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Quixar - The Splintered Mind [An interesting tank concept]

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CG DataS



The Splintered Mind

Tank (Jungle)

Health: High (-9-)
Attack: Low (-2-)
Ability: Medium (-6-)
Difficulty: Medium (-6-)



510 (+87)
Health Regen:
7 (+1.86)
221 (+49.45)
Mana Regen:
8.75 (+0.62)
Attack Dmg:
50 (+4.5)
Attack Spd:
0.625 (+2.5%)
20 (+3.24)
30 (+0)


Basic Overview

+ Gameplay would be focused around CC spells that do very little damage on their own
+ Abilities spawn uncontrollabe "Shards" (similar to Yorick and Malzahar's minions) + Shards are Quixar's main source of damage
+ powerful ability for escape also serves as Large CC sorce
+ Forced to chose between debuffing enemies or escaping unfavorable situations

+ A large Spider (Slightly larger then Skarner)
+ Black and hairy body with large, silvery plates on her head and legs
+ 6 back legs larger, used for walking. 2 front legs used for attacking
+ As more shards are on field, bright glowing yellow markings appear on her body
+ Shards have no hair, very smooth
+ Shards dark blue with similar markings to Quixar

+ Noxian Spider champion
+ Mind unstable, becomes more coherent as more shards are spawned
+ Possible connection to Icathia
+ The Eye of Icathia is also very important, more coming on that.




Passive: Splintered Mind
Quixar's abilities spawn Shards. They prioritize champions slowed by Quixars E, and then her autoattack target. They ignore unit collision and last 15 seconds.
Shards return 20% of their attack as health to Quixar.

Shards have 5+(1 per level) AD, 150+6% of Quixar's health, 2.000 attack speed, and 80% Quixar's speed.


Q: Blinding Bite
Quixar's next attack deals an additional [ 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 ] magical damage, blinds and silences the target for [ 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 ] seconds, and spawns 2 shards at Quixar.

Cooldown: [ 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 ] seconds
Cost: [ 70 ] mana


W: Web Weave
Quixar spawns a large web at target location and 2 shards. Enemies on the web are affected by an increasing slow to a maximum after 1 second. Quixar and Shards recive a small movement speed buff while on the web, Quixar ignores terrain while on the web.

Cooldown: 25 seconds
Cost: 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200 mana
Movement Modifier (+/-) : [ 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 ] %
Duration: [ 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 ] seconds
Range: [ 400 ] units
AOE from center: [ 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400 ] units


E: Ensnare
Quixar attaches a chain of webs to targeted enemy and spawns 1 shard at them, while the chain exists, the target's movement and attack speeds are slowed. Quixar can stack web chains (up to 3) which all apply their slows additivly. Each web that Quixar casts in short duration increases in cost. If she does not cast another chain within the next 4 seconds, the cooldown resets to 8 seconds. If Ensnaring Web is cast on a Target affected by Web Weave's Slow, the cooldown is reduced to 1 second.

Chain Distance: [ 400 / 525 / 650 / 775 / 900 ] units
Range: [ 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 ] units
Cooldown: [ 4 seconds / 8 seconds for reset cost]
Cost: [ 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 ] mana +25 per cooldown reset stack
Modifier: [ 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 ] %, each stack is reduced by 5% (max: 3 stacks)


R: Fear the Mind
Quixar releases a screech, fearing all enemy units in a [ 1000 ] unit area around her for [ 0.66 / 1.33 / 2 ] seconds, and spawning a shard at every enemy champion.

Cooldown: [ 120 / 110 / 100 ] seconds
Cost: [ 150 / 200 / 250 ] mana



All sorts of strage creatures emerge from the areas south of the Great Wall of Valoran, but prehaps none stranger then Quixar. Found by Noxian scouts in a large pod hanging from a tree deep within the Plauge Jungle, and brought back to Noxus for examination. However, before scientists could examine the pod, it fizzured and Quixar emerged from the dry shell. Scientists were baffled by this giant spider-like creature, and continued to study it's behavior.
Within days, Quixar was speaking in their language, although her speech was broken and nearly incoherent, often using the pronoun "we" to indicate herself. Even stranger, she spoke often of something called the Eye of Icathia, relating it to events of her past, a past which seemed to share no connection with the recorded history of Noxus' archives. She often spoke of how the Eye of Icathia would fully open, and she would be complete once again.
To further increase the mystery surrouding Quixar, one day from within her chamber, scientists heard multiple voices conversing, when they investigated, there were multiple smaller creatures, all similar to Quixar, conversing with the large spider. Scientists were also intruegued that, while the other creatures were present, Quixar's body had become covered in glowing yellow markings, and her speech became more structured and coherent. When questioned about the creatures, Quixar only responded "We are but shards of ourself, and when the Eye opens, we will be complete once more."
Baffled by this new revelation, the hierarchy of Noxus decided to send Quixar to the League, along with all the information they had, hoping that perhaps the powerfull sommoners of the Institute of War would be able to glean more. When Quixar fights for Noxus, they cannot help but worry about her rantings, and what they could mean for the future of Valoran.

