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"X needed nerfs, but you nerfed them the wrong way"

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So far on the forums, I've seen quite a bit of this so far, extending to Skarner (who didn't even really need nerfs), Vayne, and Trynd. The only thing I can say is...

"Is this everyone's first time around a patch? Are you new here?"

This is exactly how it goes. The thing you should be worried about is not them "getting it wrong", it's what they're going to do on the way to getting it right.

Remember what happened with Nidalee? Remember what happened with Orianna? See what's happening to Graves now? That's the path.


Problem is part A.

Nerf part B
Then Nerf part C
Then Nerf part D.
Then finally nerf part A as intended.
Do not revert any of the part B, C, D nerfs.

Stop acting surprised that they're getting the nerfs wrong. In fact, it should be more surprising if they get the nerfs right in the first place instead of gutting characters.