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Shadow Rush x3

Senior Member


Disclaimer: Not all of these ideas are mine

1. Allow ezreals q to crit (its crit chance is based off of his AA crit chance.)
2. Swap veigars and swains passives (both would like the new passive more)
3. Give Viktor's passive a second tier of upgrade, called augment Victory. Gives Half of all the stats from each of his tier one augments, and gives him the following unique passive: +5% move speed, your spells do an additional 5% damage, and have a 5% increased casting range. cost 1850 gold after he has bought a tier one augment (2850 gold if he rawbuys). still gives the +3 ability power per level.
4. Make pantheon's w scale of of bonus ad
5. Make half of the scaling on teemo shrooms, and half of the scaling ap