"I've been all over Valoran, but even I have never seen something quite as strange, nor as ominous, as Quixar..." -Ezreal



Deadly Quixar
+ Release Skin
+ Quixar is completly different in this skin
+ Body is black and smooth, No armored plates on her legs and head
+ Only marking is on her abdomen, a red hourglass
+ The hourglass begins to glow bright red as Shards are spawned
+ Shards share new appearence, without the abdomen marking
+ Q, W, and E remain unchanged
+ R has a new effect, There is no Eye image, and pulse is recolored red

Shocking Quixar
+ Legendary Skin
+ Quixar has a machine-like appearence, similar to hextech and battlecast
+ Abdomen appears to be a generator/factory for production of Sharlings
+ Headcrest is replaced with exaust pipes
+ Exaust pipes and visable interior begin to "Overheat" and glow for her passive
+ W Web is replaced with a beacon that Quixar fires, Beacon emits a "web" of electricity
+ E is now similar to Rumble's Taser, Quixar fires a metal hook, connected by a wire, and electricity pulses along wire
+ Q remains unchanged
+ R Quixar is now struck by a bolt of lightning, which redirects to all champions in range.
+ New Quotes, Joke, and Taunt
+ Additional Animations



"Do not think you control us"

"This would make a nice place for a web"

"They will feed our mind"
"They will not last long"
"We shall hunt them down"
"We are not amused"
"They're already dead"
"The Eye sees them"

"Ithaca has risen again"
"The Eye will soon open"
"Leave us be"
"We are one amongst many"
"You know not what beckons"
"One has splintered, many have risen"
"We go"
"Whats This..."
"A Sign..."

When a Shard deals a killing blow to a champion
"A Shard...A Shard"
"We are but shards"
"You Cannot withstand even a shard"

"We will return for you..."
"Only a delay..."

"Come into my web"
"There is no stopping us"
"We are the Harbinger of a new Past"

"I'm Not Crazy! You're Crazy!"
"Endboss? Maybe"
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave."

"We Return"

Blinding Bite (Q)
"Feel Pain"
"But a Taste"

Web Weave (W)
"Nowhere to run"
"Nowhere to hide"

Ensnare (E)
"Where are you going?"
"In my web" (If Cast on target affected by Web Weave's Slow)
"No Escape"

Fear The Mind (R)



Idle- Quixar Bobs left and right slightly, occasionally using her front talons to brush off her head.

Idle(Quote)- Quixar looks around her.

Autoattack- Quixar swipes forward with one of her talons.

Critical Attack- Quixar lifts both talons up, then drives them both downward.

Backing- Quixar spreads a web under her, and curls into a ball on it.

Death- Quixar falls to the ground, and shards crawl out and over her body.

Expanding Mind (Passive)- As more Shards are present on the map, yellow runes begin to glow all over Quixar's body, the more Shards, the brighter they glow.

Blinding Bite (Q)- Same as Autoattack, exept two slashes forming an 'X' appear on the target.

Web Weave (W)- Quixar slams her Talons into the ground, causing a Web to explode out of the ground from the center point, an spread outwardsin a spiriling motion.

Ensnaring Web (E)- Quixar lifts her Talons and spits a thin cone of webs at target. At one stack, it looks like a bunch of random filiments connecting the champions. At two stacks, it looks more organized like a web. At three stacks, it is almost a solid rope connecing them.

Fear the Mind (R)- Quixar stands on her back 4 legs and lets out a screech, which expands outward in a pressure wave. During this, an image of a large closed eye appears overhead, and as the pessure wave expands, the eye opens about halfway.

Dance- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=oIy7AVlQts4#t=14s



First Concept Art - Serendipitus
Front View (http://i.imgur.com/m6rp5.jpg)
Top View (http://i.imgur.com/8HKuN.jpg)
Minions (http://i.imgur.com/Dw6pn.png)
Web (http://i.imgur.com/X3Jae.jpg)

Second concept Art - Serendipitus
Legs Concept (http://i.imgur.com/XlqIX.png)
Basic Fullbody (http://i.imgur.com/cR64A.png)
Head Concept (http://i.imgur.com/DgK72.png)
Torso Concept (http://i.imgur.com/YMqkI.png)

Musical Theme - PoetUltima
Quixar Theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rjedncax-Q)

League Judgement - PoetUltima
It looks much better spread out, check it out on page 5!

