fell off to reveal a variety of scars from only a few days in combat...or a lifetime in the slums of Noxus.

Master Yi heard the endings of the fight between Samurai and infantry. The two Samurai had found their way to victory; there were at least twenty dead soldiers strewn around their feet. Pulling off the armor of the general, Yi revealed him to not be very old, and very light, as well. Giving the sword and man to the two samurai, he pointed back to the village. "Get him back."

One of them tried to raise a hand in protest. Yi waved him down. "We are no longer children. You may speak."

The samurai took a step forwards. "Master, this man tried to kill you. Why are you giving him mercy?"

Yi walked forwards, towards the Melters. "He himself has not wronged me. Plus, as a prisoner of war, he will give us much leverage soon. I promise; this is a good idea."
Leaving the two samurai behind, Yi approached the Melters. They'd stopped when the few infantry units who had run them departed for their own sakes. Zaunites...cowards, the lot of them.

Climbing into the cockpit, Yi took the controls of the train. After some fiddiling around, he disconnected one of them from the rest. The others slowly began to fall over with no support, exploding into acidic storms.

Pushing the Melter forwards slowly, Yi made his way towards the village. He had a plan...they WOULD hold this village, if it was the last one on Ionia. No matter the cost.

I tried to be as cannon as possible in this piece. This is before Heimerdinger made the Seven Lenses of Insight for Yi, so he doesn't have that awesome helmet of his. Also, I tried to portray Noxian Generals as Riven is, except with armor. I hope that clears any questions you might have up! I'll have chapter two up tomorrow.

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Grand Viper

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So far so good, I'm interested in seeing where this goes, with the ball rolling I wonder how much more Yi is going to be built up before his canonical tragic fall. You have a thumbs up from me.

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Thank you! Also, I'll see what I can do about chapter two, it'll be up soonish enough.

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Three days had passed since Yi and the two samurai had defeated the entire squadron of Noxians and their Zaunite Melters. The three of them had received great honors, especially Yi, who singlehandedly had taken down a general and brought back a Melter. Needless to say, they were preparing for the next battle.

In the middle of the square, the cannon of the Zaunite Melter was mounted on a platform. The Ionians, although not master engineers, had at least cannabalized it into something useful. It stood tall, casting a shadow over the buildings, the acidic shells it fired into enemies clustered around it. It had only one job: destroy the enemy.

The legs that had been used to carry it around had been removed, rendering it immobile. They had been transformed into reinforcement for their barricade, now twice as tall and thrice as strong. On top, Ionian archers sat, ready to rain arrows against the enemy at any moment.

In the dojo, the general sat, tied to a chair in Yi's bedroom. He'd fallen asleep from shock, but when he woke up, he found the Master sitting across from him.He'd crossed his legs and was eating rice out of a bowl.

There was silence for a moment. The general looked around. "Where...where am I?"

Yi simply clicked his chopsticks together. Taking another bowl of hot rice from the ground, he set it on the lap of the general. "Here, you must be hungry. Eat."

Untying the general's hands, he gave him a pair of chopsticks and gestured to the bowl. Taking a step back, he again continued eating his own bowl. The general looked at the rice warily, but then grabbed the chopsticks and attempted to pick up some of the rice. After failing countless times, he finally got one grain. Slipping it into his mouth, he repeated the action, slowly emptying the bowl. When he was done, Yi took the bowl away, and attempted to re-tie him.

The general raised his hands aggressively. "Don't you dare tie me again. If you do, I'll...I'll..."

Yi smiled. "You'll do what? Beat me up? Run away? You should just consider yourself lucky that I'm the one that took you in."

The general looked down at the ground. "Sure, right. And I'm just going to trust you on that?"

Continuing to smile, the Master went to tie him again. "Yes, you are, because if you don't, I'll give you to them, and you won't wake up in the morning again. Just don't struggle; I'll keep you fine."

The general went limp, not resisting against Yi's knot. Sitting back, Yi looked into the man's eyes. Even though they seemed strong, it appeared as though there was only a thin layer between the Soldier and the young man he really was.

There was silence again. Adopting a meditative stance, Yi closed his eyes and shut out the real world.

"What's your name?"

One of Yi's eyes flickered open. The general was looking straight at him. After watching for a minute, the man's mouth opened, and he once more asked "What's your name?"

Yi closed his eye again. "My name is Yi. You may call me Master or Master Yi."

Yi attempted to concentrate on meditation again. "My name is Dixon. I'm the captain of the fifteenth infantry unit of Noxus. You know they'll come for me."

Yi opened both of his eyes and looked at the man again. He wasn't smiling this time. "This is Noxus we are speaking of, am I correct?"

Dixon nodded. "Of course."

Yi sighed. "They don't come back. A lost soldier is a dead soldier, a dead soldier is a useless soldier. The strong survive. That is their ideal. You're most likely on your own until you die, now."

Dixon started to struggle against his bonds, rocking back and forth. "No! They'll come back, I swear it!"

Yi was silent. There was no need to answer Dixon. Even the soldier knew that they weren't coming back. He was just deluding himself. The struggle ceased, Dixon going limp again in his chair.

Yi finally got far into his meditation. He remained still for hours. Finally, he moved. Dixon opened his eyes, looking around rapidly. "What're you doing?"

Yi went over to a small stone circle and lit a fire inside of it. "I'm making dinner. Would you care for some?"

Sighing, Dixon nodded. Yi produced in a few minutes two bowls of rice and another pair of chopsticks. They again repeated the process of the untying, eating, and re-tying.

When they were done, Master Yi went to meditate again, but Dixon stopped him. "How do you do it?"

Yi looked at him curiously. "Do what?"

Dixon grunted, almost a short laugh. "Everything. You get a second wind more than anything I've ever seen someone get before in my life. Your blade is almost like fire. You become a blur. You can meditate for hours without even moving. How?"

Yi pushed himself to his feet, walking away. "I will show you."

Going out of the room for a minute, Yi came back with a simple training dummy. Drawing his sword, he set it up across from Dixon. He took a few deep breaths, then flourished his sword behind his head. There was a quick golden blur from Yi to the dummy, and then Yi stood in a different position. Dixon shrugged.

"You didn't do anything."

As Yi walked back to Dixon, the dummy fell apart into four different pieces, sliding across the floor. "That is the art of Wuju."

Dixon nodded in interest. "Tell me more."

Yi gave him an odd look. "Are you sure? It's very boring, especially for you Noxian berserkers."

Dixon didn't hesitate. "Yes. I want to know what Wuju is."

Yi smiled. Well, at least he'd have something to do now...

I'm setting up for something big. This one was a bit slower than the last one, but I'm trying to flesh out the characters a bit. Now there are two!