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Support/Jungle Jarvan Hybrid.

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NEW META thanks to 1200's solo queue.

Just got forced in a solo queue ranked game to play support Jarvan, although I was first pick and said I would top or jungle. 2 instalocks and no support pick later (shyvana/pantheon) I got forced into supporting our MF bottom. Turns out neither panth/shyv wanted to jungle so I took it upon myself to jungle with heal/cv after 15 mins had passed because that heart of gold and philo stone allowed me to save for lantern and lvl 1 boots. I eneded game 9/3/10 with heal/cv as summoners 2nd most gold in the game with 14.8k after 42 mins and i didnt farm for first 15 mins of the game.

Oh yea we lost...

Well played solo queue, well played.