Candidate: Quixar


Quixar patiently scuttles after her human escorts. “Noxians” they call themselves. They lead her down many dark passages. The scientist walking in front of her unintentionally teases her with its close proximity; how easy it would be to bite its head off. Bite its head off. Bite its head off. But Quixar refrains. The Eye is closed. The past did not dictate the future and the present was a stagnant nothing. When The Eye opened and the past came again, they would bite its head off. But not before, not after. The Eye dictates when is when. The humans seem very intrigued by Quixar. Quixar does not know why, nor does Quixar care. She wants only to be complete again.

The human with the head is approached by a human in robes. They talk in their barbaric language, a cacophony of bleated noise. How Quixar hates them. Oh to bite their heads off…. Bite their heads off….
Bite their heads off. But Quixar refrains. They Eye is closed. The humans keep making noise. Quixar understands, but does not care. She wants only to be complete again.


They are in a large room. The human in the robes has a friend. They both reek of ugly magic and fear. Quixar does not wish to bite their heads. It will taste…. Icky. She wants instead to wrap them up and smother their stink. Wrap them up and listen to the nothing that ensues and feel them die. "I am Bertrand Wordsworth, keeper of history in the Arcanum Majoris.” The first says. He gestures to the human next to him. “This is Superior Summoner L.B. Briskes. What may we call you?” “We…. Are…. Quixar.” She gurgles. “….we wait…. to be complete.” “Hm.” The smellier of the two humans, “Briskes” it called itself, looked pensive. “What of your kind, Quixar? What does your kind call itself?” “We are but shards of our self.” Quixar responds. "We are but shards of ourself, and when the Eye opens, we will be complete once more." “You speak of the Eye of Icathia.” Said “Wordsworth.” “Icathia, to the best of our knowledge, was destroyed a long time ago, if it even existed at all. How is it you know of it?” “Your ‘knowledge’….” Quixar makes an alarming, throaty noise punctuated by shrill overtones. The duality of the projection was eerie, but it is later recognized to be a chilling cackle. The creature was mocking them. Quixar’s many eyes focused on Wordsworth. “We know many things that many forgot. We remember many things that were never known. We, blinded, see what all your nothing became and what your nothing will become. And once the Eye opens…. We will be complete once more.” Wordsworth felt a chill creep down his spine before he had even asked his question. “And…. What will happen, Quixar? What will happen once you are complete?” The mammoth arachnid clicked its dripping chelicerae, as though excited. Its coarse hairs bristled. Miniature facsimiles of the creature began to grow and fester, being shed from the carapace like scabs.
“When we are complete….when the Eye opens….. the past at last has come.”

The two robed men exchanged unnerved glances, doing their best to suppress their anxieties as the half-dozen miniatures scurried about the hall, as though searching for something. Briskes was suddenly eager to have the beast bound to the League and be done with it. Wordsworth’s questions could wait. “You are to be admitted into the League of Legends, so that we may continue further study.” He said, unable to keep a tremor out of his voice. “Before we can admit you, I must be granted access to your mind. Do you comply?” Again came that hellish cackle of laughter, echoing hauntingly through the arching ceilings. More of the hatchlings fell from the creatures exoskeleton. Quixar’s speech was growing steadily more lucid, more expressive…. And more alarming. “Look, and see what your feeble eyes may behold in that darkness. Look unto the darkness and let then darkness look unto you. Meet the Eye with your own, and accept your blindness. You who strains your sight out toward the future. When the Eye opens, when we are complete again, you will see. You will see.”

The swarming hatchlings as one returned to their source, burrowing again into the arachnid’s carapace from which they came. Quixar closed its many eyes, becoming silent, waiting for them to make the next move.
Wordsworth and Briskes again shared a worried look. What exactly were they getting into? Tentatively, Brisks forged a link, tapping into the creature’s mind, prepared for any manner of unknown horror. Briskes closed the channel immediately. Quixar opened her eyes, staring at him. She almost looked pleased. “What are you.” Briskes demanded, shaking. Quixar crept closer, dropping her voice to a hiss. “We are the harbinger. We will be complete once more.”


My Art skills are limited to Paint, and I have horrible recording equipment, so I am always looking for more art or sounds from the community!

