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through this month and next month massive perma banns are being given out to those who never bought riot points or to those who did support SOPA.

So far i have concluded that you may have to be lvl 30 and not have purchased riot points with in the last 5months (may be shorter or longer) or have supported the SOPA law in their threads or on youtube or any other media linked website.

So players please becarful,

This is a scamm that Riot has thought of since New Years and is finally being carried out.

How is it a scamm you ask?

well if you are like me and played this game for 2 years and nearly own every champ through IP and almost every kind of rune page possible and never paid for any RP through out the time, than Riot wondering WTH?

how this scam works, find players who played massive amount of time or spent massive amount of time in game and if they show no or little purchase of Riot Points than they ban that person.

Can they ban you because of that?

A: yes they can, If you will read the Terms of Use section chapter 3, section E (1) it states that Riot can and will terminate your account for no reason or as they see fit, also states for rule breaking as well.

another fact is some where in the ToU you will find a section that says Riot is not held accounable for your loss of RP or your purchesing or how you will A lose or B spend your points, meaning if they perma bann you for no reason they do not have the right to refund your purchase, Basicly that means they can steal your money

so keep this little friendly reminder and yes i was perma banned for those two reasons there may be more reason im researching away on it, thought i just warn the ever so shrinking community.

Thank You for reading or trolling or supporting this,

From yours truely Xbehindyou