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The patch notes!

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Doonhijoe V

Senior Member


I'm happy to not expect to see Vayne and Graves EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.
I'm happy that more people will play Jarvan.
I'm happy that Vlad players will leave the forums alone for a little bit.
I'm happy that Nunu got some love.
I'm happy Dodge is pretty much gone.
I'm happy that Riven, Rammus, and Skarner got some decent nerfs.
I'm happy that colorblind mode is here.
I'm happy Shaco no longer has double buffs at two minutes.
I'm happy Ahri's ult was nerfed.

I'm not happy that lizard no longer is applied on spells.
I'm not happy Shen wasn't mentioned.

I say 9.5/10 on this patch overall.