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CG DataS




V1.1 2-14-2012
Movement speed changed from [315] to [320]
V1.2 2-15-2012
Shardling AD changed from [10+10 Quixar's] to [10+1/lvl]
Shardling attack speed raised from [1.000] to [2.000]
Shardling Speed lowered from [120%] to [80%]
Added [Shardlings return 20% of their damage as health to Quixar.]
V1.3 2-19-2012
Shardling AD lowered from [10+1/lvl] to [5+1/lvl]
V1.4 7-27-2012
Shardling Health raised from [150+3%] to [150+6%]
Ultimate Duration raised from [0.5 sec] to [0.66/1.33/2 sec]
V1.5 8-06-2012
Changed layout of post
Updated Ability Tooltips
Added Quote in Lore
Added images of first and second drafts
Added Animations Section
Expanded Quotes Section (More to come)
Added The 4-bar champion meter.
V1.6 8-08-2012
Added Quotes
Edited animations
Added Skin descriptions
Cleaned up Post
Rewrote Lore
V1.7 8-16-2012
Added Musical Theme, created by PoetUltima
Added League Judgement, created by PoetUltima
Changed "Shardling" to "Shard"
Casting E Targeting enemies affected by W slow now causes E cooldown to reset to 1 second.
Changed W size to [ 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400] from [ 300 / 325 / 350 / 375 / 400]
Current Projects

+ Creating Shardling art
+Expanding backstory/Charactor Personality/Speech

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Junior Member


Love the idea and the ult name. I'm a little concerned on the ad scaling of the minions, all five of them for the first 10 seconds would total to 50ad and 50% of quixar's ad, but for the last 5 seconds they'd total to 100ad and 100% of quixar's ad, and a reasonable attack speed to boot. Spin Web sounds amazingly entertaining, and I get the feeling the test of a good quixar would be knowing when and where to place their web.
All said and done I'd love to play the champ, and the quotes are awesome as well.

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Junior Member


Sounds like it could be a really good champ, man. If Riot even looks in this board, they should totally consider your champ. But I do have to agree with Ippots, the scaling on the minions seems a bit too high, since they'll be coming out in greater numbers than just a voidling or Yorick's ghosties (the ghosts do more damage as most of them do other effects(slow, lifesteal, etc)). Maybe a cooldown of 30 for spin the web, as she DOES gain terrainwalk from it, which may or may not be a bit strong. Perhaps change it to something like Caitlyn's 50 Caliber Net?

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Senior Member


Needs moar Voidy champs.

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Junior Member


I really like the idea!

I do have a couple of suggestions and concerns that can be taken or left

1. Her "W" should be one of two things. Either, 1. be a slow-into-stun in which pursuing champs are stunned after being on the web for a longer duration. Or, 2. allow for the increased maneuverability that you are currently thinking about.

2. Her ult should give a little more oomph as it doesn't sound like she'll be getting a whole lot out of it. Perhaps if she kills an enemy champ while it is active, she is given the option to "consume" that champ (being invulnerable while doing so) and restore a proportion of her health in relation to how much damage she did to that champ.

3. I agree with the statement of her minions being a little strong, but that is something that can be worked with a bit.

The general stats look good, but I do think it would be nice to give her base movement a small boost (after all, she is a spider).

Other than that, I see her as a well thought out champ and I hope to see her go live!

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I think the idea of the minions is that they are the main source of the damage.

When I was reading this I was imagining amazing ganks with w, with quixar popping out of the jungle from literally any wall, just as a spider should. Sounds like a skarmer-esque champ that works best when whittling down the opponent in a chase rather than bursting them down.

The idea of a spider crawling in "over" the trees behind your turret, ulting, then crawling back to the jungle's safety is absolutely terrifying. Good job.

PS. This world will burn? I'm pretty sure that's what brand says.
Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdnYMW-ZP0k hahahaha

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Teach Me

Junior Member


I would definitely love to play as her. I love those types of characters and would be happy to see her join up. Good luck and I hope to get a shot at playing as Quixar!

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Senior Member


Okay a very well thought out champion. Very Interesting and unique(because does most damage with minions).
I will like to point out that the minion ratio is a little too high and i suggest nerfing it because is she has 5 minions out she will be able to dominate a team fight.


(Q-Spell) Blinding Bite : I like this alot. I looked around and it is balanced. Unique and original but its like combining teemo and soraka and making it an attack damage spell. It works really well. Plus since it is a Auto-Attack modifier, i do not think it works well with a tank. I suggest making it a target spell to help with Crowd Control.

(W-Spell) Spin Web : I suggest decreasing the mana cost this is way too high to be a non-ultimate. Decrease this alot because if she does not have this in team fights she will not keep anyone alive. But overall its good.

(E-Spell) Web Shot : This cooldown is way too low. It needs to increase. and decrease the release timer, it isnt a damaging spell so it shouldn't be like Sion's shield(which does damage after 10 seconds of it being active, But 6 seconds until you can press it again).

(R-Spell) Fear the Mind : This is a really good Ultimate. Very original. has never been done before. I suggest having the duration of the fear go like this 0.5/1/1.5 so you have the upper hand late game.

Stats :

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Well if you want her to be a "strong" jungler you might want to throw in a passive life steal value on one of her ability's or passive.....