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Leavers on Champ release days

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Hi Riot, cool deal that a new champ was released.

In bot games, can you either:

1 - Add a player vs bot mode where everyone can pick the same champ?
2 - Always allow people to select the same champ?
3 - Allow everyone to play as the new champ for the first week they are released?

The issue is that it's quite a pain to have to queue up x5 waiting for people to stop leaving because they didn't get to the new champ fast enough, and if you are the one wanting it, it really sucks to be stuck in a lol-easy-mode game with one of your mains vs baitable bots, when really you just want a few practices in with the new champ before you take her out for reals.

An example that I'm sure everyone has lived: Ahri gets released, someone picks her first and is really excited to try her. Everyone else, all four other players, push mid for a 10 min victory so they can try and get her again (just so it'll happen to them also when they get her)

Edit: Why down vote without an explanation why you don't agree? whatever...
Anyhow, just a suggestion.