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Thoughts about latest patch notes

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Boom Swagz

Senior Member


Okay, im one not to complain, but to try & adapt, im not going to complain that they nerfed shaco boxes to hell or anything, im just gonna say the basics:
Riot, you nerfed all the characters the noobs with no skill just qq about, i bet most of the people who post never even play ranked, and therefore have no say in these matters
Right now my ranked matches are 10-9 so im not experienced either but i dont go around posting qq forums
I never even played skarner (for example) and yet i feel how hard skarner players've been hit.
Same goes for vayne, i never played her either, i have no interest in tryndamere.
Riot is just listening to the qqers in the community nerfing whoever the qqers see fit to be nerfed.
Just my thoughts, riot take in all the aspects of the community, not just the qqers, dota 2 will surpass you the day the game gets the released if you continue like this.
Just a few thoughts
Btw if you're gonna take in the community, where is bunnygirl riven skin?