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let me disable being queued with duo queues

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Please? its really not fun when people duo and demand they must lane together even if they are last picks and we already have duo lanes. and if they feed they just defend one another and threaten to report everyone else. alot of times it just feels like these two people are off doing their own thing and either the team has to go along with (even if its completely stupid) or try to three man stuff (usually failing)

the worst is four man queues where they roam around together without any sort of communication with the last player then yell/blame that person for not knowing whats going on the amount of tribunals i see where someone is reported by 3-4 people on their team and looking over the score or chatlog i see nothing wrong is ridiculous.

i understand that this might mess up ranked, no problem, can you just give me the option in normal games to disable it please?

i remember a red saying that matchmaking is effected by duo queuing putting you against harder opponents to make up for their advantage of "communication". when people go TEEMO XIN BOTTOM LANE *LOCK* i shouldnt have to be put against players who probably have some idea of teamwork to compensate

oh and when i ignore people can i not be matched with them on my team (in normals) anymore please? when someone trolls me or yells racial slurs constantly i really dont want to ever have to deal with them again.

yes i can just ignore them, then if im matched up with them again and they say something like "go here" and i miss it because i ignored them then my teams mad at me, so im forced to unignore them just so the rest of my team wont report me

why is the victim forced to wait for the justice system.

Thanks =D