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What do?

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I used to be an idiot. I left games a lot of times and got banned... a lot. But im trying to fix it and ive gone some time now without being banned. But now im worried. Ive recently started Ranked and i played a game with what i presume to be a 4man premade. So its in the game and the server lags. In fact, it lagged for about 10 minutes. In that time, I died 4 times. And get this. Our lux and her premade want to report me for feeding. She said that dying 4 times is feeding. I wouldnt be worried, but her premade hops on and they all report me. Odd, since we had a 0/7 gp and 1/9 kog. The enemy team agrred to not ban me, but im scared of being banned by the premade. Especially since ive been banned before. What do

Inb4 Dont feed